Hotel "Ecodom" (Adler): affordable rooms, prices, reviews

Adler is one of the largest urban settlements in the territory of the popular resort city of Sochi. The infrastructure is well developed here, and this positively affects the economic state, but today we will not discuss this at all.

In the most popular city - Sochi - come to rest not only in summer, but also in winter. Here everyone can have a great time, but much, including the quality of the rest, depends on which hotel you stop at. There are a lot of hotels and similar establishments in Adler, but not all of them can provide a high level of service, modern rooms and at the same reasonable prices. In this article we will just discuss one well-known hotel chain, which is worth paying attention to those who want to have a great time in Sochi.

The hotel "Ecodom Marina Adler" is a modern tourist complex, which has been operating for several years. The project includes hotels with 2 and 3 stars. Today we will discuss in detail the Adler institutions of this tourist network, reviews about them, the number of rooms and rental prices, as well as find out the exact contact details and many other important information. Let's start!

basic information

Today we will discuss only those hotels that are located in the ecologically clean area of Sochi - the city of Adler. In total, three establishments are part of the network, and two of them will be examined in detail later.

Both hotels "Ecohouse" are located on the same street Adler, which seems simply incredible. Let us know in more detail the contacts and the address.

So, the three-star hotel "Ecohouse" (Adler) is located in the street of Enlightenment, house number 150b. In turn, a two-star hotel with the same name operates at the following address: Prosveshcheniya street, house No. 156a.

Contact the administrators of institutions to clarify any information or to ask any questions you may have by phone: +7 (862) 2473713 and +7 (862) 2473712.

And now let's discuss in more detail each of the two Adler complexes.

Three star hotel

All-season tourist complex, located in the house number 150b, has been working for several years with one goal - to give as many positive emotions as possible to each of its guests. Representatives of the institution are attentive and always friendly people who are ready to come to the aid of the guest at any time.

In this case, you have the opportunity to stay in one of the 127 excellent rooms of different categories. In the hotel you will definitely find a room for your taste, which you do not want to leave. From additional services the hotel offers a swimming pool and a sauna. In addition, high-speed wireless Internet is available throughout Ekodoma. For children, experienced animators work here, so your child will not be bored.

Hotel "Ecohouse" (Adler) is in a very convenient place, from where anyone can reach in minutes to more attractions of the city. As for the cost of renting rooms, it will pleasantly surprise you. A distinctive feature of the network is the ratio of quality and price.

Two star hotel complex

The institution, located in the house number 156a along the street of Enlightenment, is located in the coastal zone and offers its guests 110 rooms for comfortable living. The complex consists of three multi-level buildings, where only standard rooms are available to the guests.

In each room of "Ekodoma" 2 * there is a modern comfortable furniture, split-systems and a refrigerator. In addition to the rental rooms are available, equipped with a kitchenette, microwave ovens, crockery and washing machines.

Useful information about renting

Each hotel "Ecohouse" (Sochi, Adler) offers its guests a large selection of rooms, the cost of removal of which you will be pleasantly surprised. By the way, the price of rent includes not only hotel accommodation, but also use of wireless internet, outdoor pool, towels and deckchairs for the pool, as well as a children's playground.

One can not ignore the nuances associated with the accommodation of children in hotels. In this case, a child who has not yet reached the age of three can stay with his parents, guardians or relatives for free without providing him with an extra bed. For children of other age categories, in some cases, an additional seat is required, which is done for a surcharge.

The time of arrival to the hotel is standard - 2 pm, and the check-out takes place exactly at noon. In addition, an early check-in is possible: after midnight - an additional payment of 50%, until midnight - a surcharge of 100% of the daily cost. By the way, there is also a price-list for late check-out: until 18 pm - 50%, after 18.00 - 100%. And right now, let's discuss in more detail each of the rooms available to rent only in a hotel with 3 stars, as in "kopeck piece" only standard rooms are available for order (family four for 2 400 rubles, two room for 3 thousand rubles. , A family triple for 2100 rubles and an economy for 1600 rubles).


The most popular number in this hotel is an ordinary "standard", the area of which varies from 17 to 27 square meters. Each such room is equipped with all necessary furniture and other amenities. The cost of rent is from 2 thousand rubles per person and from 2 thousand 100 rubles. For two persons.

