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How to play "Truth or Action": rules of the game

The game called "Truth or Action" has many fans. It plays as the youngest children, and adults. It has many variations and versions, and the rules will be clear to any participant.

The named game is good in that it can be given to almost anywhere and with any number of people. Absolutely not important: two of you or a huge noisy company, the game will be interesting to all who are not afraid to seem funny or even funny.

Many people sometimes hesitate to play it, but in vain, because if you do it in the company of close friends or relatives, you can get a lot of fun. Want to learn how to play "Truth or Action"? The answer to this and other questions you will find in our article.

We'll figure out how to play "Truth or Action"

As stated earlier, you can play in several ways. One of them is just in the company of friends. This requires two to ten players. Of course, one person will not play this game, and if there are more than ten participants, then the process risks to drag out and everyone who is waiting for their turn can simply get bored and refuse to play. "Truth or action" for two is also an option, but the more people - the more interesting.

Before the beginning of such entertainment it is worthwhile to voice all the rules, we will tell about them a little later. It is important to note that sometimes people experience embarrassment, awkwardness and even indignation during the process, because the game is designed to "tickle the nerves". But apart from that, it allows you to get to know each other better, reveal little secrets, and just have a good time. So, how to play "Truth or Action"?

Where to play?

After you warned players about all possible consequences, you can directly voice the rules. It has already been stipulated that you can play almost everywhere: on the street, at home, in a cafe, supermarket, and at all locations, where it will be convenient, and what your imagination will last.

It's convenient that the players have where to sit. You can sit on chairs, sofa or even on the floor. Well, if the players sit in a circle - it will be better to see each other and you can easily observe the reaction of everyone. The main thing that all was convenient.

Rules of the game

One of the most creative games is "Truth or Action". To play on the computer in it, by the way, too it is possible. To do this, there are a lot of special applications that you can download. There are versions and online games where you can play with strangers and make new acquaintances. As you can see, this game unites.

I want to note that the rules of the game and the adjustments made to the rules, it is better to discuss in advance, so as not to put anyone in an awkward position.

So, the essence of the game is that players in a circle ask each other the same question - truth or action? Initially, you need to choose from whom to start the game. To do this, you can draw lots or recall a child's counting. And the first person asking the question is chosen. What then?

He asks a question to someone who sits next to him. For example, a circle can go clockwise or counterclockwise, as you agree. The next person should answer that he chooses, to take a certain action or to tell about himself a fact, directly answering the question of the person who asked the first question.

If the player chooses an action - he should make this very action. If the person who asked the question can not come up with the action himself - other players can help him, but this point should also be stipulated in advance. If the choice is made in favor of "truth", then the player answers a tricky question about himself.

Funny moments

The game will be interesting only if the actions and questions are ridiculous or even strange. Examples are given below. Also agree that it is impossible to choose many times in a row only "truth" or only an action, otherwise you will very soon become bored.

In order not to delay the game, and to avoid awkward pauses, the list of questions should be considered and recorded in advance, you can even do it together with all future players. We hope that now you have become a little clearer than how to play Truth or Action.

"Truth or Action": questions

As already mentioned, prepare questions in advance or write them down on a piece of paper. But you can buy a board game "Truth or Action". These are sold, for example, in stationery stores and in children's supermarket departments. There questions are written already in advance. The same can be said for a computer game or mobile application. But such electronic versions offer a standard set of questions, and the game involves live people who have their own characteristics or preferences that you know about. In accordance with this, and you can write questions.

Also it is worth considering the age category of the players. If children are playing - the questions should be completely harmless and, rather, funny and funny than intimate ones. For example, "what is your most favorite teacher in school?" Or "what time do you go to bed?".

And if the company of the liberated young people is playing - you can ask questions and make plans and actions "sharper". For example, "with whom of celebrities would you like to sleep?" Or "Does your boss attract you from work?". You yourself should make the game "Truth or Action" interesting.

How to play together? Yes, exactly the same. By the way, this is a very interesting psychological method to get to know each other in love with couples.


The choice of actions is completely unlimited. Just worry that none of the participants are injured. If someone's enigmatic action seems insulting to you or you flatly refuse to do it - for these cases it is necessary to provide for special "fines" in the amount of another question or something else.

So we figured out how to play Truth or Action. Excellent pastime!

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