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Russian economist and politician Oksana Dmitrieva: biography, career, political activity

Dmitrieva Oksana Genrikhovna is a well-known Russian politician. A deputy of the State Duma of all convocations. Former Minister of Social Development and Labor. Oksana Dmitrieva often changed parties, which consisted of ideology. The last choice is "Fair Russia". Dmitrieva is an excellent economist, first deputy chairman of the State Duma on taxes and budget. Doctor of Economic Sciences.

A family

Dmitrieva Oksana Genrikhovna (nationality - Russian) was born in Leningrad on April 3, 1958. Mother - Efimova Natalia - Candidate of Science. She studied at the Leningrad University of Water Transport.

Oksana's father - Heinrich Rosenberg - is a scientist, ship mechanic. He studied at the Makarov School. He created Soviet gas turbine units. Until his death, Henry worked at the Leningrad Scientific Institute of Morflot.


Oksana Henrikhovna studied at the Leningrad school № 397. After school, Oksana enrolled in the Leningrad financial-economic university at the Faculty of Economics. She graduated in the eightieth year. Then she continued her studies at the Leningrad University of Economics and Finance.

Oksana Genrikhovna Dmitrieva is an excellent economist. Doctor of Science, the author of four monographs and over seventy scientific works. She wrote several books on economics. In 1985 she defended her thesis "Political Economy of Socialism", and in 1992 - a doctoral thesis.

Work before a political career

After graduating from St. Petersburg University, she worked in it. For some time she was a senior employee of this educational institution. Then she managed the economic sector. She herself organized a Problem Laboratory, engaged in economic research. She worked there until the ninety-third year. Then she remained only her supervisor and did not study personally.

The beginning of political career

Oksana Genrikhovna Dmitrieva, whose parents were scientific employees, went not only in their footsteps. Additionally, she decided to try herself in politics. And her career in this field is quite successful. Oksana Genrikhovna started with the Yabloko faction, in 1993 she became a deputy of the State Duma of the first convocation.

Worked with taxes, finances. Developed a system for reviewing the budget in the State Duma and carried out several laws. As a result, thanks to her activities, the veto imposed by Yeltsin was overcome for the first time. Thanks to Oksana Genrikhovna, the parliamentary commission began to exercise control over the budget.

Continuation of political career

In 1995, Oksana Genrikhovna was elected deputy from Yabloko once again. Since 1996 - Chairman of the Committee on Budget, Taxes and Banks. In the ninety-eighth year, Russian President Boris Yeltsin was appointed to the post of Minister of Social Development and Labor of the Russian Federation. After the resignation of the government, Kirienko became only acting until the new government was appointed. She worked as a professor at the St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance.

In 1999, Oksana Genrikhovna Dmitrieva again became a deputy of the State Duma. But already from St. Petersburg (for 213 districts). Since the ninety-eighth year - the head of the regional branch of "Development of Entrepreneurship".

Political Activity: Bills and Government Work

While working in the government, Oksana Dmitriyeva, whose biography is connected not only with political, but also with economic activity, offered a number of projects for consideration by the State Duma. They dealt with the social situation of the poor.

Thanks to Dmitrieva, in 2000 they passed a law on conferring the title of "participant in the Great Patriotic War" for those who were awarded medals for the defense of Leningrad during the fascist blockade. Defended and defended the rights of pensioners who continue to work so that they can receive a full pension. And also introduced a number of laws that provide for improvements in the field of taxes and budget.

During her time as a deputy, Oksana Henrykhovna achieved payments of twenty billion rubles from St. Petersburg for the cultural development of the city. Amendments to the budget of 2001 and to the law on tax refund to regions in the physical sector. Persons - also merit Dmitrieva. Thanks to it for St. Petersburg, they also increased investments to expand the metro.

Party affiliation

Oksana Genrikhovna Dmitrieva started political activities with the Yabloko faction. But in July 1998 she was expelled from her for agreeing to join the government (the Yabloko party was in opposition to the ruling coalition and was negative about the fact that Dmitrieva agreed to become the minister of social development and labor). Oksana Genrikhovna with several supporters on political views created the movement "Northern Capital". It became an opposition to the governor of St. Petersburg, V. Yakovlev.

In the autumn of 1990, Oksana Genrikhovna Dmitrieva joined the voter block Fatherland-All Russia. In the State Duma in 2000 became a member of the group "People's Deputy". Was in it until the spring of 2001. Was excluded from the group for disagreements with some of its positions. The State Duma refused the petition of the group "People's Deputy" and left Oksana Henrykhovna in her previous post.

In 2002, she and her husband created a new party "Development of Entrepreneurship". In the same year she became the head of the Oksana Dmitrieva Bloc. But no one was elected to the St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly from this movement. After winning the elections in 2003, Oksana Henrykhovna did not join any faction.

Member of the party "Fair Russia"

In the first three of the party "Fair Russia" