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The most unusual professions in Russia

The world is full of unusual, strange and even frightening professions. Some of them will be discussed in this article.

Where do the unusual professions come from?

There are quite a few sources of origin for strange professions. These are huge rich enterprises recruiting employees who will perform one specific action all their working day. This is the consequences of any external factors, due to which a person has to perform not the most usual work. But it happens that the so-called unusual profession does not exist at all, and all information about it is just someone's joke or lack of information. And yet, what are the unusual occupations in Russia? Immediately it is worthwhile to say that in our country the most various crafts are enough, and some of them can really seem unusual and strange.

Then we will talk about all the most interesting professions that can be found in Russia and CIS countries. All works will be broken down into certain labor spheres.

The first group of unusual occupations in production

In the sphere of production there are many different professions. Among them, indeed, there are strange and uncommon ones. However, there are not so many of them, and they all boil down mainly to the fact that a person has to perform some sort of unusual but still very monotonous work. It is worth remembering at least the work on the assembly line: workers are engaged in twisting of some elements, filtration, gluing, etc. Someone will really find this kind of activity unusual and even wild. However, it is necessary to consider how many people who could not get an education or find a normal, comfortable job, go to the plant and work there at the conveyor. Nevertheless, there is in the production of the profession with very interesting names. To them, for example, are:

  • The razvodchik choir. And no, this specialist has nothing to do with what most Russians love so much. Holia in this case are different glass blanks and blanks, which the representative of the profession in question should lay in the oven.
  • The foreman of the courtyard of the molds. Probably, many men, having heard only one name of this profession, would agree to deal with it. But they will have to be frustrated: any association with the concubines of some Eastern Sultan has absolutely nothing to do with it. Work in the courtyard of molds is not a paradise. Smooth smoke, the smell of metal, an evil boss in a quilted jacket - that's what the person who wants to work in this industry will expect. By the way, molds are special forms for liquid metal.
  • The worker of a mobile. It is necessary to agree, the name of this profession sounds rather menacingly. The times of Ivan the Terrible come to mind immediately. However, representatives of the profession in question have no business with the slaves and other lower social strata. What do the black masters do? Special material, used in jewelry for many centuries in a row, is the main concern of these specialists. By the way, the masters of the rabble have existed for a very long time and, like artisans-jewelers, have always been very appreciated.

Thus, not so unusual trades were named above. In Russia, and in many other countries, unfortunately, it is customary to judge by the cover. And only the name of a particular work can lead to a stupor.

The second group of unusual occupations in production

So, what other unusual names of professions are in Russia, and specifically in production?

There is work, which has a very amusing name - "light keeper". The name of this work sounds, it is worth noting, rather pathetic and romantic. However, there is practically no romance in this profession. All that a specialist does is to work with light equipment on the water. Luminous buoys, light-optical lights - if at least some of this breaks down, the fault will only fall on the caretaker of the lights. Here, another profession - the caretaker of the lighthouse - is close in meaning. The main difference is that the latter works most of the time on land.

The next profession is a forest pathologist. Despite the strange and unusual name, experts in this industry are engaged in a very important business. If you describe the work in brief - then this is "forest healing". Engineer-pathologist walks and examines the condition of trees, checking whether they have any kind of disease. In the case of revealing something that is not good, the "forest doctor" appoints a set of measures. After all, production requires quality and healthy trees.

And the last profession, which has a very interesting name, is the face cleanser. It should be noted right away that specialists of this type do not apply to bouncers. The main occupation of these workers is the processing of leather and hides in production.

Unusual professions in the field of agriculture

Unusual and interesting professions in Russia can be found in the sphere of agriculture. It is worth noting that this sphere contains most of all the strange crafts. So, what can be noted here?

