Analog "Furosemide" in tablets. Furosemide: instructions for use, analogues, reviews

When edema interferes with looking normal, when the kidneys are not working well, and every eaten cucumber resembles a game of "Russian roulette", diuretics come to the rescue, which are controversial. On the one hand, it is possible to attach the kidneys and liver to the work, and on the other - and completely "wean" them to work. In pharmacies often ask for "Furosemide" - a cheap and very effective remedy, but with a whole bunch of contraindications. Is there an analogue of "Furosemide"?

The problem of edema

We have different inconveniences due to excess fluid. Women who spend the whole day on their feet, feet become painful in the evening, fingers swell and remind of sausages, with the only difference that they can not be called appetizing. Legs become rough and hard. Where is there to flit and seduce your appearance? Edemas on the face can deal a serious blow to reputation and self-esteem. Well, unless colleagues will listen to the headmistress, who has a "warmed-up" ill-fated salted cucumber on her face ?! And if, God forbid, shed tears? Then I'll have to sleep with a mask on my face and hastily resuscitate myself with green tea. Such problems have an aesthetic character and it seems that they are unknown to men. By no means: among the stronger sex there are those still mods and pedants who tend to always look fresh and fit. By the way, and health does not stay away from the problem. Our body is full of signals about malfunctions, stagnation of fluid in the body.

Causes of water retention

Why does the body store water? The reasons can be different, which will be confirmed by any doctor. Most often, water lingers in the subcutaneous fat, when a person suffers from excess weight. Worse, when the liquid is left due to improper operation of the organs. The signal for trouble is our feet. Edema tibiae and ankles with pasty pits (when the fingerprint remains a trace) is the first sign that the liquid does not come out. The second sign is the fovea on the face. The third sign is the constriction of socks on the legs. Therefore, all people with excess weight and high blood pressure are at risk in the risk zone. What do doctors recommend? Sometimes they are rather supportive of natural diuretics.

You can and you can not

Natural remedies, of course, are harmless (if you exclude the risk of an allergic reaction), but the effect is not so rapid. Natural diuretics include cranberries, cranberries, parsley. Among synthetic drugs, Furosemide is leading. The instruction on application, the price, responses, analogues, - all can vary, but the result remains evident. The drug acts instantly and displays a huge amount of fluid. Removed edema of any nature. With the help of "Furosemide" they often lose weight. The problem is that "Furosemide" is a drug for radical measures, and without preliminary consultation with a doctor it is simply dangerous to take it. Active ingredients in the formulation can even cripple. Pity yourself and try to find an innocuous analog of Furosemide.

What does the instruction say?

In the annotation to the medication prescribed contraindication of admission during pregnancy. Permission is possible if the benefit to the mother is higher than the potential threat to the fetus. It turns out that the active substance of the drug passes through the placental barrier and can affect the fetus. The doctor may prescribe this medication or an analogue of "Furosemide" in tablets, but must keep the patient under constant supervision. In pregnancy, edemas can be dangerous, and get rid of them by medication - austere measure. More often appoint a drug intravenously, and all this time look after a woman. Now they are developing less dangerous methods of treating gestosis.

Know the enemy in person

What is unfavorable drug and why is it worth looking for an analog of "Furosemide"? I must say that this is a common diuretic, which removes from the body not only water, but also magnesium and calcium ions. Indications for admission are edematous syndrome, eclampsia, pulmonary edema, hypercalcemia, cardiac asthma and even hypertensive crisis. The drug is available in tablets of 40 mg, ampoules of 2 ml, granules for the preparation of oral suspension.


The duration of the drug varies from two to three hours. With reduced renal function, the effect is stretched to eight hours. Of course, such a strong medication has a number of contraindications, including acute glomerulonephritis, hyperuricemia, stone urinary tract obstruction, kidney failure, gout, pancreatitis, high venous pressure and much more. The dosage should be prescribed by a doctor, but the initial dose is 20 to 80 mg per day. Gradually, you can increase the dose. For children, the drug is allowed from the calculation of 2 mg per kilogram of weight. With improper admission, side effects may appear - arrhythmia, tachycardia, weakness, apathy, lethargy, lowering of blood pressure, collapse. That's what "Furosemide" is dangerous for.

Instructions for use, price, reviews, analogues

The beginning of the procedure rarely causes negative emotions. For an adult, the optimal dose is 2 tablets. The effect comes in about a quarter of an hour. For the next 2-3 hours it is better not to go far from the apartment. The organism is cleared magically. There is an unearthly lightness and even euphoria. You can compare "Furosemide" with a drug, especially if you consider that it is easy to "get along" with it in time. Especially has a regular purchase of a democratic price. A pack of tablets (30 pieces) will cost the buyer 10-15 rubles. The recipes are not asked before purchase. Analogs, by the way, are more expensive. Let not hundreds of rubles, but still the difference is palpable (for example, the ampoules of "Lasix" cost about 80 rubles in pharmacies). It is strictly forbidden to drink the drug systematically. Use it for one-time promotion and try not to provoke a need for it. Do not drink "Furosemide" at night, otherwise you will not fall asleep. Two tablets in the morning - a much more reasonable proportion, if you decide to drink "Furosemide." Instructions for use (analogous, by the way, have the same) is simple: do not get carried away, do not increase the dosage without the permission of the treating doctor, do not buy in reserve.

Than to replace?

We remove from our own first aid kit "Furosemide". Analogues, the price of which varies in the same range as the original, are softer and have fewer contraindications. For example, the Indian preparation "Lasix", in which the active substance is furosemide itself. It is also prohibited for use during pregnancy and lactation, as it suppresses lactation. The effect is caused by an increase in the amount of excreted urine and feces. If the main goal is to replace "Furosemide", the use of analogs suggests a similar one. The drug should be taken once a day, preferably when there is time and there is no need to go anywhere. Pay attention to "Diuremid", "Difurex" or "Kinex". They do not act so fast, although furosemide is already an active active substance. By a similar mechanism of action, it can be counted among the analogues "Britomar", "Bufenok", "Trigrim" and "Torasemid Canon". They should also be used with caution, carefully listening to their own sensations. My head is spinning? Is the temperature dropping? Is muscle weakness developing? Immediately refuse to take diuretics or, in extreme cases, go for natural remedies. The most important thing is your health, and it can suffer from taking such funds.

In conclusion, it may be advisable to take medications that minimize the negative effect of diuretics. We already said that "Furosemide" washes potassium and magnesium from the body, so you need to compensate its effect with the "Asparkam" method, which just contains these trace elements.

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