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Maxim Vitorgan is the son of Vitorgan Emmanuel. Biography, filmography, personal life

Who is Emmanuel Vitorgan, it's hardly worth explaining. This legendary Soviet and Russian film actor has played more than a hundred bright roles. He was Don Felipe de Ayala in the "Pious Marta", resourceful Victor Kovrov in "Wizards" and Prince Peter Dolgoruky in "Poor Nastia". However, in addition to numerous prizes and popular love, this great artist has one more reason for pride - his son.

Family and early years

Vitorgan Maxim Emmanuilovich was born in September 1972 in Moscow. Since both his parents were actors (Emmanuel Vitorgan and Alla Balter), from the very childhood the boy did not doubt that he would become an artist. Perhaps that is why he was not particularly worried about studying at school. But when I entered GITIS, I became one of the best students on the course. Achieve such success was not easy, because the guy had to constantly argue that he was not just the son of Vitorgan and Balter, but in itself a talented artist.

At the age of 21 Maxim Vitorgan finished his studies at GITIS and got a job in the theater of the young spectator of Moscow.

The beginning of the creative path

The first years of work in the theater confirmed that the young man was not mistaken with the choice of profession - he turned out to be a great artist.

For 6 years of work in MTYUZ the son of Vitorgan has achieved recognition of his colleagues. The most important achievements of the artist during this period - the role of Boris in the "Thunder" and Nicholas I in the "Execution of the Decembrists."

In the next few years, the young artist worked in the Lenkom and the Moscow Art Theater ("Cruel Games", "Sex, Lies and Video", "Easy taste of treason", "Number", "Crime and Punishment").

Despite the fact that Maxim Vitorganu liked to play in the theater, he wanted to try his hand in other areas.

The first works in the cinema and "Quartet I"

Even while studying at GITIS and working in MTYUZ, the young actor was filming a bit in episodic roles in cinema (Svetik, Composition for the Victory Day). However, in the world of Russian cinematography of the nineties there was no place for a beginner artist.

But in the new millennium, the son of Vitorgan became more in demand. At first, he was offered small roles ("Nine Months", "To make God laugh"), but soon everything changed.

Back in 1993, Vitorgan Maxim Emmanuilovich met with young actors Rostislav Khayit, Leonid Baratz, Kamil Larin and Alexander Demidov.

In those early years, the guys decided to organize their own theater, calling it "Quartet I". Maxim maintained relations with actors for many years. When the play "Radio Day" was composed in 1999, friends specially created for him a character named DJ Max. Soon after the first production, "Radio Day" became a real theatrical hit, and its continuation (the play "Election Day") consolidated its success. Participation in these performances glorified Maxim Vitorgan in the theatrical circles, and when in 2007-2008, The plays were screened, the young actor became known throughout the country.

In the following years, based on the works of Quartet I, five more films were shot, and in 3 of them Maxim Emmanuilovich (Radio Day 2, What Men Talk About, and What Men Talk About) starred. In addition, the artist is a regular participant of the theater "Quartet I" and plays in many of their productions.

Maxim Vitorgan: films of recent years, work in the theater and on television

Having made a name for himself in the movie due to the role of the joker-joker Max with "As if Radio", the actor did not leave the theater. Moreover, at the end of the first decade of two thousand, Maxim Vitorgan tried his hand at directing, putting the play "Who." For this work, he was awarded the "ZhZhivoi Teatr" prize.

Since 2004, the son of Vitorgan Sr. has become the director of various TV shows on REN-TV. The most famous of them - "Light Skies", "Women's League".

Since 2009 Maxim Emmanuilovich has become the lead of two projects of the First Channel "I Want to Know" and "Hello Girls!", As well as the radio program "Morning in Moscow".

Since 2013, Junior Vitorgan began to lead the intellectual game Disney Channel - "The mouth of the baby."

In recent years, the artist often starred in television series. His most famous roles are:

  • A messenger of love from Cupid;
  • Rubtsov from the "Diary of Dr. Zaitseva";
  • Kaspersky from the film "On the Eighth of March, Men!";
  • Coach from the "Champions";
  • Charming Arthur from the "Diary of Louise Lozhkina";
  • Valery from the "Crisis of tender age";
  • The owner of the car dealership from Mamochka.

Personal life. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan

In recent years, the actor has become very famous because of his personal life. Like his father, Maxim Vitorgan was married three times. His first wife was the actress Theater Young Spectator - Victoria Verberg. It is noteworthy that the chosen one who conquered his heart was nine years older than Maxim himself. For almost 10 years of living together, lovers have not officially formalized their relationship.

From this union, the actors gave birth to two offspring: Pauline and Daniel. After parting, the children of Maxim Vitorgan stayed with Victoria Verberg. Despite this, the actor throughout these years has been actively involved in the upbringing of his children, and also maintained a warm relationship with their mother.

The second marriage of Vitorgan Jr. did not last long. His wife was far from the acting environment Natalia Vitorgan.

The third spouse of the artist was the cult Russian media personality - Ksenia Sobchak. This union was a surprise for many. Despite the numerous gossip and gossip that surrounded Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan in the last few years, the spouses are happy and are waiting for the replenishment soon.

Interesting facts

  • In the "Day of Elections" and "Day of Radio", along with the artist, his father, Emmanuil Vitorgan, played.
  • Sometimes in the performances of "Quartet I" the role of DJ Max is performed by Michael Polizejmako (son of Semyon Farad and Maria Policemaco).
  • The eldest daughter of Maxim Emmanuilovich decided to continue the acting dynasty and in 2016 entered the GITIS. Meanwhile, on the account of Pauline already several roles in the movies and on television. In particular, she played with her father in the television series "Diary of Dr. Zaitseva."
  • The son of Vitorgan Emmanuel took part in video clips of the BI-2 group and Vasi Oblomov.

Close people who knew the mother of Maxim Emmanuilovich - Alla Balter, claimed that the actress predicted her son the arrival of fame after 40 years. Her words were prophetic: today Maksim Vitorgan is very much in demand not only as an actor, but also as a director and presenter.

In 2017, "Quartet I" plans to release the third film from the series "What Men Talk About." And although the details of the plot are still kept secret, the audience sincerely hopes that Maxim Vitorgan will necessarily appear in this project.

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