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We play for free, or How to remove the restriction from the games "Alawar"

Many of us like computer games. But what if the game we are interested in is paid? No doubt, the labor of producers must be paid for, but often given to us 30 minutes to learn and get to know the project is not enough. How to remove the restriction from the games "Alawar" so that they can play longer without sending annoying SMS, and even for free?

It's easier to go

What can I advise in this situation to game lovers? Use proven and reliable torrent trackers. What it is? These are exchange forums where users exchange different data from their computers, such as movies, games, music, and absolutely for free. It's not piracy, because it's like giving a musical disc to a friend.

To download from this tracker you will need a special program, for example uTorrent. You can download it in the usual way all on the same tracker. After downloading the installer, install it on your computer and run it. After that, download a file with the extension .torrent on the site in the topic of the game you are interested in. Run it with a double click and choose the path on the computer where your game will be downloaded.

And here the question is: "How to remove the restriction from the games" Alawar? " Does not arise.The fact is that such trackers often post hacked or paid games.You can download the application you are interested in from" Alawar "and enjoy it, Some "crack" games can be recognized as viruses, but they are not and are not dangerous to your computer.


There is a slightly different approach to the problem of how to remove the restriction from the games "Alawar". You can download the game you need from an official source, and then patch yourself. To do this you will need a special program, which you can also download on the Internet. However, be careful, together with such "patchers" you can often pick up any unwanted software, for example, "Amigo", WebAlta and others. And, of course, various pest viruses.

However, stumble upon such a hotbed of infection is quite difficult. In most cases, you can download a program that is also under the password, and you have to send SMS to start it. No, of course, this is saving. You will pay 1 time for the patcher, not 100 for each game separately, but do you need it?

But not everything is lost. If you really try, you can find a free program that will help you remove the restrictions from the games "Alawar". Be attentive.


Especially persistent and attentive users can take advantage of the Internet space to remove the restriction from the games "Alawar". The fact is that in numerous forums users periodically post keys, by entering which, you can activate the application. They are not always effective and are quickly detected by the support service "Alawar", which can lead to application blocking.


The latter method is suitable for those who like to do everything themselves. You can try to "hack" the game yourself. How to remove the limitation from the games "Alawar" with their own hands? To do this, you will need some special knowledge of your computer. Or just step by step the following instruction. Immediately it is necessary to clarify that this method is not suitable for all games, but mostly for the oldest ones.

  1. Run the Registry Editor. To do this, either in the Start menu - "Run", or by pressing Win + R, type regedit.
  2. We launch our game from "Alawar". Click "Send SMS". We are looking for the code to be sent. For example, 89166447692. We need the numbers - 6644.
  3. In the editor, go to the following path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER-software-Alawar-Play-6644-Trial-alawar-programm.
  4. In the final file, change the system of calculus to decimal and set the value to 999999999.
  5. Save and close.

Thus, you changed the time available for the game, from 30 minutes to 999999999 seconds or almost 11 thousand days. Will you play so much? If that does not help, try setting a more realistic value, about 2,600,000. This is more than a month of continuous play. We hope this article helped to understand how to remove the limitation from the games "Alawar".

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