Among the main amenities in the room can be distinguished excellent soundproofing, air conditioning, a desk, wardrobe or wardrobe, wooden floor or parquet floor, small sofa or folding chair. In addition, the bathroom includes a shower, toiletries, a toilet and a hairdryer. Also in the standard is a TV with cable TV, and for communication you can use the phone.

An additional advantage for tenants of the standard will be the presence of a balcony, from where the chic look opens.


"Ecohouse" (Hotel 3 *, Adler) offers another room, the area of which is from 28 to 48 square meters. Each studio is equipped with ergonomic furniture and a small kitchen.

The room has air conditioning, a desk, wardrobe or closet, as well as other amenities, including an armchair and a TV with cable TV. The bathroom has a shower and toilet, and a hairdryer. On the official site of the hotel it is indicated that the studio is equipped not only with a balcony, but with a small patio, which is interesting, is not it?

One can not but note the presence in the studio of a refrigerator and a dining area, as well as a kettle and a microwave oven. There is also a dish in the room. The cost of rent varies from 2 thousand 400 rubles per person and 2.5 thousand rubles. For two people.

Luxury studio

In this case, the area of the room is from 57 to 66 square meters. By the way, once it is worth noting that the luxury studio is represented by two small rooms.

The hotel "Ecodom" (Adler), which we will discuss a little bit later in this article, offers its guests such amenities in this category: air conditioning, desk, wardrobe or wardrobe, two leather chairs, a sofa, a double bed, etc.

The bathroom amenities are the same as in the usual studio. As for electronics, you will be provided with an excellent plasma TV with cable TV, a washing machine, a microwave oven and a kettle. The luxury studio has not only a balcony, but also a patio.

The cost of removing such a number is at least 3400 rubles. For 1 person and 3500 rubles. For 2 people.

Junior Suite

The area of the junior suite varies from 21 to 29 square meters, and you can rent it for 2 thousand 200 rubles to one person (+100 rubles for two). The room has all the amenities, including a wardrobe or wardrobe and refrigerator, air conditioning and a desk, and much more.


Each suite is represented by two small rooms of high comfort. The total area of the room in this case is about 47 square meters.

The hotel "Ecodom" (Adler), the photo of which is presented in this article, allows each to rent a two-room suite with heating, air conditioning, a desk, an armchair, bedside tables, a sofa bed, a large double bed, plasma TV with cable TV, telephone, balcony, Refrigerator, shower, toilet, bidet and other amenities.

One person can stay here for at least 2900 rubles, and two people for 3 thousand rubles.


Room with an area of 220 square meters. M, is ideal for those who like to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. The apartment consists of three huge rooms, and the room includes a panoramic balcony, which offers a chic view of the mountains and the sea.

The apartment has everything you need, including a treadmill. The cost of rent in this case is at least 10 thousand rubles per day.


The room with an area of 165 square meters consists of three small rooms. At once we will notice, that from each bedroom it is possible to leave on the general balcony of a penthouse. Here, too, there is everything, but the path, unfortunately, is missing.

The rent is 8 thousand rubles per day.

Studio apartments

This number is not very large area - from 57 to 66 square meters. Meters. The studio apartments have a TV, heating, a desk and other amenities. The bathroom includes a hairdryer, shower and toilet.

You can rent this room for 4300 rubles. (1 person) or 4400 rubles. (2 people).

Two-room standard

"Ecohouse" (hotel 3 *, Sochi, Adler) offers guests the last number, which at this stage of its development is available to order. The area of the two-room standard is 42 square meters, and consists of two bedrooms. To use available TVs, air conditioning, coffee table, wardrobe with hangers (shoulders), refrigerator, bedside tables and much more.

The cost of withdrawing this room per day is 5 thousand 600 rubles. For 1 person and for 100 rubles. More if placed two people.

What do customers think?

Reviews about the hotel "Ecohouse" in Adler indicate a high level of service, modern interior and reasonable prices for renting rooms of different categories. In addition, guests note the presence of a good restaurant, beauty salon, bath complex, billiard room and other important infrastructure.

In general, judging by the reviews, "Ecohouse" is an excellent three-star hotel in Sochi, where you are always welcome!

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