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Terry Goodkind: Biography and Creativity

Today we will tell you who Terry Goodkind is. The books of this author, as well as his biography will be given below. It's about a modern American writer. He is the author of a series from the genre of fantasy called "The Sword of Truth". The books included in it, according to Tor Books, are published in more than 25 million units and have been translated into 20 languages. Based on the motives of this series, a multi-series film "The Legend of the Seeker" was shot.


Terry Goodkind was born in Omaha in 1948. There, in Nebraska, he studied at the art school and graduated from it. I dropped out of college. He produced violins, worked as a carpenter, restored antiques, exotic artifacts, as well as rare things. Prior to his writing career, Terry Goodkind was known for his paintings. They depicted the wild nature and the sea. In 1983, he and his wife Jerry went to the mountains located in the North-East of America. There he built a house. It lives up to the present time.


Terry Goodkind completely devoted his own creativity to the idea of "Sword of Truth", as well as characters from this world. He created 4 series of novels. We will quote the works according to the chronological order of the events of the novels. Let's start with the "Legend of Magda Sirus" series. It included the book The First Confessor. Next, consider the series "Sword of Truth". It includes works: "The debts of ancestors", "The first rule of a wizard", "The stone of tears," "Defenders of the flock," "Temple of the Winds," "Spirit of Fire," "Faith of the Fallen," "The Naked Empire," "Phantom, "Confessor". For the anthology called "Legends" by Robert Silverberg, the author wrote the work "Debts of ancestors". The plot of the story unfolds in the world of the Sword of Truth. The described story takes place decades before the beginning of those events, which are discussed in the novels of the series. The story is published as a separate book. Now consider the series "Richard and Kahlan." It includes the following works: "The machine predictions," "Third Kingdom" and "Heart of War." Finally, we turn to the series called "Modern Fiction." It included works: "The Law of Nines" and "Hinges of Hell." Work on the last book has been conducted since 2009, but is currently suspended.

"The rules of the wizard" (Terry Goodkind)

Now let's discuss one of the author's most famous books. The novel "The first rule of a wizard" refers to the genre of fantasy. It was with him that the series "Sword of Truth" began. The work was published in 1994. In Russia this work appeared in 1996. In "The First Wizard Rule" Terry Goodkind speaks of human stupidity. The plot of the book tells of Richard Cypher , a forest guide from Westland. He seeks to discover the secret of his father's death. As a result, the girl meets Kahlan Amnell. On the territory of the Hunting Forest, he saves a new acquaintance from the line. He was followed by Darken Rahl. It passed through the boundary of the Middle Lands. To hide from the pursuers, the characters together follow to a friend of Richard - Zeddu. Once there were 2 unions of independent free kingdoms - D'Hara and the Middle Earth. The first was ruled by the cruel and avid Panis Rahl. He dreamed of uniting the Middle Lands and D'Hara under his own dominion ...

The book was a huge success, and in 2013 it was reissued.

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