Living and dead water

We learned about the useful qualities of both living and dead water in childhood, when we read fairy tales. She returned life, beauty, and youth to people. In the eighties of the twentieth century, scientists first attempted to explain the curative nature of living and dead water. From that moment she began to propagate much more often. Currently, living and dead water is widely used to treat a variety of diseases. It is considered a natural medicine that does not contain any "chemistry". They find the use of live and dead water in agriculture, domestic life, livestock.

The human body is a real energy system. The rich practice of consuming dead and living water indicates the fact that negative and positive charges have a beneficial effect on the maintenance of energy processes in cells. Such water does not threaten the human body at all, as it refers to natural products. It does not cause any allergic reactions. Healing and unparalleled prevention of a number of disorders - that's what living and dead water does . Treatment with it is absolutely painless.

Let's take a closer look at the living water. It is colorless and very soft. Living water is an excellent stimulant, because it can restore a weakened immune system. In order to achieve the best results, experts recommend using it in combination with multivitamin complexes. Living water also normalizes blood pressure, favors the appearance of appetite, and the assimilation of food. Thanks to it, the healing processes of the duodenum, gastric ulcer, burns and bedsores are accelerated. Living water softens and rejuvenates the skin, smoothing hateful wrinkles, eliminates dandruff, makes your hair strong and soft. If you soak seeds in such water, they will sprout faster and more qualitatively, and a rich harvest is guaranteed to you.

Dead water is a liquid that has a yellowish color. The taste is not very pleasant - astringent, sour. Despite this, dead water perfectly disinfects linens, bandages, furniture, soil and rooms. Used for colds for rinsing the nose, mouth and throat. It is also used as a prophylactic during epidemics of influenza and visits to infectious patients. Dead water favorably affects the nervous system of the body, relieves fatigue and improves sleep, helps with severe pain in the joints of the legs and hands, eliminates fungi and stuffiness of the nose. She rinses the mouth after eating to stop bleeding gums and dissolve the stones.

It is worth following some tips and recommendations on the use of living and dead water. Before you divide the water, it must be cleaned of the harmful impurities that have been collected from water, water and land. To remove unpleasant substances, use a household water filter. It will remove harmful particles, hardness salts, chlorine, as well as dissolved organic compounds. Such water is delicious not only to drink, but also to cook on its basis. For medicinal purposes it is also recommended to use clean filtered water.

If there is a need for taking living water along with the dead, then the gap between such methods should be at least two hours, because when they mix up, the whole effect will be lost. If the application is external, then it is sufficient to withstand a pause of ten minutes.

When you drink live and dead water, be sure to follow the dosage. A grown adult can drink half a glass a day. Children from 2 to 12 years - only a quarter. Live and dead water should be taken two hours after eating. During the course of treatment you will have to give up alcohol, spicy and fatty foods. For individual programs, consult a physician.

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