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5 secrets of using astrology in everyday life

The most important thing in the tips below is that you do not need to know anything about astrology to use it in everyday life. Scientists can observe the Sun and the Moon without problems, in order to draw appropriate conclusions for us. In addition, the XXI century in the yard, and various technologies made the application of astrology much easier. Now you do not even need to study the sky, because there are applications that will quickly provide all the necessary information to start using astrology in your daily life.

Be your own astrologer

One of the best ways to use astrology in life is to become an astrologer. How is this possible? There are many interesting and free applications that you can easily download to your smartphone.

They calculate the natal chart and decode it in the same way as an astrologer does.

The app will give you a horoscope for each day based on data about the planets, give information that you can use at your discretion.

You can check the personal horoscopes of your friends.

In addition, such applications will provide you with an unlimited number of diagram mappings, as well as a deep interpretation of compatibility. They will allow you to easily find out how you and your partner are compatible.

Study of the ups and downs in the relationship

The harmony of your relationship is in some way related to the movement of the moon, with all its phases. Knowing what awaits you, and planning a romantic action, it will be easier if you know how the phases of the moon affect the emotional course of your relationship. This information will help you more easily navigate the complexities of the relationship.

A good rule of thumb: if you want new relationships to develop, start them right after the new moon. If you want to end the relationship, take this step a week before the new moon. Of course, there are also free applications that will help you plan romantic events.

New moon

Three days before and after the new moon - the right time to accurately decide on the construction of new relationships, but this period is not suitable for decisive action. Just visualize and imagine the person you want to be with. If you are in a relationship, then it's time to visualize and imagine what they will be like soon.

Young moon

This is an excuse to discard all doubts and decide on new relationships or to advance the already existing ones.


If you are looking for a new relationship, then this is a good time to tell your friends, colleagues and family about your intentions, it's time for fun. If you have a relationship, it's time to have a little fun, go to a new stage and plan an exciting evening.

Full moon

For three days before the full moon, people should realize what they need to make changes in the current relationship. In this period, also the person with whom you flirted, can push you to the beginning of a romantic relationship.

The coming moon

This is a good period for active pastime. So, plan a party and introduce your new love to your friends. Or, if you are still lonely, go out into society and focus on your romantic endeavors.

Third quarter of the moon

This is the time when you recognize the truth and discard any doubts about your current relationship. Breaking is easier now, then it's not the time to enter into a new relationship, we need to rethink what is at the moment. If you are alone, you need to think about finding a partner.

Waning moon

This is the final phase. Now a few days of introspection begins. Most people during this phase prefer to be alone, so have a good time to rest from dating or pause in a relationship to reflect on the past and look to the future.

Hair care according to the phase of the moon

Most hairdressers will tell you that the Moon can be an important indicator when it comes to haircutting or dyeing your hair.

If you want to accelerate the growth of hair, cut them a day or two after the new moon.

If your hair is dull and lifeless, you need moisturizing, leaving, then the ideal time for such procedures is between the new and full moon.

Within two weeks (from the full moon to the new), the growth of the curls is slowing down.

If you have short hair or a new haircut that you want to keep, cut it right after the full moon. In the same period, hair coloring will give the best and most brilliant results.

The darkness of the new moon and the light of the full moon are clearly visible in the night sky. Therefore, you can easily use the phases to plan the upcoming better days for meetings with your stylist.


The moon has a great influence on the growth of plants. Strong gravitational force pulls water from oceans, lakes and rivers, and also draws water to the ground, which directly affects how different types of crops will grow.

The growing moon is the period when the heavenly body increases in size. Its light becomes brighter, and it raises the water to the surface. This is the best time for planting plants that have small roots and yield a crop above the ground.

Use this phase to plant crops, as well as leafy vegetables and flowers that are grown for beauty and aroma.

The best time to plant during a drought is a few days before the full moon, because the soil has the highest humidity.

The full moon foreshadows the beginning of the diminishing. When it begins to "shrink" in the sky, the water moves away from the surface and the same happens deep under the ground.

Use the phase for planting and sowing root crops, such as beets, carrots, onions, potatoes.

This is also the optimal time for planting bulbs and perennials, as well as for transplantation.

If you mow the lawn during the waning moon, then its growth will be inhibited.

Time and energy management

There are ideal moments for starting projects and time, which is intended only to enjoy your vacation. As the light of the heavenly body ascends and how it recedes, you can observe the same with your energy. Knowing all the phases and using the Moon's energy skillfully is one of many ways to plan your time and learn how to manage your forces.

Within 2-3 days after the new moon, your energy is at the lowest level, you are lazy, treat everything with apathy. This time is intended for rest and rejuvenation. Just do just what you need, and think creatively about what you want to do next.

When the moon slowly appears in the sky, your energy begins to grow. It's time to prepare for the upcoming projects, to introduce creative ideas into life.

With a full moon your energy and enthusiasm are at their peak. The next 2-3 days are the most productive for the whole month. So, during this period, plan your further actions well and deliberately.

After a full moon, let the energy and enthusiasm slowly fade away. The next one and a half weeks will allow you to calmly finish what you actively worked on, understand what you have achieved.

If you have not achieved what you were going to, or even if you did, take time to think, pause to begin with the new forces on the growing moon.

Life in harmony with the sun and the moon

You do not need to know any nuances of astrology to use the above tips. Although the applications will certainly make the advice easier and cheerful. All you really need to do is look into the night sky, look at the Moon, realize what an amazing and mystical power lies in planning everyday life in harmony with the Moon.

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