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Skin care: products that can be used, and those that can not be used

Finding the ideal products for your skin is easy, if you know what is worth using and what is not. Meet the advice of professionals who tell how to get a clean and radiant skin. Perhaps some ideas will surprise you. Try it - and you will realize that your skin really began to look fresh and attractive.

Use a cheap gel for washing

It turns out that you do not necessarily have to spend impressive amounts on a gel for washing, on this remedy you can quite save. Of course, this does not mean that the expensive gel for washing does not work. Just those ingredients that have a positive effect on the skin, can be quite cheap. The additional price of the gel arises from the payment of packaging, brand and other unnecessary details. So, if you want to clean your face, go to the nearest store and choose any product that suits you. It should not be dear!

Use a sunscreen with the correct active ingredients

Sunscreen is the most important tool for protecting your skin, but not everyone can do it. First of all, pay attention to the SPF filter. No sunscreen that can give you one hundred percent protection from the sun. This filter shows how much you will be protected from UVB rays, which cause a burn. Be sure to note whether your cream is water resistant. There are no funds that will be impeccably stable, however, such a note indicates that the effect of protection will be present for some time after swimming or intense sweating. If you want your sunscreen to prevent and aging processes, find a remedy with avobenzone that will absorb UVA rays. It is they that accelerate the aging of cells. In any case, take a cream with zinc and titanium dioxide. These chemicals cover the skin from UVA rays, not allowing it to absorb them. This is a good option for those with skin sensitive to chemicals such as avobenzone.

Use products with retinol to combat acne

Retinol is a universal product that allows you to fight both acne and aging processes. Retinol accelerates the process of cell repair, removes dead cells and keeps the pores open, which prevents the formation of acne. Retinol can be used to lighten the pigment spots after acne, as well as to smooth wrinkles.

Use multifunctional body products

Always a good idea is the use of multi-functional tools for the body. It is important not to ignore any part of the body, including such zones as the armpits. Use a moisturizing antiperspirant. In the summer, you will want to demonstrate the skin of this area and be glad that you paid attention to it. In addition, you should use moisturizers after sunburn. This will make the tan more resistant and restore the skin.

Use a soothing serum

Serum is the most important component of skin care. It can contain useful oils, vitamins and other ingredients that will allow you to improve your appearance. Choose a product without preservatives like parabens and sulphates.

Use a silicone brush for washing

This brush can transform your approach to washing. Electronic brushes with a silicone nozzle allow to flawlessly clean the skin, there are options for any skin type and different modes. In addition, the process is just very pleasant. Silicone dries quickly, microbes and bacteria do not multiply on it.

Use the base for make-up

If you want your makeup to look perfect, you should start with skin care. The best way to keep the makeup on your face and stay fresh is to use the base before applying the foundation. Professional make-up artists always use the base. She smoothes the skin and prepares it for the cream. Apply the base to oily areas of the skin or places with inflammation.

Do not use products for a different skin type

Remember that in matters of skin care, universal remedies can not be. Often you want to try something that you heard from friends or read somewhere, but it's important to remember: what worked well for another person might not suit you. The result will not be at all like what you expected. Try to always choose the products that are suitable for your skin type. Typically, these types are distinguished, such as normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin. Waste products are designed for the needs of a particular type, and if you use the product for another skin, you may have acne or irritation. Knowing your skin type is very important to understand what kind of cosmetics should be used. In this case, the probability of problems with your skin will be minimal.

Do not use sunscreen with perfume

Do not choose the first product to protect the skin. For example, if it is too perfumed, irritation can appear on the skin. Do not use the means for children. In addition, do not take creams with a filter more than fifty SPF. This is a completely useless overpayment, because protection will not be more reliable. The higher level of the filter is nothing more than a marketing move.

Do not use benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid at the same time

It may seem that the rash is the most unpleasant thing that can happen to your face. Just one pimple can seriously undermine your self-confidence. In this case, there are many tools for acne. The most common - with benzoyl peroxide or with salicylic acid. Try not to use them at the same time. These are too effective substances, so a double dose will lead to peeling and dryness.

Do not use fake products

If you see products sold illegally or counterfeit, do not risk your health by buying them. The price may seem profitable, but you do not know where this cosmetics was, in what conditions it was stored and how much it was in stock.

Do not use nylon brushes for washing

It seems that nylon brushes are sold everywhere, but that does not mean that they are really good. Nylon fibers are too coarse, so you can damage the skin. In addition, they can develop bacteria. You wash to avoid acne, but from such a brush the probability of their appearance only grows. In addition, such brushes quickly deteriorate, and you constantly need to buy a new one. It does not make life too easy.

Do not use paraben

Try to avoid foods containing parabens. Parabens are preservatives that are contained in cosmetics and waste products, in toothpaste and even in food. They have their own function, but they can do harm. The accumulative effect of parabens can lead to hormonal disorders, as a result, the amount of estrogen can change, which leads to breast cancer. So how do you avoid products with paraben? It will be difficult to exclude them completely, nevertheless try to read the composition and, if possible, choose an alternative.

You know best what is right for you

So, which products are you already using? What will you avoid now? Anyway, it's important for you to remember that it's worth determining everything yourself. If something suits you, use it further. Only you really know your skin and can determine its needs.

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