Original Birthday Gift, I Want Something New And Unusual

I think everyone is tired of receiving material gifts for his birthday. I want something new and unusual. Want to make an original birthday present? The person who gives such a gift will clearly be on top. If you do not know what to give to a loved one for a birthday, but you want something unusual and original, then maybe I can help you.

You can make a gift in the form of an adventure that will delight the person, help you to know your new sides and so on. Here is an example of this gift in the form of a small adventure.

Put it in the mail (or wherever he finds it at the right time) ENVELOPE in which the tips are composed in order to find the gift itself. For example, the first clue may be an indication of the search for an advertisement on the bus stop closest to the birthday person's house . He will go to her and find an ad that you pasted yourself an hour ago and on which you will find the right hints and data, then the birthday boy will get further tips for example to the bookstore that was listed in the ad. There he will open the next clue from the envelope, in which there will be lines from some book, the person most likely will either remember (if you specified a popular passage), or google and look for this book in the store, and when he finds, there he will find the next clue , Which for example leads to the FLOWER SHOP, where he will need to name the secret word (which will be indicated in the last clue), after which he will be given a bouquet there, which you pre-ordered and paid for and asked to give it to the person who said the right word. I think them ninnik will be very pleased with such an adventure, especially with this adventure, he will begin his birthday.

I gave a small example. You can think of much more interesting, but the more details and trifles, the harder it will be for you to organize all this, but this game definitely costs a candle. A person will never forget this.

There are many options. For example, you can make it so that eventually a person comes to the cinema, where you are already waiting for him. I did, but the girl was late. She was wrapped up guessing the clues and long time she told several places and eventually came only to the middle of the movie, but still was delighted that I for her created this and created it myself. She found the ticket in the story Life on loan - Erich Maria Remarque, which I put there 2 hours earlier.

The best option (but not for milestones) will be to arrange for a person to travel, that is, hints should lead him to a train or plane, where you will wait for him. You can take some of his things in advance and prepare everything else, because a person will arrive without a suitcase :)

It will also be interesting to have clues that led him to something he would simply not agree to, for example, a jump from a parachute or a balloon flight, or participation in some kind of competition or game.

I hope my article was useful and inspired you for the original birthday present.

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