Is it possible to travel by car to the sea with a child?

In many families, both spouses have a passion for travel. But the birth of the baby makes adjustments to the habitual way of life. In summer, I want to fold my backpacks, take a tent, fill the tank with a car, and wave somewhere to rest. In the same Crimea, for example. But how to go to the sea by car with a crumb that has not yet turned a year old? Let's not forget that most of the fears and stereotypes are born in the minds of people who have not traveled anywhere. Of course, there are some nuances that you need to know in order to plan your route and take everything you need.

So, the first stereotype: a trip to the sea by car completely breaks the established regime, which will negatively affect the health of the baby. Say, in a child's chair you can not sleep, and in a new place the child will also be anxious. Of course, you need to provide some corrections to the normal mode of the day. Do not drive a child in the car at night. But for a tired driver, night driving can end sadly. It is better to trace your route and schedule a stop for it at night. Traveling with a child, it is better to reserve not hotels (which we often have expensive), but apartments. There you will have the opportunity not only to buy a baby, but also to cook him a hot meal.

Stereotype of the second: traveling to the sea by car with a child, you expose it to the risk of diseases due to a sharp change in climatic zones. This fear is under the ground. Going "to the south", provide in the car curtains from the sun, stock up with a reliable baby sunscreen, and take with you panama and warm clothes. But communication with nature has a much more positive impact on the immature organism than sitting in a city apartment.

Stereotype 3: viruses, bacteria and unsanitary conditions, inevitable in the long journey. If you run the risk of driving to the city center in a crowded subway car or minibus, then you can safely go to the sea by car with a child. The problem of hygiene can be solved by a small canister of water, which you prudently put in the trunk, and several packs of antibacterial napkins. Of course, do not forget to take a first aid kit, which will have pills against motion sickness.

Stereotype the fourth: unusual food can provoke indigestion in crumbs. On a journey to the sea by car with a child you need to take the food that the baby loves. However, this should not be perishable products. Trails to the Crimea or the Caucasus do not pass through uninhabited places - there is always the opportunity to stop and buy something fresh. Nutrition in roadside taverns is also not always something terrible. And in the evening, when you reach the apartment or you spend the night in a tent, you can cook for a small traveler his usual food. Fresh air fuels appetite.

Stereotype five: the child has nothing to do, and he will become capricious. Yes, young children want to run, they do not see anything interesting in the flashing of trees outside the window. Then, going to the sea in a car with a child, you need to take some of his favorite toys on the road, as well as buy new ones, but do not show them for the time being. Take out one by one and enjoy the trip while the child will consider new fun, disassemble it, etc. To child from boredom did not play with the handles on the passenger door, provide in the car the mode of baby-control.

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