How to make Google's homepage in different browsers?

Any user of a personal computer is well aware that in programs for viewing pages on the Internet (browsers) there is a solution, as Google makes a homepage. Moreover, not only Google's search engine (Google), but also any other page located in the global network.

What is the start page? Ever since the first versions of the Internet Explorer (IE, Internet Explorer) from Microsoft, every time the browser was loaded, the page in the settings was automatically opened. A very convenient solution for users who start working on the Internet from a visit to a certain resource. For example, news lovers can set the homepage of their favorite news site, while others, on the contrary, want to understand how to make Google's homepage. Select a search engine as the starting page - a common practice. Not without reason, even the famous realized on its main page the possibility of searching.

Recently, all the main developers of browsers are actively introducing a completely new approach in the implementation of the launch page. He received the name - express panel. This is a very convenient solution, designed to replace the usual start page, significantly expanding its capabilities. For example, a person first wants to understand how to make Google's homepage. As a result, it configures the browser in a certain way. But after a time there is a need other than Google to use other resources. Constantly changing the start page is not the best solution. The express panel can be compared to a lot of static start pages that are simultaneously collected on one screen. Nevertheless, if a user only needs one page, and he looks for answers to the question on how to make Google's homepage, then, as already noted, browsers support this feature.

The settings depend on the browser you are using, so let's look at the most popular ones.

In Opera, you must follow the path "Settings - General Settings" (or press Ctrl + F12). In the "Home" box, set the path to the Google site, and in the "At startup" menu, select "Start from home page". Alternatively: open the desired page, go to the settings and click the "Current page" button, while the name of the resource path will be copied and placed in the "Home" window.

In Firefox, everything is a bit different, but also intuitively understandable. Open the menu and go to "Settings". Choose the "Basic" window. Further all is similar to Opera: in a window "Home page" we register a way to a desirable resource (function "Current page" is accessible). In the "Startup" menu, select "Show home page". Obviously, in how to make Google's homepage, there's nothing complicated.

The popular browser Google Chrome, in fact, does not require an answer to the question of how to make Google the starting page in Google Chrome, because its use with the same search is only welcomed by the developers. Having written the request in the address box and pressing the "Enter" button, the user will be given the search results in Google. This is configured in the "Search" section. Nevertheless, if for any reason it is necessary to clearly specify the start page, then this can be done. Open the settings (image of the wrench). In the "start group" parameter, tick the "Open one or more pages" check box. Here it is necessary to leave (prescribe) only one - the necessary page. If you need to get an express panel load, you will need to use the "Extensions" menu and set the "Speed Dial".

All the developers of browsers have tried to make setting the start page in their software products as simple and straightforward as possible. Therefore, usually no complications arise. The main thing is to go into the settings and carefully read the menu items.

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