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Secrets of fishing: what to catch burbot?

Perhaps, burbot for anglers is the most mysterious fish. Everyone heard about him, but few people caught him. The question of what to catch burbot, too, is relevant. Little is known about the lifestyle of this species. A lot of stories are told about him. For example, even in fishing literature, burbot appears as a scavenger, who allegedly eats exceptionally rotten fish and spoiled meat. But according to the assurances of the fishermen, all this is nothing more than fudge, the best bait for burbot is a fresh, mobile stockman. But meat products are not the first freshness except for terrible suffering for the sense of smell of man will not bring. So why catch the burbot to stay not with an empty cage but with excellent trophies? Who should believe - books or experienced fishermen?

Catching on live bait

Of course, everyone who at least once fished out even the largest burbot from the river water, will say that this fish will prefer to all the usual bait. This is the most efficient and effective bait bait. True, you do not need an ordinary man. Unlike other carnivorous fish, burbot prefers not a pest or a top line, but a ruff. He is not at all baffled by the sharp dorsal fin. It is this prickly fish that is what is best to catch the burbot. In addition, the ruffs are also convenient because they are easy to find not only in late autumn, but also in winter. Most often their flocks are found under a bridge or near a steep bank. Also as zhivtsa can play minnows and bull-calves, fit and bleak.

Features of catching benthic tackle

It is also worthwhile to talk a little more about how to catch burbot on donka. As a bait is taken zivets. On some reservoirs it can replace fresh pieces of meat. There are many ways to plant a hook on a hook. The most optimal of them is through the back. In this case, the hook stitch should protrude outward. The hooks themselves must be large enough. Also it is worth remembering that burbot can at the first danger make a sharp and strong leap, so it's just necessary to leave some reserve of free fishing line after casting. Donki themselves are checked periodically. The predator can take the livebird and sit quietly with him, without showing his presence.

Bait for catching in autumn

But not only is this predator going well. It also matters where to catch the burbot in the fall. On the rivers at this time of year a good alternative to the ruff will be a hefty bunch of red worms. It happens that on some water bodies burbot and does not pay attention to bait. He chooses only worms. The thing is that they are the main food object in such places. Another original autumn bait bait - freshly frozen capelin. It can be bought in any market. But before fishing it is not thawed, otherwise it will lose its shape. It melts already in the water and does not have time to get in the way.

What should you catch in winter?

If in autumn the best bait will be livestock, then in winter the preferences of burbot change slightly. Of course, he still prefers ruffs or minnows, but it is better not to live, but already dead. But immediately you need to specify that the bait should be fresh. The smell of spoiled meat is unacceptable. With lowering of temperature, the burbot falls into a certain numbness. He becomes lazy and sedentary. At this time, with a dead fish, it's much easier to cope with it.

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