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How to kill a fly in the house?

After the summer, many different insects appear in our house, not everyone wants to see them in their apartment, so the question arises how to kill a fly. They often become carriers of a variety of diseases, therefore, in order to avoid this, it is necessary to keep your house clean and tidy.

What a fly is like

It is a heat-loving insect, so it can be seen on the street only after the onset of heat. Flies in the apartment appear regardless of the time of year, most importantly, that the room was warm. These insects live near a person, since their diet consists of the same food as a person. In extreme cases, food for them can become waste and crumbs from eating. There are also some varieties of this kind of insect that can eat not only human food, but also the blood of the same person or animal.

Diseases that carry flies

These insects pose a danger to the life of the human body. They eat not only the usual food, but also rotten waste, as well as feces, and then, flying into the house, they carry on their paws and put off food harmful substances that are dangerous to human life. The main diseases that can be infected from flies are typhoid fever, hepatitis, cholera, worms, and also a huge number of different infections. In the south, you can find some varieties of flies feeding on human blood, when they bite a person can become infected with anthrax. This happens after a pre-insect bites a sick animal.

What is the power of flies

Flours in comparison with other similar creatures fly very quickly, and can also take off from the place, so they are very difficult to kill. They are capable of making up to 200 strokes of wings per second, it also creates a buzz. The eyes of flies, consisting of hexagonal lenses, notice the slightest movement, so it is difficult to approach them closely. In addition, they recognize smells and feel them much better than people.

Preventing the appearance of unwanted parasites in the house

To avoid any questions about how to kill a fly, you must follow certain rules and preventive measures.

Basic Precautions:

  • After dinner, do not leave the rest of the food in plates and on the table at night.
  • After eating, no matter what time of day, the dishes should be washed immediately and not left in the sink.
  • In the rooms and in the kitchen, sweets and fruits must be covered, so that their scent does not attract flies.
  • If garbage has accumulated in the bin, it must be discarded immediately, and the bucket must be covered with a lid.
  • In the bowls of animals should not be a long time to eat the remains of food, this includes including dry food.
  • All windows and doors must be equipped with special mosquito nets that will protect your apartment from annoying insects, so that you will not have questions about how to kill a fly.

Folk remedies for combating flies

There is no one way to get rid of the flying vectors of infection through folk methods. These methods were also used by our ancestors, because in those ancient times the fumigator from flies and similar means had not been invented yet.

The main ways to get rid of flying vectors of infections:

  • Many people know that black ground peppers are capable of killing insects. To do this, in a room with flies it is necessary to put a container with pre-collected in it with sweetened water, and then pour the pepper onto the surface of the liquid.
  • Take the newspaper and apply honey on it, which will attract insects, and then pour water on the honey with diluted saccharin in it. He will kill insects in a matter of hours.
  • How to kill a fly with the help of tomatoes? You just need to start growing these vegetables on your windowsill: the smell from the stems of this plant scares away annoying insects.
  • If you like live flowers and are not picky about smells, then get for your home plants such as mint, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium or melissa - they will scare away all flying pests.
  • To scare away flies, you can make fragrant bags. The covers themselves are made of several layers of gauze or loose fabric. It is necessary to start them with mixtures from laurel leaves, eucalyptus leaves, cloves and clover. Fillers need to be changed periodically (about once every 5 days).

Based on a variety of folk ways of how to kill a fly, each for himself will be able to pick up the option that will be most convenient for him.

Modern ways to combat flies

In addition to the ancient ways to combat obsessive flies, in our time in the shops increasingly began to appear various adaptations.

  • How to kill a fly at home with a Velcro? The tape is covered with a special sticky substance, which attracts flies and various insects with its odor. The sticky tape from the flies appeared on the shelves of the stores for a relatively long time. Therefore, such a device is used increasingly at home. When insects fall on him, they can not fly back and subsequently die. Sticky tape from flies is a reliable, but not very aesthetic way to combat flies. Not everyone is ready to see such "beauty" in their own kitchen or room.
  • How to get rid of flies in your apartment using electronic devices? Initially, fumigators were used only to prevent mosquitoes from settling at home, but lately both plates and liquids appeared that relieve the room of flying vectors of infections. The fumigator from flies is not only as practical as possible, but also looks very neat, without attracting unnecessary attention.

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