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Shaving is one of the most important daily rituals of men. To achieve the result, a lot of money has been created: machines, machines of different types. Of course, the razor is a more accessible hygiene tool. The Gillette brand, which produces products for high-quality shaving, is especially popular on the Russian market. The range of machines is quite large: Gillette represents several types of razors, including interchangeable cassettes. Let's consider: what should be the shaving machine for men and how to choose the right cassette for each type of razor.

History of appearance

Nowadays shaving is a simple and safe action that is performed almost daily by millions of men. It's easy to buy a razor in any store. But for residents of the XIX century, this occupation was quite dangerous and complicated. The razors were heavy. The body-holder of the blade was made of steel and decorated with carvings. If the razor was dull one morning, it was necessary to give it to the master for sharpening. It took a lot of time and money. The son of a lover of inventions, whose name was Gillette, during the shaving unexpectedly came to the idea of creating a razor with replaceable blades.

His idea was not supported immediately: the engineers insisted that no such material had been created to carry out the idea. But soon he met with people who helped him in the creation of the first machine with a removable blade. The market did not immediately adopt the novelty. More than a year passed before Gillett gained popularity and worldwide fame.

Gillette today

The brand is incredibly popular. The assortment of shaving products allows you to choose for yourself a convenient version of the machine. Each of the razors is equipped with one or more strips to soften the skin and eliminate irritation. Shaving cassettes are offered to each kind of razor, except one-time. They can consist of three or five blades.

The marketing move, created as far back as 1903 by Gillette himself, works to this day. The razor is cheaper for a customer than a replaceable cassette. The buyer again and again returns to the store for supplies. Thus, the manufacturer fully covers the costs of manufacturing and selling the razor itself. Many other companies that produce shaving machines, like this model of sales.

Gillette Slalom

Advanced model of disposable razors with replaceable cassettes. The machine is equipped with a comfortable handle, the coating of which minimizes sliding in the hands. The head of the razor is floating, allows you to process hard-to-reach areas. Blades are two, they are located at a certain distance from each other and are inclined. The razor is much sharper than disposable machines. Above the blades is a lubricating strip.

Cassettes Gillette Slalom can be purchased in a package of 3 or 5 pieces. Currently, this is not the most sought after razor, in view of the fact that the brand has produced many other more effective blades. However, Slalom will serve much better than a one-time machine.

Mach3 Razor

Mach3 - the first shaving machine that appeared after disposable razors. Not only the body was improved, but unique Gillette Mach3 shaving cassettes were also created. Compared with one-time Gillette machines, this is an incredible success. The manufacturer claims that even after 10 applications of the razor, the process is more pleasant and the result is more effective than using second-generation razors Gillette (disposable).

The case has a comfortable handle, which allows you to control the degree of pressing and the process of shaving. Exceptional properties are Gillette Mach3 shaving cassettes:

  • A pad of five micro-arms at the base of the replacement block;
  • Three sharp blades for perfect slip;
  • Indicator strip for lubricating the skin and reducing irritations;
  • Floating head for a more comfortable shaving.

Razor Gillette Mach3 has become quite popular among men. Several versions with different interchangeable cassettes were released.

Mach3 Turbo Blades

Shaving cassettes Mach3 are suitable for each razor. When buying a machine Gillette Mach3, you can try three options for blades: standard, Turbo and Sensitive. Turbo - the razor "Gillette" with three more sharp blades, in comparison with other razors Mach3 and disposable machines. The razor attachment in this cassette is more adapted to the user's convenience: each of the blades is attached by means of springs. Thus, the razor perfectly adapts to the skin without hurting it.

Above the blades is a lubricating strip "Comfort" to eliminate irritations after shaving. As it brightens, you can focus on the time of changing the tape. Blades Turbo - the best option for stiff bristles. From the first time, a smooth shave is provided thanks to sharper blades.

Shaving cassettes Mach3 Sensitive

Another type of blade for the razor Mach3 - Sensitive, designed specifically for sensitive skin. Not everyone has a daily shave procedure that goes smoothly and smoothly. Even high-quality machines are not always able to avoid skin irritation. This, first of all, depends on individual susceptibility to the process. Sometimes you have to use numerous lotions with a soothing and cooling effect to bring the skin back to normal. But Gillette also took care of this, creating a razor and replaceable tapes Mach3 Sensitive.

The machine has a similar structure, like any other kind of Mach3. The main difference, which provides an effective fight against skin irritation, is a lubricant strip. It contains an extract of aloe, which perfectly soothes the skin.

Gillette Fusion Razor and cassette for her

After the success of the razor Mach3, the manufacturer did not stop there. Another worthy representative of the Gillet family, Fusion, was created. The main difference from other razors was the presence of five blades, which are much closer to each other than the three blades in Mach3. Such a structure of a replaceable shaving cassette allows to reduce pressure on the skin and reduce irritation. In addition, Fusion has a trimmer blade, which allows you to shave the hairs in the most inaccessible areas.

Created many kinds of razors Fusion. At the moment this is one of the most popular lines of Gillette, presented in 7 different variations. Replaceable Fusion shaving cassettes consist of five blades and fit any razor in this line. You can buy them in quantities of 2, 4 or 8 pieces in a package.

Fusion Proglide cassettes have even more precise and thin blades, compared to the usual "changers" Fusion. In addition, they are equipped with a micro-groove, which directs the hairs exactly to the blades.

Cassettes Gillette Venus

Gillette was the first brand to create razors for women. Female and man's shaving can not be compared: the different area of the treated areas and the structure of the hair. In addition, women's skin is usually more sensitive and requires careful care. The Venus machine is available with replaceable cassettes consisting of 3 or 5 blades. The most modern representative of the female razor from Gillette - Venus & Olay is made with moisturizing pads, which facilitate shaving and take care of the skin.

Venus cassettes are very convenient because they are interchangeable. Even if once a classic Venus machine with three blades was bought, it is no problem to purchase a Venus & Olay cassette with five blades. This, unfortunately, can not be said about the men's Gillette series. The shaving machine for men "accepts" cassettes only with the appropriate number of blades. On the old machine Slalom does not fit the cassette Fusion.

Replaceable cassettes for shaving - a convenient development of K. K. Gillet, which every year only improved, without losing its popularity.

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