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Time limits for car repairs and maintenance

A simple or complex malfunction, the consequences of an accident and even scheduled maintenance - all this leads the car owner to the service center. In this case, you have to leave the car and the entire repair period by public transport. In many cases this is extremely inconvenient. Without a vehicle it is not only difficult for a business person. How, for example, to go to the market, to take the children to school or section? And if the car is a working tool? Then the situation becomes almost hopeless.

That is why every car owner is so interested in the typical standards of time for the repair of trucks and cars. Knowing them, he will be able to adjust his plans, so that the lack of a car does not cause losses.

What standards give

Rationing the time for carrying out repair and maintenance work of vehicles allows the owners of equipment to determine the plans. But in addition, the duration of repair has a significant impact on its cost. And, knowing in advance how long it will take to repair, and also what kind of work will be performed (this can also be learned from the standards), the planned cost of work is easily determined. A financial issue is not just important, it can still be very painful, if you have to solve it without preparation. So the norms of time for the repair of cars need to know every car owner.

Problems in setting standards

The trouble is that auto companies do not widely disseminate normative information, but only provide it to official representatives - dealers, service centers, and the like. Every car owner knows how difficult it is to get such information in any service center. SCs are not at all eager to tell the owner of the car about the standards for repairs and maintenance, so the necessary information must be obtained independently.

When car service needs standards

It should be noted that information containing typical standards of time for car repairs is not always required only by private car owners. It happens that the service centers need it. The fact is that not all of them work with one or two brands of cars. There are also so-called multi-car centers, to which the owner of any brand issued by any manufacturer can apply. And immediately the question arises as to how much the repair or maintenance of this car of the "unknown breed" should cost. To assign a price from the ceiling can be extremely unprofitable: a slip in either direction by the result will be unprofitable. Therefore, it is necessary to somehow make an accurate calculation based on legitimate regulatory data.

What the car owner should know

In order to navigate in a variety of information relating to the vehicle, the car owner needs to know:

  • What is the normochas;
  • In which case can the use of time and work rationing be applied;
  • Where to find the necessary regulatory information;
  • How to use the regulations;
  • How to calculate the rate for one or another work to repair or maintain the car.

What is normochas

The norm is called the unit of measurement of labor. That is, the performance of each operation related to the repair or maintenance of cars is strictly standardized and should take no more than a specific time.

For each brand of vehicle, for each car manufacturer, indicators are calculated, which can be found in a special compendium, which indicates the time limits for maintenance and repairs. Any manufacturer starting serial production of cars, develops a list of works on maintenance (planned and unplanned), as well as the time limits for any work related to the vehicle, be it maintenance or recovery after an accident. Normally, it serves to control the duration of the work and should not exceed the set time.

In which case can you apply the standards

Before dealing with the definition of normal hours, it should be learned that in all cases this standard can not be applied. The fact is that any standards are designed exclusively for professional masters and the same equipment. For example, for a service center that specializes in servicing a particular car brand, the standards set by the manufacturer of that brand will apply. But if for the same work to turn to a familiar car mechanic or a small workshop that does not have an appropriate diagnostic and even repair (for example, not all workshops have cameras for paintwork) equipment, you can forget about the normal hours.

Sometimes car service workers claim that it is impossible to apply the standards to a very new car, and in general, work in a car workshop and what is "written at the factory" are two big differences. But such excuses can be safely ignored. At the factory, the standards are compiled by professionals, and they take into account everything from the life of the car to the personal time that the repairman needs (for example, for snacks, smoke breaks or visits to public places).

How to determine the normal hour

In order to determine the standard hour for a particular job with a particular brand and model of the vehicle, you need to get access to the regulatory collection of the manufacturer of this vehicle. This can be done at the service center, which is the official representative of this manufacturer, but it usually spends a lot of nerves. And if the usual motorist still has chances to get information, then for another service center it will be almost impossible - no one will want to help competitors. So it is much easier to access Internet services, where there are also such collections, they can be downloaded for free, and a special Internet program, with which you can calculate the required rate.

Which way is better

Experts argue that the Internet program, which online determines the necessary time standards for car repairs, is much more convenient than the manufacturer's collection.

With the help of it, the cost of any necessary work is determined: repair, maintenance, and repair. This program not only allows you to find out the required time, in its database there are all the data on the spare parts produced by the manufacturer of this or that model of the vehicle, which is actual not only for repairs or maintenance in the service center, but also for repairs on your own. Especially valuable this information is for those who had to face the need for a car reconstruction (for example, as a result of an accident).

At the same time, the usual normative legal acts simply give a set of time values, and there are a lot of information, it is very difficult to find the necessary line in this information sea. For example, the time norms for repairing VAZ vehicles are regulated in a special collection RD 03112178-1023-99. But those who want to know the standards for maintenance and repair work will have to break through not only through general information data, but even through lists of tire fitting, painting, wallpapering and other various works.

What the program can do

With the help of the program it is possible to find out all information concerning dismantling and restoration works, works on replacement and painting of all vehicle parts. The program also gives access to all the regulations and the sequence of recovery and reconstruction that the manufacturer has developed. In it you can see the systems and components of the car - this demonstration is especially useful if you are going to carry out repairs on your own, or if the owner of the vehicle wishes to control the work of the masters (especially if you have to use the services of "garage service" ).

The program makes all the necessary calculations for the time standards, as well as the required details of the car, their cost and so on. These calculations can be printed out for convenience of further use.

Especially convenient in the program is that it has almost all brands and models of vehicles from 1985 to the present moment - the database is constantly updated with new data. Accordingly, there are all the data on manufacturers, so that with the help of the program you can get information about the repair and maintenance of both imported and domestic cars.

Regulations for trucks

In order to find out the standards for repair and recovery work of domestic trucks, it is recommended to look at Intersectoral enlarged norms of time for car repairs. This normative document can be easily found. It regulates:

  • The rate of time for the repair of KAMAZ vehicles.
  • The rate of time for car repair KRAZ.
  • The rate of time for car repair MAZ.
  • The rate of time for the repair of ZIL vehicles.
  • Time limits for the repair of GAZ vehicles.

It is necessary to know that all these standards are designed to perform work in a professional workshop, with professional equipment and materials, as well as professional workers. If it is a question of "garage" repairs or about performing repair, restoration or maintenance works on their own, then such regulations no longer apply.

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