WGrand 3 * (Petrovac, Montenegro): vacation in the hotel and guest reviews

The popularity of Montenegrin resort towns is getting bigger every year. This is due to the fact that the nature of this country is simply amazing. It is full of amazing aromas that come from nearby forests. In this regard, more and more people are trying to pre-book a place in one of the hotels in the resort cities of Montenegro. One such hotel is WGrand 3, which is located in a city called Petrovac.

Location and view of the hotel

As already mentioned above, WGrand 3 is located in the resort town called Petrovac. The building of the hotel is located on a hill, which allows further from the hotel rooms to witness a stunning view of the bay of the city. As for the hotel itself, the style of its construction is very modest and nothing special from the majority of Eastern European hotels. As for the coloring, the owners of the hotel decided to use as the main coral-beige color, which is very well combined with white inserts. The location of the hotel with respect to important places of the city is very good. First, near the hotel you can find the entrance to the stunning beauty of the forest, and just 300 meters from the entrance to the WGrand 3 hotel begins the beach. The hotel is located near the center of Petrovac, just 900 meters away. Therefore, most of the necessary for a comfortable life in this resort town of Montenegro is in comparative proximity to the hotel.

How to get to the hotel

This question arises after it was finally decided that a place of rest was chosen town in the south of Montenegro. In Petrovac there is no city airport, so the resort town will have to travel several modes of transport. There are two options for coming to Petrovac, if you are located in Moscow. The first is to get to the resort of Montenegro through Tivat. The second is through Podgorica. There is no difference between both ways, as the cost of tickets to these cities, and the transfer from them to Petrovac is about the same. By the way, the road from Tivat to Petrovac takes about an hour by bus. The bus station is located just one kilometer from the beach of Petrovac, so there are no further questions about how to find the hotel. If the option with a bus you still does not suit, you can always use the transfer service from the airport to the hotel. At the same time it will be necessary to indicate through which city you are planning to get to Petrovac. Otherwise, you can miss each other.

Conditions in rooms

Upon arrival at the three-star Hotel W Grand, you will be identified in the room that was booked. All rooms are mini-apartments with their own bathrooms and kitchens. This is an undoubted advantage for those people who prefer to prepare their own breakfasts and dinners. As free services, which are typical for any type of rooms, you can provide free internet, which works throughout the hotel. Another advantage of the Hotel WGrand (Petrovac) is that in each room there is free cable TV with enough channels. In order to contact the reception, the hotel owners put a telephone in each room. In case there is a need for a car, it can be rented directly at the hotel. Very convenient plus is the availability in each room of its own safe. This makes it possible to keep in safety your own expensive or simply important things for hotel guests. Each room has its own mini-bar, which will be filled with a certain amount of alcoholic beverages in the event that the guest of the room has activated the all-inclusive condition. If necessary, vacationers can order breakfast or dinner straight to the hotel room, which is a very convenient option for those who do not want to go down for food.

Dining at the hotel and outside it

The kitchen in the hotel is at a fairly good level. Unlike most other hotels in the same Petrovac, WGrand 3 Petrovac does not have breakfast with a buffet. In order to have breakfast, it is necessary to go to the upper floor, as it is there that the restaurant of the hotel is located. For breakfast, you can order as usual sandwiches, and something more substantial in the form of fried eggs or fried bacon. If there is a desire, then as a breakfast you can eat a couple of fruits, they too are in the assortment of the hotel. Dinner at the Hotel WGrand (Montenegro) is also not bad. Waiters can offer a choice of first, hot, cold snacks or dessert. If desired, you can order all at once. In general, the restaurant is large enough to accommodate 90 people. Therefore, it can simultaneously serve on its territory all the hotel guests.

If you do not feel like dining in the restaurant of the hotel, you can go to the city and find an institution that can satisfy both your appetite and your wallet. There are plenty of such places in Petrovac, but they are always half empty. This is not due to the fact that they are not popular with locals or tourists, but because the town itself is not very populous, and tourists have chosen the resort is not so strong that all the cafes and restaurants of the city were packed to capacity.

Recreation and Sports

Hotel WGrand 3 will offer its guests a wide variety in the field of recreation or sports. For example, if you are tired from a long journey to the hotel, you can use the services of a professional masseur, which is located directly on site. For those people who want to maintain their physical fitness, there is a fitness room where you can exercise or something more difficult. People who like water sports or just swimming will be happy to know that on the territory of the three-star Hotel WGrand 3 there is an excellent swimming pool, the water that changes daily. In addition to all of the above, you can also use the hotel's sauna, which is located near the pool. The hotel owners even provided for the wishes of couples with young children. Therefore, at WGrand 3 you can find a play area for the smallest guests who can entertain themselves at the discretion of their parents.

Rooms in the hotel

The hotel in the nice small resort town of Montenegro, Petrovac, has a fairly small number of rooms. Their number is a little over 50, but each room is beautiful and cozy in its own way. There are three categories of rooms in the hotel. The first category includes standard numbers, which can be calculated as two persons, and three. These rooms are smaller in size compared to the deluxe and luxury rooms, but they are the cheapest and most popular among the guests. Delux and luxury rooms can also accommodate two or three people. However, unlike standard rooms, there is a large area of apartments, as well as LCD TVs with a large diagonal. Regardless of the category of rooms, each of them provides for free access to the Internet, as well as the possibility of using air conditioners.

Prices for hotel rooms

The cost of each hotel room WGrand 3 (Montenegro), reviews about which on the Internet are good, depends on what category of room you prefer. Standard room for two people will cost guests $ 78. For three people, this room can cost 105 dollars. The deluxe room for two and three people will cost 85 and 115 dollars, respectively. The suites in this hotel, as in others, are the most expensive. In order to settle in this room, you will have to pay 110 dollars per night for two people. The number for three will cost 140 dollars.

What to see in Petrovac

Petrovac is, above all, a resort where silence, peace and nature are most valued. If you went outside the hotel WGrand 3 (Petrovac), then you can go to the sea and swim in it. There are two beaches on the territory of the city. The main city beach consists of pebbles, which tourists may not always like. The second beach, Lucice, is 10 minutes walk from the main beach and has better pebbles than the main one. If you are interested in a city tour, then it makes sense to go to the ancient Venetian fortress, where there is a nightclub. Another interesting place for lovers of ancient buildings can become an ancient Catholic church, which was rebuilt more than two centuries ago.

Opinion of people about the hotel

On the Internet, you can find quite interesting reviews. WGrand 3, according to them, has a very attractive appearance and coziness. As a plus, many visitors to this hotel celebrate good service and friendly staff at the reception. But in addition to people who liked everything in the hotel, there were those who were not as happy. In particular, some people did not like the fact that the hotel is located on a hillock. This prevented them from getting close to the entrance. As a wish, one of the former hotel guests offered to buy in all rooms large TVs, so that you can watch TV with interest.

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