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The best age to tie the knot by the sign of the zodiac

Today it is very difficult to understand the real purpose of marriage, its essence. In the past, this was something to which all aspired. It was necessary to bind yourself with family ties (and the earlier, the better), if you did not want to be considered a complete loser, a loner or even worse - an old maid. Now marriage is not so obligatory step, no one will condemn you and will not consider you a failure. We know and understand that we can live happily and perfectly, and for this we do not need to get married. You can meet very long without any expectations and plans, you can even not consider marriage as an inevitable outcome of the relationship. But if you decide to start a family, this is your choice, no one forced you to take this step.

And when is the right time for marriage? It is hard to say. Many circumstances affect the adoption of this decision, and there is no fixed time to get married. You just take your time and make sure you meet the right person. But you might be wondering what your zodiac sign says about it. It is impossible to accurately determine the age, but we can figure out a relatively suitable time for this event.


People born under this sign appreciate freedom. They will cling to their freedom as much as they can. Nevertheless, there is one more thing that they highly value, it is security. If Aquarius finds a person with the same interests and values, and also understands the importance of freedom, then he can consider the issue of getting married in fairly young years.


Fish tend to dive into meditation. They have a very interesting and deep inner world, so it is easy for them to "get lost". This makes them incomprehensible to others, hinders for a long time being in a relationship, because a partner may just seem that the Pisces is not with them, but somewhere "swim", that they are bored or something like that. This also means that they are unlikely to be bound by marriage at a young age. For people to learn to appreciate the inner world of Pisces, patience and wisdom are required.


Aries are very impulsive and tend to make hasty decisions, so for them to quickly marry at a young age, and then to divorce - this is normal. Perhaps they will do so more than once. The best idea would be to just wait and be rational, but not all Aries can do it. They are often addicted, liable to passion and do not wait long enough to understand - this is love or hobby.


Those people who were born under the sign of Taurus are distinguished by calmness, balance. These are excellent traits when it comes to long-term relationships. Most likely, they will always get along with people, and if they want to start a family at a young age, they probably will not regret it. It will even help them grow as individuals, and they will thrive in loving and committed relationships.


If you have friends of the Gemini, then you should know that they love any relationship, be they romantic or friendly. Just being in a relationship for them is fun. But they also tend to get bored of Gemini quickly, so it's not unusual for them to switch quickly from one relationship to another, or just forget about everyone and be alone. Twins rarely at a young age get married. Most of the time they spend on finding someone with whom they will not be bored, so they tend to create a family quite late, namely when they become wiser, more mature.


The idea of marriage and the creation of a family is very attractive to Cancer. They, as a rule, are always family oriented, so they marry rather early. If they fall in love and this person has similar views on life, then the Raki do not wait long. They really like the process of creating a family and caring for it. This is what makes them happy.

a lion

Lions are by their nature monogamous. They love long-term relationships and rarely enter into relationships simply if they do not see the prospects for marriage. They are picky, so for a long time can be in splendid isolation. What they are looking for is comfort. But as soon as they find someone who will treat them with respect and love, the Lions will be the happiest, they will not look anywhere else. When it comes to marriage, it all depends on them. They themselves will choose: to stay in relationships for ages or to move forward quickly towards the creation of a family. But it is they who choose the pace of development of relations, and in no way a partner.


Virgins are very purposeful. They not only set goals, but also know how to achieve them. Everything depends on this. If they choose work and careers as their top priorities, they probably will not even think about marriage until they reach a certain peak in career growth. Nevertheless, they do not view marriage as something that prevents them from achieving success. Very few Dev, for whom marriage is the main priority. And even they prefer to bind themselves by marriage as early as possible in order to forget about this necessary step in life and move on to other goals that they set for themselves.


Scales often become the initiators of marriage. They think about it a lot, but rarely find time to think and understand what it really is, but rush right into the pool with their heads. Because of this Libra can too early to create a family, and after a while start to regret what he did. However, if they are not in a hurry and prefer to postpone the marriage until they are absolutely sure of this step, Libra becomes happy in adulthood.


Scorpions in this matter rush from extreme to extreme. On the one hand, they quickly and madly fall in love, on the other hand, they also very quickly "come out" of this state. This often leads to the fact that Scorpio marries and divorced several times throughout his life. The reason is that they are unreliable, but if they work on their problems and find a way to solve them, the Scorpios will bond themselves once and for life.


Sagittarius loves freedom most, like Aquarius, even if not more. They appreciate this feeling, and they do not like it when they are bound by family responsibilities. Therefore, it is very rare to see that they early start a family if they do not find someone who will allow them this freedom and instead of reproaches and moralizing will go along with Sagittarius in search of something new to explore the world with him. However, in most cases Sagittarius marries at a more mature age.


Capricorns are not afraid of responsibility, they, on the contrary, welcome it. So the idea of marriage does not frighten them very much, they just see it as a step into a real life, as something for their further maturation, improvement and expansion of responsibilities. They often marry at an early age, and it's not surprising for Capricorns to be young parents.

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