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Active civic position is what?

We all live in a dynamic, constantly developing world and are forced to keep pace with its rapid advance. What our parents, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers seemed to be an unshakable truth, we, the younger generation, can now be questioned, interpreted in a new way and experienced somewhat differently. Of course, we are not talking about overthrowing the traditional moral principles and principles of normative behavior, but no one will deny the fact that the patriarchal system of society is slowly but confidently giving up its positions, and punishing a woman for going out without a hat is not accepted at all. At least in most countries.

The inexorable run of time requires modern man to be stable in material, physical and moral terms, because without it the cycle of changes, stresses and troubles will simply knock you down and carry with the flow to the side, which can hardly be called attractive.

Internal stamina is determined by a number of factors, beginning with the ability to forgive, ending with such a concept as a civil position.

Difficulty understanding

Undoubtedly, the idea of this component of human consciousness is different for everyone - for some it seems to be something akin to nationalism, but for someone it remains a special inner core that helps to combat everyday troubles. Nevertheless, after analyzing certain literature, having studied some historical facts, it is possible to distinguish the features of this definition.

Not a word about violence

First of all, the civil position in itself has nothing to do with cruelty and violence, contrary to popular belief. Many in response to this statement will begin to pour examples of revolutions and wars, which in the history of mankind is quite a lot, and will not be entirely right.

The whole point is that the civil position is a certain internal conviction, aimed more at self-determination, rather than the planting of certain ideals. Simply put, this is the self-awareness of oneself as a person, the ability to have your own opinion on the world around us and your country in particular.

Relations with the country

Strangely enough, for many people it will be a revelation that being a patriot of his homeland and having a certain civil position are things related, but not identical. The first is a love for your country, with all its shortcomings and virtues. This is an absolute unity with the cultural and historical heritage, the willingness at any time to show the most attractive aspects of their Motherland to any visitor, having planted love for their country in his heart.

A civil position is a slightly different phenomenon. By this we should understand rather some internal autonomy, the ability to an objective assessment of the situation in the country. This is a more detached view of the world around, based on personal beliefs, analysis and erudition.

Revolutions and normative behavior

As mentioned earlier, a person's civil position in itself has nothing to do with coups, debacles or mass pickets. In fact, it's just a sober view of things, the ability to assess and form your own opinion on a particular situation.

A civic position is not only a certain point of view on the economic, cultural or political situation within the state - more than this it is the most common human decency available to everyone. It starts with a piece of paper thrown into an urn, or a grandmother transferred across the road, and ends with the payment of taxes and, for example, the preference of the domestic product to the import.

Man and power

Nevertheless, if we reject sentimentality and some romance, the understanding that the civil position is also an attitude towards the government of the country will be more obvious. As stated earlier, this definition should be understood, first of all, your own opinion. Personal perceptions about this or that aspect, which a person can easily argue and demonstrate their legitimacy if necessary.

Active civic position can sometimes lead to the most unpredictable consequences, examples of which abound in world history, but its presence is mandatory for every person who considers himself a full-fledged person.

Degree of activity

So, we came to the fact that the civil position is first of all the business of everyone. Of course, the opportunity for disputes exists absolutely always, but most often they either do not arise, or lead to a kind of common denominator. Nevertheless, there are situations in which an active civil position requires certain actions, since there are no other options.

An example is the confrontation between the northern and southern parts of the United States in the 60s of the 19th century. As a stumbling block , the slave system, which the planters continued to adhere to, was then made, while the northern states abandoned such exploitation of people. Disagreement of the population with the current situation resulted in a civil war in which more Americans died than in any other war involving the United States.

Another example of active citizenship, supported by the masses, is the famous Cuban revolution, during which the population managed to overthrow the regime of the police dictatorship and elect a leader respected by the people.

Where to get something that was originally not available

None of us is born with strong ideas about the structure of the country and the world, but with experience comes the understanding of certain values, the awareness of the need for certain actions. The formation of a civic position takes place at different levels. It begins with the family and ends with their own searches for the information they are interested in.

The more knowledge a person will have, the broader his horizon, the easier it will be for him to form his own point of view on certain aspects of life.

Of course, one can not deny the fact that the formation of an active citizen's civil position is directly connected with the political regime operating in the country. Everyone who has found the USSR knows the traditional gratitude for a happy childhood to Comrade Stalin, and for any New Hampshire resident the phrase "Live free or die" will be unshakable truth.

Other ways to influence the person

Despite the fact that the civil position is a personal choice of each person, in modern reality it is rather difficult to make it. And although in most countries of the era of rigid dictatorship long gone, the imposition of someone else's opinion has retained its relevance to this day. The reason for this lies in the continuous information noise that surrounded a person - the media, Internet resources that promote a certain opinion, literature and television - all this presses on a person, thus forming his point of view.

The time of the brutal planting of a certain vision has long since passed - the era of false ideals and seductive images of the bright future that have covered vital problems have come to replace it. The force was replaced by cunning, but the truth - a convenient version. That is why every person who considers himself truly a person, must sooner or later glance over the edge of the information hedge and look for facts for the formation of himself.

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