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Pearl (stone) - properties, sign of the zodiac, meaning. Which sign is suitable for pearls?

The product of vital activity of certain mollusks is not a mineral. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to call pearls a stone, although in value and beauty it does not yield to precious gems, to which it is attributed. Pearls are the most valuable raw material for the jewelry industry. Framed in silver, they are especially beautiful. Even in the crown of the Russian Empire, made of gold and silver, against the background of the rest of the splendor, a selective stone pearl is striking. Properties, the sign of the zodiac, corresponding to this incredibly beautiful organic formation, like all other gems, have become one of the prerequisites for getting him into the crown of kings. The signs of the zodiac Pisces and Cancer accompany pearls, which by a strange chance dominate in the dates of the birth of the royal family. The exception is Gemini - pearls are very suitable, but patronizes the other elements.

Ancient names of pearls

Absolutely all precious stones ascribe certain properties, healing power, functions of the amulet. They correspond to certain signs of the zodiac. Pearls, despite their organic origin, refer to precious stones, sometimes even called the term "mineral". In the end, and onyx, and diamond, and pearls are natural formations, whether they are extracted in terrestrial depths or caught in water bodies. Pearl, skaten, oriental, magarite, pearl granule or burnitskoe grain are the old Russian names of this organic product derived from river mollusks. Pearl jewelry, decoration of kokoshniki, shoulder pads, and hem of clothes are immortalized on the canvases of Vasnetsov and Glazunov. Long before the appearance of the selective Japanese or South African beads (the ancient name of pearls) in the territory of ancient Rus, the northern rivers of our country were famous for the extraction of pearls.

Extremity of the mineral

Beauty and uniqueness, unique charm, mysterious depth - these are the qualities that distinguish the pearl-stone. Properties, the sign of the zodiac, corresponding to the pearls, indicate their belonging to the water element. Barnitskoye grain has long been famous for its antiseptic and haemostatic properties. In ancient times, pounding powders were made from crushed pearls for bleeding wounds. And in ancient Russia, this powder, dissolved in water, was considered the best means of insanity. Belonging to the water element, the purifying force of which consists in the fact that it sweeps away everything bad, all negative with itself, makes this stone, especially for Pisces, a guard against all evil in the world.

Properties of stone

Who pearls for? Fish are the main zodiacal sign corresponding to it. He is close to Cancers and Gemini, for whom he acts as an amulet. Mankind is divided into people who deny astrology as a pseudoscience, and those who do not live a day without looking at the zodiac calendar. Moreover, now you can not find a newspaper or a magazine without the information about what this week promises you, according to astrology. The very same knowledge is so ancient, rooted in the depths of Sumerian, Babylonian and ancient Greek astral myths, which can not but arouse interest. The first astrological calendars were published in China 6000 years ago. They are as old as the grains, about which the story goes. According to their information, pearls (stone), the properties, the sign of the zodiac which were studied for centuries, is full of such powerful force that it can practically revive the dead. Thus, in Japan, in combination with jasper, he is credited with the ability to return youth. In the old book "Izbornik Svyatoslav" it is said about the longevity and prosperity, the guarantee of which is the skatene in its daily wearing.

Women's favorite

Pearls (stone), properties, the sign of the zodiac and everything related to it in ancient Egypt was considered the personification of the moon - the heavenly body, which along with Venus is the patroness of women, especially after their marriage. The stone of the moon adorned, protected and healed them.

Admiration, passed through the ages, is enveloped in the beauty of Cleopatra, especially its luminous skin from within. A remedy that gave such an effect, according to legend, is a pearl dissolved in lemon juice. Of course, the Egyptian queen had no sign of the zodiac in its present understanding, but her horoscope is connected with the Nile, that is, with water, and the pearl is its stone. Therefore, it is not surprising that Cleopatra's favorite casket was adorned with a pearl of unusual size and regular oval shape.

Ekaterina Medici was proud of having the largest collection of such ornaments. Her namesake, Catherine II, had an amazing beauty necklace of 30 black pearls, the largest of which weighed 3.8 grams. Zodiac sign of the empress - Taurus, which has nothing to do with pearls, because it corresponds primarily to Pisces and to some extent to Raku.

The Assyrian queen Semiramis immensely loved her necklace of seven strings of pink pearls. In the twentieth century, the acknowledged connoisseurs of this stone were the current English Queen Elizabeth (about her beads legends go) and the queen of fashion - Coco Chanel. She claimed that every woman must have a string of pearls. In the end, why not? There is this gem and irregular shape, it is cheap, quite affordable, but it has all the properties of selected pearls and the same brilliance. It is known under the name "baroque" (because it was very fashionable in the XVI - XVII centuries), "button" or "paragon".

The delight of jewelers

Pearl jewelry for centuries did not go out of fashion. It is impossible not to recall again the two rows of large pearls that made the Crown of the Russian Empire, along with the famous tourmaline and thousands of diamonds, the most beautiful in the world royal headdress.

The beauty and uniqueness of the Muggies, the acute need for them all over the world, forced specialists to resort to artificial cultivation of this raw material for jewelry and medicinal needs. Tradition says that pearl powder is a very strong hemostatic. This is mentioned in the work of Avicenna "Canon". As a result of experiments, jewelers now have "wild" pearls on hand, cultivated and called majorica (artificial).

Healing properties, unlike beauty, are inherent only in natural stones

Despite the external similarity, artificial pearls do not fit the definition of "pearl-stone". The properties, the zodiac sign attributed to the wild and cultivated mineral, have nothing to do with the majorica. Although such pearls win very much in beauty, brilliance and color. To distinguish a real pearl from a fake is very simple. Natural pearls creak if they are held in the teeth. But not many will be satisfied with the result of the check - wild orientals are incredibly expensive.

You can talk endlessly about varieties of pearls, their age and beauty, the price of pearls. For which sign of the zodiac does he fit the most? There are many opinions. Some people consider him to be a vicious and dangerous stone, argue that people who do not have a pair are contraindicated, as they cause depression and doom to further loneliness. Pearls and signs of the zodiac, corresponding to it, say that it is not suitable for those born under the element of Earth - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. It is favorable for very self-confident, fanatical citizens. On the other hand, pearls strengthen the family, long contemplation calms the nerves, gives self-confidence. The only sign of the zodiac for which the radiant pearl is simply a mascot, incredibly favorable without any reservations - it's Pisces. For them, no other stones are suitable. Throughout life, pearls are guarded, directed and protected by Pisces, and according to some legends, they "fall ill" with the owner and die with him.

You can wear pearls to everyone

So what are the signs of the zodiac pearls? It turns out that absolutely - only Pisces. Cancers ostensibly corresponds more to mother-of-pearl, and pearls - only to the extent that it is a relative. Aquarians from this product of organic origin are generally neither cold nor hot, perhaps because they belong to the elements of Air. Although Scorpio - the sign of Water - the garment does not fit at all, it corresponds to the moonstone. Again, the positive qualities of pearl grains increase significantly if you get the stones as a gift from a good person. They are very beautiful, noble, mysterious, like the moon itself, whose stone is the pearl. Moonlight causes only delight and positive emotions - and pearl. I want to believe that he carries with him only positive for absolutely all signs of the zodiac.

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