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Jeff Daniels (Jeff Daniels): the filmography and the role of the actor

The famous American actor Jeff Daniels has gained fame due to his talent and desire for success. His most famous films appeared in the early nineties, but to this day he is very popular.

Childhood and youth of the actor

The hometown of Jeff is Athens (state of Georgia). He was born on February 19, 1955. His family was far from art - his father was the manager of a large warehouse of building materials made of wood. Jeff's childhood and youth were held in the city of Chelsea. There he received his education: first he graduated from high school, and then entered Central Michigan University. Jeff Daniels dreamed of becoming a schoolteacher, but later changed his mind. Even at the Central University of Michigan, he took an active part in theatrical productions. His fellow students and teachers noted that he played with a special zeal, and immediately felt the actor's talent. Soon, Jeff finally decides to change the profession and enters the theater school at the University of East Michigan.

Carier start

In the fate of the actor, the case played a great role. Just one year after entering the theater school (1977), Jeff Daniels takes part in the special program Bi-Centennial Repertory. During the production, the director of the university drew attention to him, and soon Jeff received an invitation to New York. From this moment begins his acting career at the theater Circle Repertory.

After 4 years of work in various theaters, participating in all sorts of productions, Jeff gets a role in a big movie. And in 1981 on the screens there was a film "Ragtime" (director Milosh Forman). This film shows the life of New York early 20 th century, collecting a holistic picture of many fragments.

Jeff Daniels: filmography, the most popular works

Jeff has played in many films. In total, there are more than 50 paintings with his participation. And in his career there are all genres, from comedies to militants and melodramas. To many, of course, he was remembered by the crazy comedy "Stupid and Dumber", where he works in tandem with Jim Carrey. Loyd and Harry - the main characters of the film - are different silly and dull. But they are obsessed with the idea - to do a good deed for the girl who left the case. They want to return the case to the owner and do not even suspect that she left him on purpose, as a ransom for her husband. Friends are dashing around America in their half-ruined car, getting into various woes.

In 2002, a wonderful psychological drama "The Clock" was released. The film shows three stories. Three women who live at different times, each with their own destiny, but unites their book by Virginia Woolf "Mrs. Dalloway." One of them is the writer herself, the other is a woman from the 50s, a fan of the creativity of Virginia Woolf, and the third is our contemporary.

Among the newer films can be cited as an example of the "Loop of Time" (2012). This is a film about the future, in which it is possible to move in time. Hired killers send their victims to the past to eliminate them.

Among the most popular are the films "Purple Rose of Cairo", "Pleasantville", "Fear of Spiders", "Insomnia", "Gettysburg", "Speed", "101 Dalmatians", "My Favorite Martian", "Bloodwork", " Girl for Farewell ", etc.

Personal life of the actor

Jeff Daniels met his fate in the school years. In 1979 he married Kathleen Rosemary Trideau. Since then they live together and are happy in marriage. Jeff has a big family: two sons - Benjamin and Lucas and charming daughter Nellie. A decent family man and a good father - such is the life of Jeff Daniels. Photos of the actor can not speak better about his personal well-being. Open look, calm smile and good-natured expression.

Hobbies of the actor

Jeff Daniels is a versatile personality. He revealed himself and as a musician. In his musical career, two albums: Grandfather's Hat and Jeff Daniels Live and Unplugged. In addition to acting, he also works as a stage director. In 2002, his film "Sex Vacuum Cleaner" was released. In the center of the image is the unfortunate seller of vacuum cleaners Fred. He believes in his goods, but can not sell it. But his competitor in the company with success does it. The director of the company is tired of the endless struggle for clients among its employees and organizes a competition. Only the winner can stay to work in the company. Fred almost despairs, but then he finds a wonderful way out. He advertises a housewife a vacuum cleaner that can satisfy their sexual needs.

Awards and achievements

Jeff's career can easily be called successful. He has repeatedly been nominated for various awards and awards and has repeatedly become the best. So, in 2009 he received the Tonny Award in the nomination "Best Actor" (for work in a theatrical production). He was repeatedly nominated for the Golden Globe Award. The name of Jeff flaunts on the Walk of Fame in Michigan.

One of his most significant achievements, perhaps, was the opening of the theater in Michigan (1991). He received the name, consonant with one of Jeff's films - "The Purple Rose Theater". Currently, he is the general director of this theater and personally wrote more than 10 plays.

Jeff Daniels about his career

According to the actor, the biggest test in his career - work in the films of Clint Eastwood. After all, the director remembered him as he was in the comedy "Stupid and Dumber", and later had to play in serious films or even thrillers. Also, Jeff notes that working only in Hollywood and filming in box-office films, he would have earned much more, but in that case, for him, the doors to the theater would be closed forever, which he absolutely did not want.

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