Eye clinic "Sokol" (Rostov-on-Don) - the best solution for your vision

Vision is something that must be protected from youth. It is very important to visit the ophthalmologist on a regular basis and to solve all problems with vision on time, since the treatment of neglected diseases will be much more difficult and expensive. The eye clinic "Sokol" (Rostov-on-Don) opens its doors to everyone who cares about their health. Here it is possible to receive a complex of services, to undergo diagnostics and complex treatment.

Clinic location

The eye clinic "Sokol" (Rostov-on-Don) is located on the banks of the picturesque river Don, not far from the Central City Park. Gorky. The address of the clinic is Dolomansky lane 12a.

Thanks to this central location, the clinic is convenient to get from anywhere in the city, regardless of whether you will go by public transport or by your own car.

In addition, people often come to this clinic from neighboring cities, as the rumor about her scattered very quickly. If you decide to come to Rostov-on-Don specifically to visit a talented ophthalmologist, then you will like the location of the institution very much. The matter is that the eye clinic "Falcon" is located directly near the railway station. Only 5-10 minutes walk from the station - and you're on the spot.

Clinic specialists

The Eye Clinic "Sokol" (Rostov-on-Don) is a huge staff of specialists with a wide experience of work and a set of all necessary knowledge. The head of the clinic is Isakova Irina Anatolyevna. It's an ophthalmic surgeon, known all over the city. Irina Anatolyevna is not only a doctor of the highest category, but also a candidate of medical sciences.

In total, the clinic employs more than 20 doctors, each of whom is a true master of his craft. You can safely trust your eyesight to the specialists of the institution, since they can solve even the most difficult tasks.

Wide range of services

The spectrum of services "Falcon" is very wide. This clinic offers its patients the solution of the following problems:

  • Cataract treatment through micro cuts. Such a modern method of treatment allows you to abandon the application of sutures and significantly facilitates the life of patients.
  • Fighting diseases of the retina. This includes the treatment of such problems as glaucoma, retinal vascular lesions, myopia and so on. The fight against such diseases is carried out on the latest laser equipment.
  • Correction of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with the help of laser devices.
  • Full range of services in the field of pediatric ophthalmology. Of course, children need a completely different approach, which the specialists of the clinic have.
  • Conducting oculoplasty operations. These operations help people to get the look they dream of without the least risk to their health in general and to the sight in particular.

In addition, the eye clinic "Sokol" (Rostov-on-Don) offers its patients a full diagnosis of vision. For this, the clinic has all the necessary equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.

Among the additional services that Sokol offers is preparation for eye operations. All operations of such a plan require careful preparation, including the collection of all analyzes. It is very convenient that for this you do not have to contact other hospitals in the city, and everything can be done on the basis of the Falcon.

To be sure of the quality of the services, you can take into account the feedback. The eye clinic "Sokol" is proud of its reputation. The reviews say that the clinic has helped many people cope with cataracts, myopia, other problems and again get lost sight.

Fighting Strabismus

Strabismus is a very unpleasant problem, which happens in both children and adults. It is characterized by the deviation of one or even two pupils from the central axis. In order to find and eliminate this trouble in time, the Sokol clinic regularly conducts so-called consultation days for strabismus. You can visit such events yourself or bring your children to them.

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