How to make a collage

A collage is called a technique in the visual arts, which is the gluing onto any base of pieces of matter of different in structure and color. If you look at the graphics, then here instead of the matter used cut from a different paper or foil picture. Before making a collage, it should be noted that this technique makes it possible to mix gluing and sculpting with a brush or pen.

To date, in the design of interiors are also used collages, which give the rooms a special individuality and artistic irresistibility.

Let's consider in more detail how to make collages.

It should be said that this collage is done manually. This may require photographs, colored paper, various glossy magazines, wallpaper, as well as glue and scissors.

Collage of photos

First, in any collage, the idea is important. From the photo, for example, you can create a picture that will be dedicated to some event or person. It can also be a composition related to rest, wedding, the birth of a child and many other things. At the same time, very often the photos are supplemented by various subjects having a connection with the theme used, or cut out of magazines illustrations and phrases.

Before you make a collage, you need to put all the prepared materials on a thick paper sheet, and you can try different combinations and locations, angle and overlay effects. When the best option is chosen, it is necessary to paste all the elements, arrange the work in a frame and hang it on the wall.

How to make a collage from improvised tools

Such compositions can be on a variety of subjects. Here you can use scraps of newspapers, envelopes from sweets, postcards, trimmings of cloth, foil, colored paper and much more. This style is often called "garbage", because of the use of unnecessary things. The main thing - a flight of imagination and a creative approach to work.

How to make a collage psychological

Here you can paste everything that a person wants to see in his life, in particular in the future, such a composition will serve as a visual goal, to which one should strive. In this collage there can be those things that will help to clearly represent the future and to strive for it, using the method of visualization. Such a composition must be hung in a prominent place.

Collage of flowers

This collage is popular, because with the help of flowers and other natural materials you can decorate any room. It often uses leaves, tree bark, fruit and berry fruits, branches, stones, seashells and the like. Before creating a composition, all used elements must be dried. In work, they use paints and color fillers.

This collage can be both flat and volumetric, and depending on its kind, select the appropriate frame.

It should be noted that in order to design a collage, you do not need to follow any rules, because this is a creative process, where the imagination and imagination of a person are involved.

Consider the example of how to make a collage.

To do this, you need: dense cardboard, a sheet of paper, a frame with glass, paints and brushes, glue, scissors, decorative leaves, tweezers and a spray.

Paints are mixed on a palette and put a drawing on the glass. Then the sheet of the paper is moistened with water from both sides and applied to the glass. Then it is carefully removed, and the pattern is dried. On the resulting background, plant materials are laid out, for example, leaves, dried flowers and the like, pressed with glass and left for one hour. All material must be fixed with glue. A ready collage is put on the cardboard, glued the mat and placed a glass on it, and then hung on the wall.

Thus, to create a collage does not need any skills or skills and certain materials. The main thing in this business is fantasy.

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