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Bilyk Nikolay: biography, family, creative path

Nikolai Bilyk is a famous person on television. Many channels are obliged to him by their programs - "SMAC", "Lampshade", "Lotto-million" on ORT; "Vanity around the piano", "Oh, roads!" - RTR, "Neposedy, or Entertaining Travels" - TV Center and other programs and are currently appearing, collecting millions of viewers from TV screens.

Childhood Producer

Nikolay celebrates his birthday on October 21, 2016, the anniversary of the anniversary - the 55th anniversary is coming. His childhood Bilyk Nicholas spent in Mirgorod, a city that was sung in his works by Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol. In the family, two boys were born with a difference of 11 years. The elder brother of Nicholas was his friend, brother and mentor. The guys were friends, growing up together. Mother, Nadezhda Vasilievna, worked as a nurse, father, Nikolai Ivanovich, from childhood, he taught his sons to study mathematics.

Kolya, the youngest, studied with pleasure, in the senior classes successfully comprehended the mathematical science from the institute textbooks. The schoolteacher also supported the boy's abilities, and, perhaps, thanks to these efforts, Bilyk Nikolai managed to enter the Moscow State University after graduation. Lomonosov's new and fashionable at that time faculty of computational mathematics and cybernetics.

Youth and first successes

Admission to Moscow State University was the dream of a talented young man after in the 10th grade an excursion to Moscow was organized specially for future graduates. The capital conquered the heart of a young man immediately. At the institute, he became interested in the possibility of entering a prestigious institute, but the class teacher pulled the guy up, saying that he did not dream about such a thing.

Bilyk Nikolay could not tolerate such mockery and firmly decided to prove to the whole world that he could become a local student. Six months of serious preparation, and previous studies with his father brought their results - Bilyk Nikolai Nikolayevich entered the Moscow State University from the very first time and on his own.

The beginning of the creative path on television

Math education was useful to Nicholas for one hundred percent. He became a well-known producer, supported interesting projects and continued to develop various trends in the field of television precisely because of his mathematical abilities, which allow the optimal way to solve the tasks set and find the shortest and most profitable path when moving towards the goal.

Nikolay Bilyk is a producer. So his name was pronounced after the gradual entry into the world of television. Nikolai was able to choose his new direction on life through a friend, Andrei Svindarny, who brought him to the world of television. Since 1990, Bilyk Nicholas has completely devoted himself to new work, to create television studios, to organize interesting projects. The TEFI Prize deservedly went to Nicholas for his contribution to the development of new directions and the creation of television projects.

Family and Children

Nikolay Bilyk is married, he has two children from his first marriage and two - from the current one with actress Alexandra Florinskaya. With his second wife, the producer met at one of the capital's party. Among the many individuals, he singled out Alexander and approached her. Feelings between a man and a woman broke out right away, and although at the time of their acquaintance they were both married, they could do nothing with the arisen craving for each other. The couple's relations developed rapidly, a few months after the acquaintance, Nicholas invited Alexandra to live together. The actress collected her belongings and moved to her lover together with her young son ( Alexandra's eldest son Gleb was born from the first marriage of Alexandra with actor Sergei Gorobchenko, the marriage did not take place due to rapid decision making about its necessity).

Today Nikolay Bilyk and Alexandra Florinskaya gave birth to two children - Kolya and Agatu. Nikolai Nikolayevich (Kolya, Jr.) was born in 2005, and a small Agata - in 2013. During the second pregnancy, Alexander was shot in the TV series "Captain's Children" and was also pregnant according to the script. An unusual coincidence was the fact that Alexandra's heroine was visiting a character in the maternity home, played by her ex-husband Sergei Gorobchenko.

Now the model of marital happiness was Alexander Florinskaya and Nikolai Bilyk. Their personal lives are formed without worries, they try not to belittle the heat of passion that embraced them at the very beginning of their acquaintance, make each other surprises and educate the eldest son of Alexandra and the children of Bilyk Ivan and Xenia.

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