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Comedy actor Dmitry Nikulin: biography, family and career in film

Dmitry Nikulin is an actor with great talent and an amazing sense of humor. He became famous for his participation in the filming of the comedy TV series "Borodach" (TNT). Do you want to know the details of his biography and personal life? For this you need to read the article.

Biography: school and student years

Dmitry Nikulin was born on February 3, 1974 in Barnaul. His parents have nothing to do with the theater scene and the big cinema. Father and mother of Dima are representatives of technical professions. They always knew that they have a future artist growing up.

From an early age our hero showed a genuine interest in art. He liked to draw, dance and make skits for famous performers. At school he was not bad at school. Dima's favorite subjects were literature, music and drawing. The guy participated in school productions and amateur competitions.

At the end of high school Dmitry Nikulin submitted documents to the Polytechnic Institute, located in Barnaul. From the first time he managed to enter this university.

The beginning of creative activity

A cheerful and resourceful guy was admitted to the student theater "Kaleidoscope". Teachers noted that Dima has a great comedy talent. Scenes with his participation literally brought the audience to hysterical laughter.

In 1998, Nikulin became a member of the KVN team "Lieutenant Schmidt's Children". The guys conquered the metropolitan audience. In 2 years the team won the title of "Champion of the Higher League". Our hero made a significant contribution to this victory. However, in 2000 he moved to another team - Siberian Siberians. In its composition the guy performed for several months.


At some point, Dmitry Nikulin realized that he had outgrown the KVN. He wanted further creative development. In 1999, he got a job on television. Dmitry could be seen in such projects as OSP-Studio, Good Jokes, One Night, and others.

Film career

On wide screens Dmitry Nikulin first appeared in 2001. He got a small role in the painting "Pisaki". Our hero liked the atmosphere reigning on the set.

In 2003, a comedy "Day of a Hamster or Russian Happiness" was put on the audience. This time Nikulin performed the main role. He has 100% coped with the tasks that the director has set for him.

To date, in a creative piggy bank Dmitry more than 10 roles in TV shows and films. And this is not the limit.

"The Bearded Man"

The real popularity came to Dima in early 2016. It happened after the serial "Borodach" (TNT) appeared on the screen. Character Nikulin - Palych, one of the friends of the protagonist. He believes in God, but he always sins. Sasha Borodach and Palych often fall into ridiculous and comical situations.

Personal life

For more than 15 years Dmitry has been married to his beloved Alena. The spouses raise five sons and dream about the appearance of the daughter. The actor has to live in two cities - Moscow and Barnaul. He comes to work in the capital. And in Barnaul is his favorite family. And move to Moscow Nikulins are not going to. They do not represent their life without their native city.


Now you know who Dmitry Nikulin is. Biography, filmography and marital status - all this was considered in the article. We wish this magnificent actor success in his career and prosperity in his personal life!

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