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Geometry Dash - walkthrough

If you decide to participate in the game Geometry Dash, you need to know that without steel nerves you will not be able to pass even one level. Many users find it extremely complicated. Today we will talk about Geometry Dash. Passage is our main theme. Of course, many people try to overcome all levels independently, but not everyone does it. The fact is that the developers have established extremely difficult obstacles.


If you are a patient player, you will be able to complete all levels in Geometry Dash, but for those who want to cope with this task within a few hours, it will be irresolvable. Immediately after you start participating in the project, you will be able to notice that it is extremely difficult to break away from it. Although some people can quickly get bored with Geometry Dash. Passage in theory does not guarantee success in practice. In writing, it is impossible to mention all the accidents that are possible in the plot.

With your own hands

Now let's talk about the features of Geometry Dash. Passage at some stages is particularly interesting. However, the most unexpected thing is that you have the ability to create levels yourself. This is very unusual. After you create your new level, you definitely have to go through it. Although you can also give this opportunity to your friend or close person.


Also in the game you will not only have to pass levels, but also in every way to improve your character. After passing each level, be sure to collect all the bonuses that you can later use for various effects and items. In this game there is also a practice mode, where everyone has the opportunity to hone their skills. The passage is a constant flight forward. At the same time, controlling the flying cube, we need to avoid obstacles and collect coins. In addition, you should jump over the sharp corners of the virtual map, completely consisting of geometric shapes. The speed of the character's movement is constantly increasing. Curiously, anyone can add their own card to the game. The main goal is to get all the achievements. Now you know everything you need about Geometry Dash. We discussed the passage above.

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