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Why dream that they beat? Interpretations of a dream

Every dream has a definite meaning. To correctly interpret it, it is important to remember all the details of the vision. Why dream that they beat? This vision has many different meanings. The most popular dream books help to understand. Let's look at them.

Russian Dream Book

To dream, as you beat another person, means that soon you will overcome difficulties. Perhaps, win over ill-wishers.

The noble dream book by N. Grishina

In this book such a dream is interpreted as follows. To beat means to give to other person the force, power. If the boss dreams that he is beating his subordinates, it means their obedience.

When a man imagined that he was beating his wife, then this testifies to her betrayal in reality.

Beating a mother in a dream means worrying, worrying, worrying, thinking about her.

Why dream of being beaten? Variants of interpretation

If this is done by a friend, then in real life everything will come to order and be adjusted, possible conflicts between you will be settled. And in case of a blow from the enemy, it is worth to look at this person. Maybe he is not at all an enemy, but simply does not know how to show his feelings. It is important to remember the force of the blow. After all, the stronger it is, the stronger a person feels about you.

People who have their own business or try to acquire them can often see in a dream how they are beaten on the head. This means that all their plans will come true. But for this they will have to undergo complex tests.

Other visions and interpretations

Why dream that you are being beaten by several people? This may indicate a low self-esteem rights. In reality, it is necessary to solve this problem. It may also mean that a person becomes a hostage of his own phobias, which he can not tell to someone. In this case, a psychologist can help.

If you witnessed a fight in a dream and could not stay away, and you managed to separate people, then most likely you are unhappy with how your life is shaping up and trying to change everything.

Why dream that they are hitting the ground or in the basement? Such a dream can mean that the past tries to remind itself of itself, thereby causing anxiety in reality. And if you are beaten in the sky or in the air, then you should expect serious changes in the near future.

Sleep for a girl

A woman dreams that she is beating her face ... What does such a vision mean? If she is married and the blow is inflicted by the husband, then they should observe family traditions and laws. Only then will the marriage be truly happy, and the spouses will live in love and joy. But if a wife tries to escape from hitting her husband in a dream, then in real life he seriously committed adultery before his wife. But do not blame the scandal and take offense. We must try to keep the relationship, in spite of everyday problems and quarrels.

If a woman dreamed that it was she who was beating her lover, then in reality one should not expect something good. Everyone is responsible for their sins, sooner or later the secret will become clear. Then there is the possibility of losing an expensive person.

Strange dreams

When the whole force is beaten in a dream, what does this dream about? If the blow was so strong that there was to be blood, but it was not, then this vision has an interesting interpretation. In the real life of this man strives to enter a stranger. It's not bad at all. It is possible that he will become a reliable shoulder, a support and a good friend.

Why is it that the messengers are beating from the realm of darkness? The presence in the sleep of aggressive otherworldly beings means anxiety, financial distress, domestic troubles and problems. If such a plot was imprinted on a sick person, then further deterioration of health is possible. If you dream an empty purse in the same vision, then a person can get sick, and seriously and for a long time.

What is the sign of success in a career?

When a leader beats his subordinates in any way, in real life pleasant news and festive events await him. Success at work will allow you to drink with your employees a glass of champagne at lunch time. The financial situation will also soon improve. Waiting for success in a career or promotion. You can transfer to another place with salary increase. Such a dream has only good meaning. Very soon everything will improve in real life.

Fights and children: what do these visions mean?

Why dream that beat the parents of their children? Despite the fact that many consider it permissible, and thus educate their children, sleep does not prevent something good. And it's understandable, because kids should not be beaten either for the sake of the educational process or for the purpose of punishment. But all the same it is better to beat children in a dream than in reality. Such a vision may mean that the parents do not have the opportunity to share their experiences with someone and to save everything in themselves. This dream can also mean that in a person's reality, good news awaits. And the old problems, which could not be solved for a long time, will soon be settled.

Why does it dream that children are beating? This may mean that in real life they do not have enough attention from their parents. They are trying to get it this way. Parents need to reconsider their attitude to their own children. To think, it is really because of everyday affairs that they deprive them of the necessary attention. This can have bad consequences in the future.

Sleep with the brother

Why dream that my brother is beaten? Such a dream warns of danger in real life. Enemies are plotting against their brother. If a person dreams that he is fighting in a dream with a relative, then in real life, he misses him. Most likely, the brother is far away or soon a long road awaits him. Such a dream testifies to the spiritual affection of the relatives.

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