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Dog in a dream: a friend or an enemy?

In our dreams, we see the dog much more often than other animals. Her vision is an expression of our instincts, born in man many centuries ago, including the expression of adaptation in society, especially if one has to show aggression towards another. At the same time, a dog in a dream can be a reflection of personal experiences and natural feelings that arise suddenly: attachment, loyalty, devotion to someone native. Perhaps, therefore, in ancient myths it is the dogs that are assigned such an important work. As faithful guardians, they sat at the gates of death and guarded the secrets of the underworld, and also delivered messages to the world of people.

We can assume that in this way our subconscious mind tries to comprehend and express the information obtained earlier, and sometimes gives us something that we do not want to admit to ourselves about or try not to think about. The dream seems to show the true state of things in fact. A four-legged friend in this case is a prototype of a person you know well, a friend, a close friend, a defender. In other words, the one to whom you trust and to whom you can rely.

An important point in interpreting your dream is one that shows how the dog reacted to you and what you experienced at that moment in relation to it. Try to remember these details of sleep.

A simple light-hearted game with a pet in a dream does not threaten anything bad - you just want to relax and have fun.

If you fed her in a dream, there is reason to think that people around you love and respect you.

The presence of a leash itself implies some connection between you and someone. According to the dog's behavior, one can assume the quality of these relationships.

If the animal on the leash strives to break out and pulls you after - most likely, these relations are burdensome for you, you have little in common.

If she managed to escape, and the leash drags after her on the ground - you are afraid to lose confidence in a friend, control the situation.

When in a dream your dog is walking on a leash someone else, maybe he keeps you under control. You do not show your emotions and emotions in real life, if in a dream you keep a pet on a leash.

If the dog snarls and rushes in a dream, it may well be that this is a warning about the intrigues of enemies, be careful. If she bit you - in reality you can meet with a perverse person.

Great value in the interpretation of dreams is given to the description of the type of dog.

A black dog in a dream is a harbinger of death or deep depression, disappointment in a person, betrayal.

Promises you a meeting with a good old friend, whom you have not seen for a long time, a white pet.

A very large four-footed promises a meeting with a man who will later become a good friend to you.

Frivolous thoughts visit your head, if in a dream you see little dogs.

A pedigree beautiful dog, seen in a dream, predicts your well-being and a stable position in society. Pay attention to the breed of the dog. Characteristics of the qualities of this breed, perhaps, is also an expression of your expectations.

When a rabid dog runs after you in a dream, be prepared for the fact that you will soon have a serious struggle, for which you need to mobilize all the forces of character. If she runs after you in a dream that was from Thursday to Friday, you can not avoid troubles.

According to some dream books, this image in the dream will help to clarify the deeds of the heart.

They promise to be unsuccessful if they dreamed of a cat and a dog that suddenly rushed at each other.

A young girl should think about if she dreams of a beautiful little dog. Such a dream means that there is a lot of glossy gloss in her admirer.

If a large dog in a dream scared a young girl - her future husband will be of worthy people.

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