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Pisces and Sagittarius: love, friendship, partnership

It is believed that water and fire never mix. You can even say that they are incompatible. But when these elements meet and fall in love with each other - this love is really passionate. Such relationships sometimes overtake a pair of Pisces and Sagittarius. The term "opposites are attracted" was, perhaps, invented just for this union: the water reaches for the fire, and vice versa. They can reduce the relationship to nothing or, on the contrary, ignite them with even greater force, but if they are together, they will never be bored. Sagittarius - sociable, frank and straightforward, while Pisces is a gentle, kind and sensitive creature. Of course, this is not quite the marriage that is in heaven, but do not worry: there are many points of contact so that you can call the relationship of this unusual couple happy.

Fish and Sagittarius. The Partnership

In some operational issues, these two can well establish mutually beneficial cooperation. Fish have an inexhaustible supply of patience, which is the ideal backdrop for the energetic Sagittarius. The partnership is good because these signs look at the same thing at different angles. The Sagittarius, as it were, covers the whole picture with a look, Pisces pays more attention to details. This approach minimizes the risk of error. This couple feels mutual respect for each other, and if the humility of Pisces is in the right balance with the zeal of Streltsy, they are waiting for real success in their endeavors.

Fish and Sagittarius. friendship

If we sum up the friendship of these people in one word, then this word will be "interesting." Opposing elements of the elements act as a catalyst, resulting in a strong mutual affection. And, despite the fact that Sagittarius is sometimes too straightforward and can even wound Pisces in their own words, their friendship remains unbreakable under one condition: the water sign gives ideas that the centaur willingly embodies.

Fish and Sagittarius. Romance and Marriage

The relationship of Pisces and Sagittarius can be sparkling, filled with events on the romantic front. But sometimes these events are not the most rosy. "Why?" You ask. Again, everything depends on the difference of characters: restless Pisces can unnecessarily pull the fearless Sagittarius. And this will be the cause of most conflicts between them. Similarly, the constant need Sagittarius to seek adventure can really strain the water partner, because for Pisces the favorite pastime is in the home coziness. Then the fiery sign has to go to all sorts of tricks to protect their freedom. Thus, when the first impression comes from each other and the personality traits of each of the partners come to the fore, it is worthwhile to prepare for the fact that some things do not become truly unexpected. Does this mean that they should not come together at all? Of course not! In the presence of love, all these things become simply invisible. Pisces will conquer the strong heart of Sagittarius, who, in turn, will find the strength to be attentive to his vulnerable and impressionable partner. Ideal can be a union where the husband-Sagittarius, the wife-Pisces, that is, a strong man next to a fragile, defenseless woman.

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