  • Specialist in the safety of palm trees. In the warm regions of Russia, the fruits of plants can hurt to land on the head of someone from tourists. This is a terrible phenomenon, and there is nothing amusing about it. The task of the specialists under consideration is to monitor the fruit on the palm.
  • Master of pedicure for cows. This specialist is engaged in quite an important matter - caring for the hoofs of cows. The fact is that the condition of the hooves can badly affect the health of the animal.
  • An employee who determines the sex of chickens. The name of the profession speaks for itself. From the chicken's floor, further care for the bird and its nutrition will depend. Some scientists, however, consider this profession completely meaningless. They say that bird care does not depend on her sex.

Unusual professions in the field of technology

Rare and unusual professions in Russia are also present in the innovation sphere. What can be distinguished here?

  • Profession of trend hunters. "Hunter for Trends" - the specialist, as already understood from the title, is engaged in searching for fashion trends and trends for the media. The profession, however, has already become obsolete. With the development of the Internet, trends do not even have to be looked for - because different elements of cultural information are pouring from everywhere.
  • The profession of "web gardener." Large sites hire an employee who is engaged in removing unnecessary links and outdated information. It should be noted that the responsibility of the "gardener" does not include updating and upgrading the sites. Only removing unnecessary elements, and nothing more - that's the entire scope of the specialist's work.
  • "Ethical hacker." Many large companies hire such experts to check the reliability of their sites, as well as to identify weaknesses in the protection of information.

Unusual services in the service sector

Unusual professions in Russia are also found in the service sector. Moreover, it is this sphere that contains in itself simply a huge number of the most strange, interesting and even meaningless works. Here are just a few of them:

  • Furniture tester. Probably, many have already heard about this profession. Armchairs, chairs, beds, sofas - all this must be tested by a qualified expert.
  • Smoothing wrinkle. This employee is obliged in time to straighten wrinkles formed on shoes after repeated fitting by buyers.
  • Straightener pillows. This specialist is similar to the previous one. To make everything look perfect in the shopping halls of shops, sometimes large companies hire such an employee.
  • Stripper Test. This specialist is obliged to observe the strippers for some time and draw the appropriate conclusions. Naturally, not all clubs can afford such professionals.

Thus, the most unusual professions in Russia fall on the sphere of services. It is here that you can meet the most strange and rare specialists in your field.

The most unusual profession in the world

It's time to talk about a really interesting and unusual profession in Russia. These are lifters of penguins. It is worth noting that this is a real work. Its representatives are one. However, this profession is really important, thanks to her hundreds and thousands of penguins remain alive.

In the appearance of such a craft, the person is guilty. After a century ago, aircraft did not fly over the northern regions of the country, and the concerned penguins did not fall on their backs. By the way, if the penguin falls, then he can not rise without help. And the only thing that remains to wait for the poor fellow is his own death.

Penguin lifters may not be everyone. You need to have a good physical shape and resistance to frost. After all, representatives of the profession in question, of which there are not so many, have to be in the cold all day.

Thus, the list of the most unusual occupations in Russia is led by the work of the penguin lifter.

Is it easy to find an unusual job?

In Russia, the so-called unusual professions are becoming less and less. Heads of enterprises, wishing to save money, assign several functions to one employee at once. So, the pillow straightener turns into a regular manager with a lot of additional functions, a pedicurist for cows - into an ordinary worker of the agrarian sphere, combining many duties at once. Representatives of rare professions are much easier to find in the West - because there large organizations employ employees who have some one, very unusual function.

Thus, the question of whether there are unusual professions in Russia and whether it is easy to settle on them, can not be unequivocally answered.

Pros and cons of unusual occupations

Only one question remained unresolved: "Are these unusual professions so good?" In Russia, the list of such works is not very large, and specialists dealing with some rare work can be very shy about their activities. Or vice versa: some people will be very proud of their work, knowing and understanding its importance. Wages in very rare occupations, as a rule, are small. And this can be safely attributed to the main shortcomings of such posts.

And what about the pros? For someone, the plus will be fun, for someone - the unusual work. Virtues everyone can find himself: there hardly exists in the world even one profession, in which there is absolutely nothing good.

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