White Peonies - Luxurious Flowers on Your Flowerbed

Peonies are royal, lush flowers, they will make your garden even more beautiful and attractive. The white peonies with pearly petals turned into an object of special affection not only for flower growers, but also for artists and photographers. The plant has a spicy, very pleasant aroma and juicy green foliage. Large flowers can be double, semi-double, non-marble, anemonic, Japanese. Among the terry varieties, four groups are distinguished: crown, rosy, hemispherical, semi-sparse. The magnificence of flowers, how beautiful the white peonies are, the pictures show clearly. The variety of their variety is really great. There are herbaceous and tree-like plants.

There are casing flowers that do not require support, the cuttings are designed for bouquets. Universal varieties are peonies of compact size, with a long stem and a bright coloring of flowers. Flowering period is in June. It was at the beginning of summer that these flowers blossom, delighting.

On sale, you can also find treelike white peonies, which include the Fairy Moon and Fragrant Jade species. The first is a frost resistant variety. It is resistant to diseases and does not require special care, as it differs unpretentiousness. Its flowers have the shape of a lotus, they are pure white with a burgundy spot in the core. Their size in diameter is sixteen centimeters. One bush can please you with a magnificent flowering, on it appears from thirty to seventy buds. The white peonies belonging to the second species differ in larger, in the form of a crown, in flowers (twenty centimeters in diameter). At the base of the petals, white color acquires a purple hue.

Among the most popular varieties of plants, mention can be made of "myrtle gentry", "rose maris lenses", "shirli Temple", "festival maxima", "snow mount" and "yellow king".

Flower lovers recommend observing the rules of care for flowers, so that they enjoy their beauty much longer. Plant white peonies in a sunny place. When planting plants, their roots are not immersed in the ground too deeply. Otherwise, the flower will often ache, the speed of its development and the luxuriance of flowering will suffer. Shrubs that are too large and begin to fall are advised to tie to the support. Already faded flowers must be removed. Peonies are demanding for good watering, they need regular feeding. The soil around the flowers must be loosened. When the plant reaches the age of eight to ten years, it needs an update. The bush must be excavated, the root divided and transplanted to a new location. When buds are formed, it is necessary to leave the largest and remove doubles, if left, they will interfere with its development.

These flowers are good not only in the suburban area, but also as a gift. Classic became a bouquet of white peonies as an attribute of the bride. Flowers emphasize its beauty, purity, innocence. In Europe, ten colors can be presented, in Russia, on the contrary, a different tradition has developed: as a gift, compositions from an odd number of plants are presented. For a young girl, pions of the variety "duchess denemores" are suitable. Let the flowers please their owner!

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