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The author of romance novels Tatyana Alyushina: biography, creativity

Interest in love stories will never fade. Without love, no one thinks of life, they seek it. She is admired. However, it is not enough just to lay out the plot of the novel - you need to beautifully arrange everything and cause admiration of the readers. With this task, the modern Russian writer Tatyana Alyushina, the author of a large number of romance novels, is doing an excellent job. Her work is considered a category of modern Russian literature. These are romance novels or action romance novels.

Alushina Tatiana: biography of creativity

The creative career of the author is surprising. A rational mindset and a penchant for exact disciplines does not combine with romance and sensitivity. Tatiana became a professional system engineer, graduated from the instrument-making institute.

Tatiana Alexandrovna did not refer to those girls who dreamily looked out the window and whispered rhymed lines. I never wrote poetry, especially novels.

After receiving education, I tried many professions. But once I tried myself and in the works as a novelist. In 2004 her first book was published. At once it was possible to receive a recognition of readers. Positive feedback from critics has become an impetus for the continuation of activities. The writing of the first book coincided with a turning point in the life of the writer herself. Therefore, her heroes were destined to fall into various woes, unusual situations, dangerous adventures.

The successful first publication prompted a full penetration into the profession of the novelist and writing new works. One book will not have time to leave, as readers are eagerly awaiting the next one.

Tatyana Alyushina prefers to keep the exact biography in secret. In part this is the right decision. All that readers need to know is contained in her works.

The writer discovered the secret: in her spare time she is engaged in needlework and cooking. He prefers Russian and Italian cuisine.


Active creativity begins in 2009, when 4 books were published:

  • "The risk of selfishness"
  • "Entangled relationships"
  • "Treason in pink,
  • "The virus of hatred."

The year 2010 turned out to be the most fruitful - 10 books were published:

  • "I will give you love";
  • "Time for rewards";
  • "Happiness of middle age";
  • "Just about love";
  • "Hundred Fortune and One Bad luck";
  • "Blind date";
  • "Death to inheritance";
  • Crimean novel;
  • "The girl with problems";
  • "Two halves".

2011 was marked by five works:

  • "On the verge of happiness";
  • "" Far from me, the only one ";
  • "I can not forget you";
  • "Escape under aggravating circumstances";
  • "The house where dreams come true."

In 2012, four books were published:

  • "Love without the right to make mistakes";
  • "With prayer for you";
  • "The Runaway Bride";
  • "My friend is too close."

2013 - 3 books:

  • "My girl or One blood for two";
  • "Two on the edge of the world";
  • "Two steps to love."

In 2014, two books were published:

  • "In the fire of the Argentine tango";
  • "All the faces of love."

2015 is marked by one book: "The Miracle of the Bathing Night".

All these books belong to the genre of modern romance novels. In the series "Once Again About Love" there are two works: "Fall in Love with a Victim", "Beauty in Russian".

Alushina Tatyana is the author of books that are in demand among the beautiful part of the population. The main audience is women after 30. During this life span, women have learned to appreciate love, learned its delights and are looking for thrills on the pages of paper novels.

Currently, there are more than 24 works by a talented author. Tatiana Alushina's novels are intriguing from the first lines, they are read in one breath, there is a gloss, beauty, love intrigues and a happy ending. All that is missing in everyday life.

Films from Alushina Tatiana's books can be seen in the near future. Until then, you can enjoy reading and playing imagination. She writes - you represent. Everyone in his head looms his ideal image of the protagonist.

Where to buy a novel

Author Alushina Tatiana is known to sellers in the bookstore and on the Internet on the sites. You can buy a book in a convenient way. On the websites you can download books that are not in the paper edition. And also to choose an option for a tablet, a laptop, a device on the "Android".

What the author writes about

Our whole life is full of surprises - pleasant and not very good. If you carefully observe, you can find an excellent story for the novel. Stories are taken from life, intrigues are added, stories are slightly embellished. There are emotionally tense situations: treason, unequal love, a big age difference, a social abyss and so on.

Her heroines are girls of different social strata. Poor or rich and successful - in all cases, the heroines are endowed with a persistent strong character. Always achieve their goal. Sometimes circumstances help them.

Young Nadenka hopelessly fell in love with the boss. It all ended trite - unrequited love, a broken heart. The time has passed. Lovelace Daniel decently took life. Nadya turned into a secular lioness. Met again. What will happen next?

Heroes of novels

The heroes of the novels are representatives of different professions. He is a doctor of the Ministry of Emergencies, she is a translator of novels. Miroslava - a good lawyer. Kirill Boytsov is a successful businessman. Anton Rinkov is an officer in retirement.

In the novels there are a few fairy motives. He is rich - she is poor or vice versa. As a result, everything is fine, they love each other, everything else becomes unimportant. This psychological moment is very appreciated by readers. After all, in reality there are isolated cases of such relations, but they do happen. I want to believe in a miracle.

Tatyana Alyushina describes an unusual atmosphere. For example, the wild beautiful Arctic. The young artist of Pavel firmly decided that she would go to conquer the icy expanses. And then - a terrible accident, after which the heroine survived.

Recognition of creativity by readers

Judging by the data of the Internet poll and the rating of the ratings that are being presented, Tatyana Alyushina is a rather popular novelist. Her works gain 9.5 points out of 10 possible.

With special interest and warmth, the readers adopted novels with a detective tilt, "Death to an Inheritance," "Happiness of Middle Age." Thus, the first work transfers readers to the distant years of the Patriotic War - 1945. A young fragile girl had to face major troubles connected with the legacy of her grandfather. She gets acquainted with the former employee of the special service. In the process of interaction, a turbulent romance develops. How everything will end and how events will develop, one can foresee, but the plot is intriguing!

This familiar and close story

It would seem that the old familiar story. Hooligans attack a helpless girl, the hero saves her, love flares up between them. Almost the same is described in the second detective novel. A large jeep with aggressively tuned passengers blocked Sasha's way. She is rescued suddenly by a young man. Love between them will be - this is clear to everyone. And what they will have to go through and how a road accident is connected with Alexandra - you can smash your head!

Alushina Tatiana, whose books consist of one storyline, achieves diversity in another way. Heroes, situations change, the sequence repeats: the night of love, escape from feelings, torment, happy ending. A bit boring, there is no unpredictability and unforeseen. However, in all the works of the author there is a charm and a peculiar style that attracts readers and makes you plunge into love adventures again.

Love of the modern reader

Modern readers are very demanding, educated people. To please them is not so easy as it seems. The text should be written in plain language, but do not look too narrow-minded. If the works of Tatyana Alyushina became popular from the very beginning of her work and the interest to them for many years only increases, it means that this is really a master of the pen, a creative personality and a connoisseur of the human soul. Recognition of readers is the highest appreciation of creativity, which inspires to write new stories, intrigue, surprise, fascinate, this was achieved by Tatyana Alushina. Books are her achievement in the field of creativity and a gift to fans!

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