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"The Palace of the Sultan" (Tekstilshchiki): reviews

The East never goes out of fashion. The luxury of the estate of the sultans excites the imagination, and the beauty that the harems hide hides fantasy. The elegant decoration of the eastern palaces inspires designers, architects and restaurateurs. Today we will talk about such an interesting institution, as the restaurant "Palace of the Sultan".

The present palace of the Sultan

In Moscow, near the metro station "Tekstilshchiki", a new institution was opened, the building of which can be seen from afar, as it glitters, overflows and attracts attention in every possible way. But this is not surprising, because the palace of the Sultan is supposed to be just such - catchy, rich and really luxurious, and the restaurant "Palace of the Sultan" ("Tekstilshchiki") is exactly that.

The restaurant has two floors. The main hall is on the first floor. In its decoration there is a lot of wood, antique ornaments, ornery fixtures. A dim light creates an atmosphere of intimacy, everything is created here to feel like at a reception with the sultan.

On the second floor there is a banquet hall, which can accommodate up to 280 people.

Interior in the style of the East

The style of the hall corresponds to the design of the halls of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire - there are carpets with intricate ornamentation, patterns on the walls, furniture also in a suitable style. By the way, the banquet hall of such an institution, as the restaurant "Sultan's Palace" in Tekstilshchik, is equipped with all the necessary equipment for holding celebrations with the participation of up to three hundred guests. Light music, professional sound equipment, karaoke, and a huge dance floor make it possible to organize holidays and celebrations of almost any scale - from birthdays to weddings or jubilees.

In addition to the large banquet hall, the restaurant also has four halls for various events, which can accommodate from twenty to one hundred people.

Special furnishing details

The peculiarity of this restaurant is also that there is a wedding couch beautifully decorated with the help of lighting. In addition, there is a chic waterfall that flows through the masonry from the second floor to the first.

Banquet halls also have a recognizable design, especially beautiful look carved ornaments in oriental style on the wooden panels that trim the restaurant.

Surely you are already looking forward to all this unimaginable beauty of the interior of such a restaurant as the "Sultan's Palace" in "Textilesmen", a photo of which can be found on the institution's website without any problems, and also in this article.

In addition to the fact that the restaurant is engaged in organizing celebrations and banquets, you can simply dine in it.

Address and kitchen

In the restaurant "Palace of the Sultan" ("Tekstilshchiki") the menu is selected from the best dishes of European and Russian, as well as Azerbaijani cuisine, in order to emphasize the oriental orientation of the establishment. Also there is a good wine and alcohol card and hookah.

The restaurant "Sultan's Palace" in "Tekstilshchikakh", the address of which is Moscow, Graivoronovskaya Street, 12, building 2, metro station "Tekstilshchiki" is a place that should be visited at least in order to see first hand the rich oriental decor , Reminiscent of the palaces of Ottoman sultans.

What's on the menu?

In the menu of the restaurant you can find a variety of delicious dishes from Russian-European and Azerbaijani cuisine, which are prepared by professional chefs of high-quality products. Basically, recipes are traditional dishes, every guest of the restaurant will certainly find out on the menu his favorite dish.

For example, snacks from meat (basturma, beef tongue, ham rolls, cold cuts), snacks from fish (salted salmon, hot and cold smoked sturgeon, assorted fish, red caviar) are offered from cold snacks in the restaurant "Palace of the Sultan" , Snacks from vegetables and mushrooms. The menu has a huge selection of salads: with meat, seafood, vegetables, modern recipes and old, known to everyone, like olivier and new items.

Shish kebab and saj-kebab

The menu has many different cheeses, which can be ordered in the form of slicing. Hot snacks are also available - it's julienne, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, pancakes, kutaby, khachapuri and many others.

From hot dishes in the restaurant "Palace of the Sultan" serves dishes from lamb, veal, fish, poultry, pork, cooked according to the best recipes, time-tested, and original author's. Also in the menu are many kinds of shish kebab and saj-kebab. For fans of the first dishes in the menu there is an excellent choice of soups. There is also a selection of recipes for Italian pasta and a considerable selection of side dishes.

A good solution for the restaurant was to include in the menu map a special section with lean dishes - it's absolutely vegetarian dishes that you can use for those who keep a post or just a vegetarian.

Courses upon reservation

In the menu there is also a category of dishes that require pre-order. Such dishes are prepared for a long time, since they have considerable weight. Most often they are ordered for holidays or for large companies. For example, here there is a pilaf "Sultan's Palace" weighing 5 kg and costing 9 500 rubles, baked lamb or baked sturgeon and other laborious in cooking, but very tasty dishes, without which it is difficult to imagine a good feast.

From desserts in the "Palace of the Sultan" prepare a variety of cakes, cakes. Here you can order different fruits and ice cream, fruit salads and even fondue.

Of course, in such a luxurious restaurant, things are fine with a wine card, and with alcohol. A large selection of alcoholic drinks and cocktails is an indispensable thing for any gatherings, and even more so for a holiday or a banquet.

The restaurant "Palace of the Sultan" operates the mode of delivery. And, if you order food at a restaurant for 1500 rubles, you will get half a liter of lemonade as a gift.

If you want to visit the restaurant "Palace of the Sultan" ("Tekstilschiki"), how to get to it? The institution is located near the metro station "Tekstilshchiki", so you should go exactly at this station and walk a few tens of meters towards the restaurant. This is the most convenient way.

What do they say about the restaurant?

About such an institution, as the restaurant "Palace of the Sultan" ("Tekstilshchiki") reviews on the Internet are different. Many guests of the establishment praise the local cuisine, which here is very diverse. A large number of visitors have to taste the style of serving dishes, their taste and the friendly attitude of the staff of the establishment.

Mark a beautiful summer verandah and supersochny shish kebabs, for which one wants to come again more than once. Some guests of the restaurant point to a small minus - the lack of vai-faia. But this is just a matter of time, the problem is easily removable, especially since there are practically no other minuses.

Banquets in the restaurant

Those who ordered a banquet in the "Palace of the Sultan", also did not remain disappointed. Pleased with the design of the banquet hall - such a selection of colors in the interior design is not everywhere you meet. Like prices in the institution, which are acceptable, and that employees of the restaurant always come to the rescue. For example, once there was such a situation that the cake ordered for the banquet was slightly spoiled, but the chef of the "Palace of the Sultan" quickly "repaired" it, and the holiday continued.

Celebrating the wedding praise the waiters who do their work unobtrusively, while not forgetting to smile, and the restaurant administrators will always help in organizing such celebrations, and not only.

You can meet the opinions that the restaurant is very clean and cozy, the entertainment at the highest level, and the staff is incredibly professional and knowledgeable in its field. For example, waiters perfectly navigate the menu and wine list, the administration always helps with the organization of banquets and various celebrations.

The Fairy Palace

Many visitors of the restaurant "Palace of the Sultan" describe this institution as fabulous, because everything here really reminds a colorful oriental fairy tale, from the design of the rooms to the unusually beautiful serving of dishes. Many guests consider the kitchen of the restaurant to be one of the best that they have ever tried.

Meat, pilaf, shish kebab and desserts are well cooked here. Everything is fresh and prepared with a soul. Especially the cooks succeed in oriental cuisine, but the Russian-European always go for a bang. Holidays here turn into real east of the feast - with pilaf, jars of wine, oriental music and dances.

If you want to get into a fairy tale, come to the restaurant "Palace of the Sultan", but better and do order a banquet here. A holiday in the "Palace of the Sultan" you will never forget!

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