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Features of the game Dying Light and where are the save

New grim horror Dying Light ("Dying Light") was able to breathe new life into the seemingly already zombie genre. The game won the love of the public and earned praiseworthy reviews of critics of various publications. We will tell you about an interesting plot and those features that distinguish this game against the background of others. In addition, we consider the problem that arose with many players: the search for files in the game Dying Light where are the save.

Dying Light: story

The place of the game takes place in the town of Harran, located somewhere in Turkey. The inhabitants of Harran were struck by a terrible virus of living dead, because of which quarantine was declared and complete isolation from the rest of the world. Players take on the role of special agent, who is in the city for a special mission - to obtain an antidote. In addition to the antidote, our hero is also interested in searching for secret documentation, the disclosure of which will lead to the collapse of his company.

At this time, the residents of the city left on two sides. In short, good and bad guys. In the team of good (here, incidentally, our special agent will turn out to be), there are courageous parkourists who freely cross the contaminated city and try to repulse the bloodthirsty zombies. Bad guys are an organized gang of thugs and maniacs who enjoy the terrible situation in the city.

Technical features of the game

If you throw aside the problem of files and the question of where the Dying Light conservation is located (which probably was due to the company's special diligence), then there are plenty of positive sides in the game. One of such moments can be considered the presence of multi-level locations. The developers paid great attention to detail, therefore each level is unique and diverse in its own way.

The change of day and night also helped shape the gameplay. Depending on the time of day, the activity of the zombies themselves changes: from moderately aggressive species to special ones, hunting only at night.

The place where the save is in Dying Light

Many players noticed such a problem that when searching for files with saved progress they could not immediately find the desired folder. To save your time (and your nerves), we'll show you the right access to the right files. So, the place where the Dying Light storages are located are in the root folder of the game itself. Open "Local drive C" and go to the ProgramData folder. Inside, find the core folder Steam, which contains all your currently installed games. The following address will look something like this: RLD! \ 239140 \ storage \ out.

Enjoy the game and try to live until dawn!

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