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GO - food for cats and dogs: description and features

Everyone who decides to start a pet (a dog or a cat, birds or hamsters) should understand that he takes responsibility for the comfortable living of his pet. Experienced owners know that the health and development of their pet largely depends on adequate nutrition. But people who did not have previous experience with animals, do not always know what should be the ration of a four-legged friend.

You can feed your pet with natural products, but in this case you will need the use of special supplements, vitamins and minerals, which you will appoint a veterinarian. This option takes quite a long time, because it implies daily cooking, besides, not always the owner can properly make a balanced diet. For this reason, most breeders use ready-made feeds for feeding cats and dogs. It is this category of our readers that we recommend to pay attention to dry GO food, intended for cats and dogs.

A little about the manufacturer

Products of Canadian manufacturers from the company Petcurean is well known in Russia. Many owners of cats and dogs buy GO - feed, which has an excellent natural composition.

Petcurean began operations in 1999 with a tiny feed mill. Today it is a large company whose products are known in the world. Here, the real professionals of their work - scientists, nutritionists.

Assortment of the company

A fairly wide range of fodders for all breeds of cats and dogs of this company attracts many pet owners. Today the well-known brand produces:

  • Whole grain and non-grain feed;
  • Rations for cats and dogs prone to allergies;
  • Feed for kittens and puppies;
  • Compositions for older animals.


GO - feed, which is made only from natural, fresh ingredients. It includes meat from animals grown on Canadian farms with excellent ecology. Go is a GMO-free food, growth hormones, by-products, food colors. The manufacturer guarantees your pets excellent health with regular use of the company's products.

Go Holistic

Recently, in the range of Canadian manufacturers, products have appeared that fully correspond to the physiology of dogs and cats. GO (a holistic feed for cats and dogs) is the product of a new generation of super-premium class. He holds the leading positions in the ranking of the best feeds.

According to the statements of the manufacturers and a rather high price, it is the best diet that you can offer your pet. This food is made from fresh selective ingredients, using modern technologies that ensure the preservation of all useful substances. Manufacturers have taken into account the nutritional instincts of cats and dogs and their daily need for fresh meat, vegetables and fruits.

In the composition of Go Natural Holistic (for cats and dogs) there are no grains and corn. Their gluten will not irritate the gastrointestinal tract, cause flatulence, allergies and constipation. High content of deer meat, chicken, turkey, duck, salmon distinguishes Go Natural from cheaper counterparts.

Advantages of GO feeds

The obvious merits of Petcurean products include:

  1. High quality rations, confirmed by the recommendations of veterinarians.
  2. The organic basis of the formulations, which includes an easily digestible protein.
  3. Production by gentle treatment, without loss of macro- and micronutrients.
  4. Contents of roots and grasses.
  5. The choice of feed for all breeds and age categories of animals.
  6. Use of unsaturated acids and oil-soluble vitamins, beneficial for vision and regeneration.


To them, according to the owners, only a relatively high price applies, although it is quite comparable with similar rations in class. Another disadvantage of animal owners consider the difficulty in purchasing these feeds in ordinary pet stores. As a rule, they are offered online stores.

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