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How to get rid of midges in the kitchen? Good advice

Each of us at least once in my life came across a problem when in the kitchen it is unclear where the biting midges come from. What are the reasons behind this and how to get rid of the midges in the kitchen - we learn from our article.

Where do they come from?

The reasons for which the gnats are started in our kitchens are more than enough! For example, very often eggs of flies can be found on fruits and vegetables that are not properly cleaned in the refrigerator.

Practice shows that on rotting egg products, flies are ripening at an incredible speed - here's a batch of "newly minted" midges! To avoid this misunderstanding, always store vegetables and fruits only in a dry and cool place.

If you have midges in your kitchen, but all fruits and vegetables are cleaned in a timely manner, do not be surprised. No less often the midges are planted in our trash cans, in the drain holes of the shells and, of course, in the bulb onions stored at home.

How to get rid of midges in the kitchen?

  1. Before you start fighting with these small flies, you need to find the "source" of their occurrence.
  2. When the first item is completed, you can go to homemade bait designed for catching Simuliidae. How to get the midges in the kitchen with such baits? Very simple! You only need to make the bait itself, and then the midge will do everything for you.
  3. We take an unnecessary jar (plastic glass, a glass of yogurt, etc.), put a piece of rotten fruit into it and cover the hole with food film. In it, we make 3-5 small holes. The principle of the trap: the midge on the sweet smell of rotting fruit flies into the jar through the holes, but can not fly back. When you collect 15 insects - clean the jar and replace the food film.
  4. How to get rid of the midges in the kitchen yet? With a vacuum cleaner! Suck the gnats into the dust collector! Just keep in mind that this method requires some energy input, in contrast to the bait number one. But in this way catching Simuli has its advantages: you will get rid of obsessive insects much faster.
  5. If you are convinced that the midges in your kitchen appear from the drain hole of the sink (or bath), then use special tools to prevent and eliminate blockages. They are in the form of granules, gels, powders, fumigators and sticky tapes. There is also an alternative method, on the "excellent" decisive problem of how to get rid of the midges in the kitchen. Which one? Read on!
  6. Fill baking soda in the drain hole. Do not forget to pour in the same vinegar. After a few seconds you will hear a characteristic hiss. Do not be scared, it starts to take a corresponding reaction! After the hissing stops, pour half a glass of plain water into the drain hole. Wait 15 minutes. At the end of this time, work with a vantuzom - such an effect will prevent the appearance of clogging, destroying the already appeared midges.

Preventing the appearance of midges in the kitchen

In order not to allow a relapse, it is recommended to spend a lot of general cleaning in the kitchen (and throughout the house) , clean all the products provoking the midges in the refrigerator.

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