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First courses: salted salad with sausages

Among the first dishes, legitimate love is enjoyed by the saltwort. They are cooked differently, but the result remains unchanged-tasty, nutritious, and the soup itself looks very appetizing: carefully cut vegetables, pieces of meat, sausage and sausages in a tomato broth.

Salad with sauerkraut and sausages

Solyanka with sausages is obtained excellent, if in its preparation to observe certain proportions. If you are stocked with 200 grams of chicken or dairy sausages, sauerkraut you will need about one kilogram. Still need salted cucumbers - 2 pieces of medium size; Onions - also 2 heads; Tomato paste - 3-4 tablespoons of spoon; The same spoonful of flour; A couple of spoons of capers, a little breadcrumbs, butter, salt, sugar, spices, greens to taste. A brewed sausage with sausages in this way:

  1. Finely chopped cabbage, you can already with carrots, a little rinse, squeeze out (if it was not cooked in the heads), put it in a saucepan, where to add vegetable oil and half a glass of meat broth (and hot water). Stew for about 35-40 minutes on a medium heat. From time to time, stir and try to make the cabbage does not turn out to be too soft, otherwise your hodgepodge with sausages will lose its "market appearance".
  2. Separately fry the onions. Put it in the cabbage. Add tomato, salt, sugar, spices, laurel leaf and pepper peas, a little vinegar (the taste must be saturated, sweet and sour). To extinguish all minutes 10.
  3. Fry the flour in the oil and add it to the cabbage. Add a spark to the future solyanka with sausages boiled and a little boiled.
  4. Sausages, sausages, other meat ingredients carefully cut, separately fry a little in oil with onions. In the frying pan to the meat put the chopped cucumbers, capers, pour a couple or three croutons of broth, boil for 3-5 minutes under the lid.
  5. At the final stages, we act like this: half the cabbage from the pan is spread the same layer on a frying pan. Next comes the turn of meat products with garnish. Top of the second part of cabbage. "Pie" is breaded with breadcrumbs, smeared with butter and minutes for 15 sent to a hot oven (until the crust is formed). Above, the dish sprinkles with greens and is eaten in one sitting.


Solyanka is called a team, because it includes very diverse components. Actually, how to prepare a hodgepodge team, many know, it is enough to have more different meat reserves: sausages boiled and smoked, ham, as well as kidney beef, tongue, just pieces of meat. Some ingredients can be roasted, others left cooked. The taste of such a variety will only be more rich, richer, more pleasant. So, cut the onion, toast and stew in tomato-meat sauce. Sour cucumbers peeled, cut in half along and then into thin slices. Meat components, already prepared, are also thinly sliced, stored in a saucepan, where the onion was bowed. There we put cucumbers, laurushka, then salt, pepper, add spices and capers. All this is cooked under the lid for 15 minutes on a small fire (but to boil). At will, thin mugs of tomatoes are put in a pot. When the hawk is ripe, sprinkle it with chopped herbs and eat with sour cream.

In a soup bowl, before that, pieces of lemon (peel off!) And olives are covered. Proportions: meat products - 300-400 g; Broth - 500 g; Cucumber - 4 pieces; Bow - 2 heads; Tomato - 2 tablespoons; Olives and capers - 1 spoonful; Sour cream - 100 g; Lemon - quarter. Yes, in this hodgepodge put both rice and red beans (approximately one handful of both). They are cooked separately, then combined with the rest of the ingredients. And it's wonderful that such a hodgepodge goes with black bread, herring and green onions! Now there are no questions about how to prepare a hodgepodge of meat, you should not.

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