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Reference book of the student. What is an abstract

Every year, a new generation of students solves the problems that were previously encountered and which the previous generation successfully solved. For example, many university students have to find an answer to the question about what an abstract is, because some Alma mater require this important part of the work already at the level of the course project, and for the diploma this component is compulsory in any university. So those whose higher education institutions require annotation in the early stages of education experience less difficulty than those who first approach the problem of creating a course at the stage of writing a thesis. Before, it means it's easier. And yet, what is an abstract?

Your business card

This is a summary of your work, which will allow the commission members to quickly get an idea of the contents of the annotated project. A qualitative summary to the course in a laconic form outlines the tasks, methods and conclusions that the author considers important. We need to work very carefully on this component of the project, because it is often only read it on the defense. However, sometimes they also look at the introduction with the conclusion. So the annotation of the project is your business card on the protection of course or diploma work.

Do not complicate ...

In order to get a correct idea of what an abstract is, it is necessary to remember that according to GOST, it should not be large. The maximum is 150 words, the minimum is 120. But believe me, the problem of the lower boundary for you will not stand, because it is difficult to squeeze and concentrate the information to many students who do not have such experience. Typically, the finished annotation looks like two paragraphs of 8-9 lines. But it's better to navigate when determining the amount of work required to count the number of words in Word, not the paragraphs.

Required words

What is annotation and what does it eat, or rather, how to write it? First, select the three main terms, without which your work becomes meaningless. These words must necessarily be mentioned in the annotation, but the terms themselves should not be deciphered, usually the commission is sufficiently prepared to understand you. If your research has been devoted to a little-studied topic and there are many newly created concepts, use them boldly, but be prepared for the protection to be asked about their meaning.

Help will not be superfluous

Be sure to write four sentences describing your main findings. And it is desirable to relate these phrases to make the text logical and compact. Be sure to show the summary to the scientific supervisor and a few acquaintances.

A person who does not know your topic, still in this respect can be useful - he will see illogicality and incoherence. So do not disdain anyone's help. If you are applying for a very high rating, look for humanitarian faculty of the teacher of philosophy or logic, ask him to edit your annotation. He will also be able to ask you sensible questions that can lead to a successful idea.

As you can see, the abstract is not very difficult, but for writing really high-quality work you may need the help of professionals. Do not hesitate to contact people, because an excellent score in the appendix to the diploma is worth it!

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