How to wear a scarf with a coat to make the image look original?

Scarf is an indispensable accessory that helps you to make your everyday life fresh and bright. For this you only need to know how to wear a scarf from a coat. In a set with him, any outerwear can buy completely New features. With a scarf, a strict classics will become more playful, military cut models will acquire frivolous notes. And absolutely in any image he will bring a zest. Today you can choose a scarf of any color, texture, style. It can be long or short, narrow or wide, the main thing is that it fits organically into a set of clothes. And for this to be exactly so, you need to know how to wear a scarf with a coat.

You can tie a scarf in different ways. Ways of tying a scarf around the neck are individual for every beauty. The easiest way to leave it lying on your shoulders, and put the ends on your chest. It's elegant and romantic. This way you can use if your coat has a turndown collar, or if you wear it without fastening it.

How to tie a scarf around the neck with a coat that has a collar-stand? It is best to throw his ends on his back, then cross and return again. After this, you can tie a loose knot or leave the ends hanging down. For this type of coat, it is best to buy a lush volumetric scarf made of lightweight fabric so that it can create an additional volume without weighting.

How to wear a scarf with a coat, if necessary, not only look nice, but also reliably protect yourself from the cold? Choose long and dense products that can be easily wrapped around the neck several times. For urban style, this design can be slightly lowered, it will look fashionable and modern.

One of the most popular is the French knot. It requires a long scarf, which must be folded in half. The double layer should be wrapped, loose ends to pass into the loop. The resulting bunch can be tightened tight or left loose. If the ends are not very attractive, then it is better to tuck them into the folds of the clothes.

How to wear a scarf with a coat if you need a simple option? To do this, you just need to tie it with a knot, but it will not be less fashionable. This method is especially relevant if the collar is trimmed with artificial fur or other material that differs from the main fabric. Do not give up on the infantile techniques in wearing accessories. For example, tie a scarf knot back. Then the image will turn out sweet, easy and naive.

If your scarf is short, then it can be used as a neck scarf, beautifully straightening the ends or hiding them under the clothes. You can also choose a more complex option: the main cloth is tightly wrapped around the neck, and loose ends are tied in a bundle on the side. Triangular scarf-scarves must be worn at an angle forward.

Today in fashion, thin long scarves that almost do not protect from the cold, but to any image give lightness, romance, originality. Such models simply wrap around the neck in random order. From the front, the ends can be tied or left loose.

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