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"House of the Sun": actors and roles, plot

From this article you will learn all about one of the best Russian films of the last decade - this is the picture "House of the Sun". Actors and roles, the plot, the location of the shooting - everything will be described by us further.

About the film

"House of the Sun" - the third film by Garik Sukachev as a director. This drama narrates about the "system" of the hippie subculture in the Soviet Union of the seventies. Boys and girls were growing their long hair, getting fashionable flared jeans and foreign plates. Gradually, the hippie movement spread more and more.

"House of the Sun" tells about the right intelligent girl Sasha, who met the Sun, the leader of the hippie movement. Together, young people go to freedom and the only Sun House in the world.

Due to lack of funding, the work on the film lasted 4 years. Filming continued during 2006-2007, but the film was released only in 2010. The literary basis of the film was the novel of Ivan Okhlobystin, which is called "House of the Rising Sun".

The protagonist of the film and the story has a real prototype. Yuri Burakov, or Yura Sun, was the son of a high-ranking official and at the same time the leader of the Moscow hippies. The name "House of the Rising Sun" refers to a famous folk song, The House of the Rising Sun, which gained popularity in the performance of The Animals. In the film, musical compositions that were popular in the seventies of the last century, both foreign performers and domestic ones, in particular the groups "Kalinov Bridge" and "Time Machine" sound.

"House of the Sun": actors

Stanislav Ryadinsky played in this film the role of the leader of the Moscow "system", a mysterious hippie named Sun. The main role of a good girl Sasha Sergeyeva was performed by Svetlana Ivanova.

The actors of the movie "The House of the Sun" played well, who acted as friends and companions of the leader of the hippies. Polina Krepak, nicknamed Gerd, is Daria Moroz. Pavel Kochetkov, Maly, - Ivan Stebunov. The role of Skeleton Vitaly Grinzer was performed by Cyril Polikashin. Moises Blanco played the role of an alien named Juan Maria Aran Morteiro.

We continue to talk about the heroes of the movie "House of the Sun". Actors Alexander Mokhov and Olga Blok-Mirimskaya played the parents of the main heroine Sasha, Vladlen Alexandrovich and Antonina Anatolyevna. In the role of Vadim, Sasha's bridegroom, Anatoly Smirinin. Father of the Sun, Admiral Alexei Karelin, was played by Nikita Vysotsky. In the role of Uncle Rodion made Sergei Batalov. DJ Anna Tsukanova played the local underground radio under the name of Baba Beda . The role of her mother, the police chief, was performed by Tatyana Agafonova.

Also in the film you can see Alexei Gorbunov (Korean), Mikhail Efremov (professor), Mikhail Gorevoy (KGB officer), Chulpan Khamatov (wife of Koreyets), Evdokiya Germanova (head of the tourist group), Nina Ruslanova (Olga's woman).

We continue to talk about the creators and heroes of the movie "House of the Sun". The actors noted a very friendly atmosphere during the filming. Several participants of the film crew appeared in small episodes. Played in the film and its creators - Ivan Okhlobystin (lecturer) and Garik Sukachev (Vysotsky).

Musicians from the group "Time Machine" were played by their sons - Ivan Makarevich and Daniil Margulis. In the role of the third member of the group, Yuri Borzov, Velimir Rusakov spoke.

In the episodic roles - Vladimir Teplishev, Alexander Sukachev, Mikhail Zherdin, Nogon Shumarov, Bulat Gafarov, Alexander Sklyar and others.

Where the "House of the Sun" was filmed

Actors, photos of which can be seen among the beautiful seascapes, were good, but many viewers are interested in where the shooting took place. On the screen you can see Moscow, and most importantly - the beautiful views of the Crimea: Balaklava, Kerch and Karadag.

In the crowd took part local residents, literally from the first takes got used to their roles. They put on seventy-style clothes and created the necessary entourage under the direction of the director and his assistants.

Plot. Introduction

Let's talk about the plot of the movie "House of the Sun". Actors were shot for two years, meanwhile in the film we will be shown a rather short period, only 17 summer days of 1974. The main heroine, the daughter of a high-ranking party worker Sasha, graduated from high school and entered the medical institute. She is sure she passed all the exams herself, but at home she understands that the father had agreed in advance on her enrollment.

The girl gets acquainted with Gerda, and afterwards with the hippie company, who become her friends. This is Gerda, the fighter of the Little One, the long-haired Skeleton and the Chilean revolutionary Juan, the artist Korean and the Sun, the leader of the Moscow hippie community.

New friends of Sasha from good families, educated, uninhibited. They are strikingly different from the older generation, are interested in art and religion. Sasha is struck by their way of life and considers them to be truly free, denying hypocritical Soviet reality. The girl attends the first concert of the "Time Machine", a night art exhibition, gets to know Vysotsky and falls in love with the Sun.


As a reward for admission to the medical father gives Sasha a ticket to the sea, to Bulgaria. However, at the very last moment, already on the way to the airport, the girl jumps out of the bus and leaves with new friends and lover to the Crimea.

In Crimea, the company settles in the house of a familiar woman, Olya. Sasha for the first time drinks wine, goes to discos and dances around the fire. The city operates a pirate radio station, created by the daughter of the head of the local police, who is the only leader under the name Baba Beda.

The sun often disappears, which causes the main character to worry. In addition, friends, especially the artist Koreans, are watched by the KGB. After some time he is arrested. Soon after, the rest of the company appears in the militia because of the fight with the demobilization. Baba Beda comes to the rescue, giving a bribe to the police.

Lovers steal the boat and go to a secluded place, in a hut, which is the house of the Sun. The film ends with a big party at the seaside. The sun burns its hut.

The final

It turns out that the Sun has heart disease, and he dies after the operation in Moscow. The Korean enters a psychiatric hospital, and then emigrates abroad and becomes a famous artist. Gerda marries Juan, but they disappear together in Africa. Minor commits suicide. The skeleton does not return from the war in Afghanistan. Sasha returns to Moscow and becomes a cardiac surgeon.

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