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Why does the kid not want a pacifier, and how to teach a child to the nipple?

The birth of a child is a joyful event in every family. This is the beginning of a new life in which a great responsibility for the health of the baby is placed on the shoulders of young parents. They must understand his needs and provide all the essentials for comfort. In the first months of the child's life, there are quite a few questions to care for: whether to support breastfeeding, whether to teach the child to the nipple, whether to feed from a bottle and other equally important issues.

Opinions of parents about the training of children to pacifiers vary. Some young mothers, opponents of the nipple, still change their minds in the event that the child can not calm down for quite a long time. However, it is not enough to decide to give the baby a nipple. Some parents are faced with the problem of how to teach a child to the nipple, if they offer him, and he is taking it.

Perhaps, many (if not all) know that in the first year of life, when the child is nervous, it can be soothed by sucking. Just pull in the mouth, he can both a pacifier, and his pen. If this is so, then it is even more difficult to save him from such a habit, since a finger or a cam can not be hidden like a pacifier. There are cases when young parents are thinking: how to teach the child to the nipple, to distract him from the finger?

Of course, you can calm a child's whims by offering him a breast, but this is not always possible to do. In public places a dummy is simply irreplaceable. Many are faced with the problem of dressing babies, they do not like this process, because it is associated with negative emotions, and the nipple can also help here. When the kids play on the playground, they will definitely try to taste the raised stone. Assistant-dummy and here will be very handy.

Trying to answer the question of how to teach a child to a nipple, it is worth first to understand why he refuses to take it? The reasons are different. For example, this may not be the appropriate size: since the pacifiers vary in shape and volume, they need to be selected depending on the age of the baby. Recommendations for use should be read on the label. There are also various forms. Recently, orthodontic techniques have been popular, which contribute to the development of a proper bite.

And, perhaps, the last thing that can cause a failure is the material from which the nipple is made. There are two options - a latex or a novelty known to our parents - silicone. Everyone has their own preferences.

But what to do if everyone seems to have tried everything: shapes, sizes, and material, and the karapuz remains categorically against it. How to teach a child to a nipple when he flatly refuses? In this case, the experience of our parents will be very helpful. It is necessary to dummy a dummy in breast milk, the taste and smell familiar to the child from the first moments of his life will play a role. You can also try this option: during feeding, when the baby begins to fall asleep, replace the breast with a pacifier.

Having dealt with this dilemma, moms sometimes come across another - how to teach a child to a bottle. In this case, too, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the material from which the capacitance and nipple is made. The smell and smack of plastic can very negatively affect a baby's desire to use it. Along with plastic bottles, there are glass bottles, which in some cases are much better.

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