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Cityfitnes: Lipetsk sports

"Citifitnes" in Lipetsk on Katukova, 5 - is one of the biggest sports clubs in the whole city. There are not only well-equipped halls, but also large swimming pools (for adults and children). Here come to play sports, develop and, of course, relax. You can do it in a real Finnish sauna or Turkish hamam.

Advantages of Citifitnes (Lipetsk)

Unlike many other sports clubs in Lipetsk, Citifitnes has its unique advantages:

  • Different directions. There is not only a gym. You can come to a group or individual lesson, enjoy yoga, pilates or dancing. If desired, you can go to the solarium, warm in the bath. It is possible even to consult with a professional nutritionist to develop your plan for nutrition and exercise.
  • Orientation to age. "Citifitnes" (Lipetsk) offers classes in groups, staffed by age. And children's classes are always held separately.
  • The club employs highly qualified professionals who are friendly to every client.
  • Finally, there are very affordable prices. This club belongs to the category of economy class. For regular customers there are various pleasant actions, for corporate orders there is an individual price list.


The main zone of "Cityfitness" (Lipetsk) is a gym. It is equipped with modern and professional cardio and power simulators.

Regular training in this area helps to keep yourself in attractive shape. In addition, the consultants who are here are always happy to advise the most effective training plan, depending on the purpose of each client. I want to increase muscle mass, reduce weight, increase strength or strengthen the body - all this is possible, if you are engaged in a gym.


The club "Cityfitness" (Lipetsk) has several swimming pools: for children and adults. There are several training options available:

  • Professional swimming training;
  • Independent swimming;
  • Individual training with a specialist;
  • Aqua aerobics.

By right, classes in the pool are among the most useful. After all, all muscle groups are worked through in the water, the heart is strengthened, and the body is restored after a day's work and gets a charge of vivacity.

Group and individual lessons

In the sports halls of "Citifitnes" (Lipetsk), clients have the opportunity to choose the most suitable group training for themselves:

  • yoga;
  • Power class;
  • martial arts;
  • aerobics;
  • spinning;
  • dancing.

If the client is just beginning to get involved in fitness, hesitates to engage in general groups or requires a strengthened approach, the club will recommend personal lessons. You can choose your own professional trainer, who will develop an individual training program.


Club "Citifitnes" (Lipetsk) reviews are versatile. Men and women who love sports are delighted with this place. Here you can stay all day and achieve good results.

Separately, everyone notes that inside the club is very nice and cozy. Cleanliness is the guarantee of the health of every Citifitnes client. In addition, the staff here is always friendly and responsive.

Some customers note the "mystery" of the club's pricing policy. And indeed, on the phone about the cost of training is not advised, offering to visit a fitness center. Here the whole spectrum of price programs will be offered. In addition, you can always place your subscription on credit!

Customers like that everything is very convenient in the club. There are comfortable changing rooms, shower, a lot of additional services.

And mummies mark the opportunity to do children's fitness. Therefore, while women strengthen their muscles in the gym, children are engaged in a special hall. For them, various training is provided: tennis, yoga, dancing, swimming, wrestling and much more.

"Citifitnes" in Lipetsk is a sports club in which it is possible to engage the whole family.

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