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Everyone likes to listen to music. Someone does it in the car or on the bus, someone is at home. Very often it turns out that the composition we like is not all, but only part of it (on the chorus or guitar solo). I really want to listen to this moment of the song again and again, put a favorite excerpt on the phone call, but not everyone knows how to cut the music. Below you will find several ways to solve this not so serious, but sometimes very important problem.

Crop audio

There are many ways to cut music. There are both difficult and easy ways. But, of course, if you do not know how to cut music, then it's better not to be tricky. You can do this via the Internet. There are services that deal with such processing of music, they can do with the composition anything the client wants, and in a matter of minutes. If you do not have access to the Internet, then you need different programs that work with audio files, such as NERO.

Many people do not know how to cut music to disk so that it is read in different players, through different programs, because it also happens that the composition has a different format, not MP3, which simply does not fit modern players.

Change of format

The format changes with the help of various converters and editors. For example, the most simple program is Sony SoundForge. After installation, an incomprehensible gray canvas appears, but if you drag it to the desired track, the composition will immediately go. When you click on "File" and "Save as ..." a window will open with the choice of format, save location and track title. Having determined the format and keeping it, you will solve the task. This operation can be performed with other files that are not played on the computer or have an incomprehensible format. Such a scheme of actions, as a rule, is applicable in other editors and converters.

Burning a disc

Not everyone knows how to cut music not on a flash drive, but on a regular disk. To do this, you need a program for recording, a disk and a composition of the desired format.

What programs record music? There are a lot of them, for example, NERO, Sony SoundForge, CD Burner XP and others. For example, take CD Burner XP. After installing the program, select the item "Data disc" or "Create data disk" (in different versions in different ways). After that, insert the disk into the drive and select the type, that is, we will write a CD or DVD. Then the window for adding files opens, in it you need to select a folder with songs, making sure that all the music in this folder is MP3, or find out that the device on which we are going to play tracks also supports other formats. Now you can safely copy or transfer all the audio files in the field to the left.

Below there is a strip resembling an indicator that shows the remaining space. As soon as the required amount of music is typed or the disk is full, you can safely write down by pressing the "Burn" button. During this process, it is not recommended to run programs in the background so that you do not accidentally cancel or interrupt the program, otherwise the disk may be corrupted. It is recommended that you wait until the end of the recording. At the end of the procedure, we check how the disc was recorded by inserting it into the drive and opening the playback.

In the case of other programs, the recording process is similar. It also happens that there is an item "Record audio (MP3) disk". You can use this way. There is practically no difference. Simply the program will recognize only music files for convenience. That's how you can easily record your favorite songs.

Recording to MP3 player

On the MP3 player you can record only the tracks of the specified format. Although it happens that the device recognizes others, but this is a rarity. When you connect the player to a personal computer, a window will open (if you inserted a disc). Then look for the folder "Sound" or "Music", and it is there that we copy and paste the necessary MP3 tracks from the computer.

How to cut music through "Nero"

How to solve the problem, if there is no Internet? Here you need the specified program and its additional package. After installing the entire Nero package, we are looking for the Nero WaveEditor application. Use the "Open" button to activate the desired music file. You can simply transfer the sound file to the program's working surface. After that, the sound track will appear as a "cardiogram". With its help you will understand how to cut music.

After listening to the song (pressing "Play") and finding the right place, click "Pause", select what is superfluous (before the paused place), while the entire fragment will be highlighted in white. Press the right mouse button to select "Cut". We will cut off the necessary site. If necessary, do the same with the ending.

How to cut music online

There are various sites that offer their services for cutting songs for free. They can be used, like Nero. Some people think that it's easier that way. Typically, the work of such sites is divided into three phases: open the file - crop - save.

  • At the first stage, if there is a file on the computer, select "Open". In Explorer, we search for the file and upload it to the server of this site.
  • In the second stage, the track "Track" appears in the "Trim" item. After selecting the desired interval, crop it. Done.
  • In the third stage, under the name "Save" you can add effects, increase or decrease the quality of the segment. For example, by lowering the quality, a section of the track can be added to the phone, which has a small amount of memory. But, of course, in this case, and the sound will worsen. After saving the result to the computer, the third stage will be passed.

This is a very convenient way of cutting music through the Internet, especially if you do not want to deal with different programs.

Connection of segments

The question of how to cut music and connect, often found on the Internet, is a bit more complicated. But even this will never be learned. To complete the task, you will also need programs. Consider the example of Nero WaveEditor. To begin with, as described above, cut the music into the segments you need. Next, open the required passage and, placing the moving cursor at the end, drag another file there, so you can merge the two tracks. In a similar way, you can connect not two segments, but much more, creating a new work.

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