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Participant of "Doma-2" Igor Tregubenko: biography and personal life

Our hero today is one of the most popular participants of the reality show "Dom-2" Igor Tregubenko. Biography of this guy is interested in thousands of fans. Do you also want to know about his life before the project? Then we recommend reading the article from the beginning to the end.

Igor Tregubenko: Biography

He was born on September 26, 1988 in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. Soon the family moved to Krivoy Rog. Igor's father is a military pilot. The man dreamed that his son would follow in his footsteps. My mother received a pedagogical education. Our hero has an older sister.

At school, Igor studied well. Troika and deuce in his diary were extremely rare. The boy was always ashamed of his unsatisfactory grades, he tried to fix them as soon as possible.

Igor Tregubenko, whose biography we are considering, started boxing at the age of 11. After some time our hero became a candidate for master of sports in this species.


After receiving a certificate of secondary education, Igor filed documents in an economic college. The guy was enrolled in the required faculty. In 2009, he graduated from the university. He had no problems with employment. Tregubenko worked as a financier in one of the Ukrainian banks. Igor had a high salary and prospects for the future. But he decided to start a new life, going to Moscow.

In the Russian capital, Igor did not sit idle. He found a private financial company, rented an apartment in a prestigious area. He had new friends and colleagues. But I had to forget about my private life for a while.

Find a decent girl and create a family - that's what Igor Tregubenko dreamed about. "House-2" is not the only project in which he took part. The guy lit up in the Ukrainian show "Find the extreme" and "Lamur Tuzhur." However, its main goal was not achieved. He decided to continue searching for the other half.

"House 2"

December 13, 2013 on the famous TV project appeared a nice guy with a strong physique. Strong torso and growth of Igor Tregubenko immediately appreciated the female half of the "House-2". Many of them guessed that the guy professionally engaged in sports. With a height of 188 cm, it weighs 88 kg.

Our hero expressed sympathy for the tiny brunette Tanya Okhulkova. The guy insistently courted her: he gave beautiful bouquets, cooked breakfasts and showered compliments. Igor did not even bother the moment that the girl was in a relationship with Eugene Rudnev. However, all his efforts were in vain. Tanya did not reciprocate an insistent boyfriend.

Girls Igor Tregubenko

For several months the handsome sportsman was in the status of a bachelor. He actively flirted with free girls. But I did not want to build a serious relationship with one of them.

Everything has changed with the appearance of Anna Yakunina, the former participant of "House-2" on the project. Daring brunette from a wealthy family could conquer the heart of Igor Tregubenko. Relationships between the children have been rapidly developing. They quickly declared themselves a couple and settled in one of the city apartments. Initially, Anya and Igor lived together and happily. But at some point the girl began to show her uneasy character. Yakunin was jealous of Tregubenko, literally to every pillar. She also demanded from dearly dear gifts and joint rest in hot countries.

The couple repeatedly diverged. But the guys could not completely give up each other. Their loud quarrels alternated with passionate reconciliation. Spectators have become accustomed to this format of relations between Igor and Anna. The guy and the girl even thought about the wedding. After another scandal, they both refused this idea.

The participants of the "House-2" were rather tired of talking about the complex relationships between Yakunina and Tregubenko. In October 2014, they kicked the girl home in a women's ballot. Igor refused to leave the project after his beloved. He stated that he was ready to build new relations. Anna could not believe what she heard. After all, she felt deep feelings for him and believed that they are mutual.

New love

5 days before the departure of Anna Yakunina, a rich Muscovite Ella Sukhanova appeared on the project. Initially, Igor did not pay attention to it. He tried to "drive" out of the heart of his ex-girlfriend. But Tregubenko soon looked at the tall blonde and expressed his sympathy for her. The guy did everything to make them declare themselves a couple. In November 2014, the children, together with the other 6 participants, went to the new site "Doma-2", located in Seychelles. There, relations have become stronger.

Ella and Igor have been together for more than a year. They can not be called an exemplary pair. The guys then quarrel, then reconcile. Let's hope that everything ends in a magnificent wedding.


We talked about when Igor Tregubenko was born and where he studied. The biography of this guy is a clear example of how a person achieves the set goals. We wish Igor success in all his endeavors and happiness in his personal life!

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