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"I'm farming" - what does this mean? How to quickly and correctly farm?

Taking the first steps in the virtual reality game, a beginner always faces difficulties. Some are confused in the control buttons, others do not understand how the character's abilities work, others can not communicate adequately with teammates due to a simple misunderstanding of slang. Mastering MMORPG, a person always gets into a situation where he needs the help of a more experienced player. However, sometimes in response to the coveted: "Well, I'm now", you can hear a strange: "I'm farming." What does it mean? Should I resent such a refusal?

The meaning of the expression "I'm farming". What is it and what is better to use?

First of all, it is worth noting that this expression has the same meaning in all existing games. Regardless of whether a person learns a colorful BNS or wins a title in DotA, the meaning of the expression will not change. "Farml" - what is it all the same? Speaking in an accessible language, this is nothing more than the earnings of the domestic currency of the game by killing monsters and raising from their bodies a treasured drop. It is worth noting that in MMORPG pharm means not so much filling the purse with gold, as filling the inventory with things that can be sold at an auction or in the shop of any merchant. This includes rare coins, medals, all that can not be bought for money, but it is very necessary for crafting or buying special armor and weapons. In this case, the farm can be called performance of tasks, in return for which the above-mentioned gifts are given.

Why do I need a farm?

From the first paragraph of the article you can draw a simple conclusion: this is necessary to gain an advantage over other players. In games of MMORPG genre, people do not always strive for this goal, others find pleasure in communicating with co-stars or in performing plot tasks. The best way to increase the benefits can be traced in the famous MOVA. Playing "DotA", a person always encounters a phrase from a teammate: "I'm farming". What does this mean in this case and why is it so important? To win the "Dot", you need to put together a lot of factors: the ability to play, the knowledge of the abilities of characters, the choice of strong characters, interact well with each other, and, of course, mutual understanding in the team. If we consider the situation when both competing teams have all this, then the winner will be the one whose kerry is better than farmer. The quick receipt of key artifacts gives an advantage in an equal situation, and if used correctly, the outcome of the battle will be decided.

How quickly to farm?

To answer this question, you need to look at your hero, his ability and ask yourself: how can they be used effectively? In "Dot" not every player can calmly say: "In this match I'm farming." What does it mean? And why does it happen? In addition to the ability to correctly apply aoe abilities for fast farming, it is important to be able to effectively earn gold even at the stage of linning: the secret of the winning line is in the maximum number of finished enemy creeps. The next factor is the player's ability to understand the situation occurring in the game. If he competes in a team with which he can support voice communication in Skype, the process of ascent to victory is simplified. But often the player practices alone. To understand where it is better to farm, it is enough to analyze the information coming from the mini-card and from teammates. If it is clearly seen that the enemy heroes are concentrated at the top, you should move to the bottom, where no one will interrupt the process of earning gold.

Errors allowed by newcomers

The farm is a huge responsibility. A big mistake is trying to participate in fights with the team, if the character has not yet purchased the minimum number of key artifacts: the battle in this way is still difficult to win. With a high degree of probability, the enemy will only strengthen his advantage. If a person sees that his team does not understand how to behave in the current situation, he should never repeat their wrong actions. It will be more correct to continue to farm, engage in split-push, taking part only in those fights where it is guaranteed to earn gold and survive. In the case of MMORPG, the situation does not change much. A person who does not wear a character in suitable armor is unlikely to be able to successfully pass with a dungeon team, and certainly is not able to participate in massive or single-player pvb battles.

So is it worth taking offense at the refusal of help if a person is engaged in farming?

If it is a question of "Dot" or any other MOVA, it is worthwhile to present a complaint to a teammate if he had the opportunity to save you and not suffer at the same time, but he did not do it. Killed together with a sluggish person, he would only bring the enemy's victory to a close. In MMORPG, everything depends only on the player and his relationship with the one whom he asked for help. Here, the situation does not always put a gamer in a position where he can not abandon the farm without any consequences.

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