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Rest in Milan: a meeting with a wonderful and useful

Among many Italian cities, especially popular is the rest in Milan. Reviews call this metropolis the most convenient city for living, shopping and entertainment. The nearest airport is Malpensa - it accepts flights of expensive airlines, but there are also airfields in Linate, Orio al Serio near Bergamo. Railway transport in Italy is fast, convenient and, as for Europe, inexpensive. Extremely developed network of bus services, however, it is difficult to understand the numerous companies that carry out passenger road transport.

For those who love big cities, for sure enjoy the rest in Milan. The capital of Lombardy is the largest economic, financial and cultural center of the north of the country. Also Milan bears the honorary title of capital of world fashion. Here, new collections of designer houses with a name are constantly held. At the same time, the ancient Mediolanum, founded still by the Etruscans, can boast of monuments of antiquity. In a word, in this city there is where to have fun, what to see and (for some it's a decisive factor) successfully pohospitsya.

The city was very much rebuilt during the times of Austrian domination. Even more destruction brought him the Second World War, so the compact historical center, like in Verona or Bergamo, you in the capital of Lombardy will not find. The newest business districts, wide avenues of the XVIII century adjoin here with the labyrinth of narrow medieval streets. Therefore, rest in Milan mainly consists of walking around museums, boutiques, ancient basilicas and ducal palaces. Shopping and sightseeing, evenings at the famous La Scala opera is a minimum program for every tourist arriving in Lombardy.

It is recommended to start acquaintance with the city from its main square - El Duomo, on which the famous cathedral stands. This is one of the gothic masterpieces, along with the Cologne Cathedral. Milan Basilica is inferior to its German counterpart in height, but surpasses it in the richness of its exterior and interior decoration. About a thousand sculptures adorn its facade! I want to return here again and again. Indeed, it is in admiring the beauty, frozen in the stone, and is the rest in Milan.

Near the Duomo is the passage of Vittorio Emanuele II - a shopping gallery under a glass dome. This - the "first swallow" dizzying shopping, which will inevitably pick you up with a mighty wave. But do not rush to get your purse or credit card: in front of you waiting for the area Quadralatero della Moda, as well as the boutiques and sinks area of the street Montenapoleone. Walk through the narrow streets of Gesu, Santo Spirito and Sant'Andrea, and visit the shopping centers of Sarrevalle Outlet or Fidenza Villaje - without this, a rest in Milan is unthinkable. The prices for collections of clothes, shoes and accessories are pleasantly amazing.

But do not stay long in boutiques and outlets: the person is not the only one who is shopping. You are waiting for the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, the Brera Gallery, the Art Nouveau Museum on Palestra Street, the Archaeological Museum and the Poldi Pezzoli Gallery (with a collection of antique ceramics, weapons and paintings). Masterpieces of the Renaissance should be sought not only in museums: in the refectory of the former Dominican monastery (now the church of Maria delle Grazia) you can see on the wall the famous fresco of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper. It is also necessary to visit the church of St. Ambrose, Lorenzo, the triumphal arch, the Sforzesco castle. The rest in Milan also assumes an excursion to nature - to the Lago Maggiore, Como or Garda lakes, acquaintance with the cozy Lombard towns of San Colombano, Brescia, Mantua.

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