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The main characters of "The Lion King"

In this material, the main characters of "The Lion King" will be shown. This is a full-length animated film, which was created by the studio Walt Disney Pictures. He tells about the life of Pride.


Simba is a lion king and protagonist, who took care of the kingdom after the death of his father. Immediately after birth, he was introduced to the special Pride Rock to all savanna animals. As a child, he was a fearless, merry lion cub. He persistently tries to know the world around him. She is looking for adventure. His father is dying. From this moment Simba is a lion king who tries to isolate himself from his past. He does not want to remember the pride. He blames himself for his father's death. Later, the lion decides to return to his lands to fight off the pride. His character is changing. He understands and accepts the past. Enters the fight with Scar and wins. Now he is strong and noble.


We continue to discuss the heroes of the cartoon "The Lion King". Pumbaa is the next of them. It's about a friend of Timon - a warthog. Together with the aforementioned adherent, he forms a hurricane duo, the next philosophy of life without any hassle - Hakuna Matata. Characters of the "King of the Lion" Timon and Pumba are exiles. The growth of this hero is very noteworthy.


The next character is Zaza. "The Lion King" is a cartoon film in which there were not any inhabitants of the sky. In particular, Zazu is a hornbill. He serves in the royal family on the pride lands. In subsequent cartoons, his post is listed as the administrator of the jungle. Rowan Atkinson voiced this character in the original cartoon.


Timon is Surikat and Pumba's friend. He, along with a colleague, helped survive Simba, after the latter was expelled. He professes the style of "Hakuna matata" - a life without worries. As a dinner he prefers insects.

Other heroes

Next, the characters of "The Lion King" will be described, which we did not have time to tell before. Mufasalev and the King of the Pride Lands. He is the father of the main character and is very wise. Named this character in honor of the King of Kenya. If we talk about appearance, we have an impressive and stately lion. His hyenas are afraid. The rest of the animals are respected. The mane of Mufasa has a special rich color. He rules like a wise and calm king, a loving husband and father. The narrative begins when Mufasa has already become king. He tells his son about the life of the surrounding savanna and the connection of all living things.

The main negative character is Scar (Scar). He is the brother of the king, thus in the cartoon the basis of "Hamlet" is reflected. A scar is an adult, a big lion. At the same time, his physique can be called lean. The scar has a dark brown fur, which has a reddish tinge. His mane is black, like coal. Eyes are green, eyelids are heavy, eyebrows are elongated. He also owns a scar on his left eye. According to the official version, he received this mark from the impact of a buffalo, whose name is Boma. The scar is very charismatic, and also intellectual.

The next character is Sarabi. It's about Simba's mother, proud, calm and wise queen. In doing so, she has a sense of humor. With a smile he follows the leprosy of his son with a friend. It combines maternal tenderness and firmness of spirit. Before us is a strong, healthy lioness with a memorable profile. Eyes - brown, eyelids - dark. On the ears visible edging. At the beginning of the narrative, she lulls the little Simba. Scar tells his version of what happened, and Sarabi mourns her husband and son. She later meets Simba.

Next heroine - lioness Nala - the future spouse of the main character. With Simba they have been friends since early childhood. It was she who escaped from Pride lands when they were captured by Scar to find help. At that moment the lioness found Simba. Their childhood friendship grew into love.

According to the official story, Scar declares Nala queen, but receives a gross rejection from her. The tyrant threatens the lioness with exile. Nala's father was not shown in the cartoon. The creators admitted that they did not think about it. Later they claimed that they might be a Scar or Mufasa. However, the second option implies equal rights with Simba to the throne.

The next character of Sarafin is Nala's mother, an adult lioness. It is indicated in the credits, but its participation in the official plot is not large. In the second part of the cartoon, she notes that her daughter has grown incredibly.

The next character - Rafiki - anthropomorphic mandrill. With all the eccentricity of behavior, he is wise and old. He is a medium and adviser to the king. He has a long tail. The character animator says that he decided to draw this character exactly to give him a great similarity with the monkey. At the same time, the artist knew that the mandrills do not have a tail. Rafiki lives on the baobab alone. He visits the Pride Rock only in very important cases, in particular during ceremonies. Initially, Rafiki acts as the mentor of the adult Simba. At a turning point, he helps the lion to make a decision and decide on the future fate. The main characters of "The Lion King" were presented above.

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