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After how many months after birth do women begin?

So the period of expectation of the child passed. Mom and baby are already used to each other. The woman is gaining strength, gradually withdrawing from childbirth, and more often she is concerned about the question: "After how many months after birth do you begin?"

Why is there no menstruation?

Its absence is associated with those hormonal changes that occur in the body of the mother. From the moment when there was a delivery, the status of hormones gradually normalizes. Therefore, the appearance of menstruation indicates that the end of the recovery process has occurred. It is from this moment it is believed that the body becomes ready again to bear the baby. The production of milk depends on a hormone such as prolactin. It prevents not only ovulation, but also the normal course of the cycle. Therefore, while the baby eats only mother's milk, menstruation does not come. How many months after the birth? Accordingly, the less often a woman begins to put the baby to her breast, the faster she will start ovulation with all the ensuing consequences. If a woman does not support breastfeeding, the cycle begins to recover in about two months. This may take two or three months for some, but longer for others. It should be borne in mind that the physiological mechanism of recovery for each woman is different. There are several options for the appearance of menstruation after childbirth. However, each newly mummy should remember that the absence of a period in most cases is not a guarantee of the absence of ovulation. Therefore, you can get pregnant almost immediately after birth.

Option 1

Because during breastfeeding the endocrine system is focused on this process, you can not wait for a month. However, the trends of modern society suggest that the men come much earlier than the woman stops breastfeeding. All the stress of stress, the taking of various medications, hormonal contraceptives. In addition, asking the question "through how many postpartum months begin," a woman may face the fact that they will come immediately after the introduction of complementary foods. The fact is that the pituitary gland begins to produce less hormone prolactin, and ovulation occurs. If the baby is a long time on breastfeeding and gets food on demand, then the cycle is normalized by the second year.

Option 2

If a woman does not breast-feed, then asking the question "after how many postpartum months begin," you can get an answer that in two, and in some cases - in one month. Mixed feeding slightly delayed this period. Therefore, the cycle will begin to recover after three or four months. Some representatives of the weaker sex take for menstruation those blood discharges that are observed immediately after birth. However, these are lochia. They appear due to a trauma to the uterus and pass when it completely heals.

Option 3

Sometimes a woman breastfeeds, but does not have time to think about how many months after birth, they come as they appear. This option is also the norm. Recently, menstruation is restored two months after childbirth and at the same time it quickly normalizes. After the first menstruation occurred, we can say that the cycle has recovered. After about 2 or 3 months, it becomes regular. In this first months can be observed very profuse monthly.

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