Condom Luxe: types. De Luxe: product features

Each condom Luxe meets European standards. No wonder this company has long won a leading position in the world market. The assortment is incredibly extensive. At the same time, most condoms Luxe have a creative design. For this they are fond of Russian users. In addition, they have excellent quality. After all, at each stage of production, products are checked by special technological means.

There are condoms De Luxe on the Russian market. They are produced by another company. Therefore, nothing to do with the original Luxe products, these products do not have. Although, this product is also quite reliable and at the same time one of the cheapest on the market.

Condom Luxe: types

Today, Luxe's range of condoms can make you dizzy. Their huge number:

  • "Red kamikaze". Universal latex condoms with a large number of different antennae, balls and spirals.
  • "Clockwork tempter." Item for maximum pleasure with antennae and pimples all over the surface.
  • "Kiss of the Angel" with three balls. Thanks to him you will get new impressions.
  • The Screaming Banana. Has many pimples.
  • "Seventh heaven". Universal condoms with pimples and elastic spikes.

Exclusive condoms Luxe

The Luxe condom is also a whole series of unique options. These include the following models:

  1. "The fucking tail" with a mustache. They are arranged in a spiral.
  2. "Ancient instinct" with a few mustaches and a pleasant aroma of orchids.
  3. "Indian guru" with the smell of sandalwood.
  4. "Third Eye". This is an unusual luminous condom Luxe.
  5. "Star of the East" with a jasmine flavor.
  6. "Prayer of the Virgin". It has three small elastic balls.
  7. "In pink" with the smell of a rose.
  8. "Avalanche of passion" with lavender aroma.
  9. "Dreams of the Amazon" with antennae and a slight smell of azalea.

Condoms from Luxe are sold all over Russia. And their collection is constantly replenished with unique and completely unexpected novelties.

De Luxe from Erotica

Erotica De Luxe condoms are also available throughout the Russian Federation. This is one of the cheapest options on the market. Of course, the company does not offer such a variety of options. However, with their function, these condoms are doing very well.

Made of high quality latex. Outside they are covered with silicone grease. Due to this they are able to prolong sexual intercourse. The quality of each product is checked by electronics. And they are manufactured with high-tech equipment. Today, Erotica offers several types of condoms:

  • Classic smooth condominiums. They perfectly cope with their protective function.
  • Pointed with small pimples all over the surface.
  • Ribbed.
  • Aromatic with the smell and taste of strawberries, bananas, etc.

What kind of condom to choose is the business of every person. Some prefer to bet on cheap, but high-quality "De Luxe". After all, they cost only about 350-400 rubles. For a block of 24 pieces. Others like the unusual design of the product called "Lux" and the sensations that can be experienced when using them. Their price starts from 180-200 rubles. For 3 pieces. The cost largely depends on the model you want to try. Exclusive collections are somewhat more expensive. The quality of these products is always high, tested by many consumers.

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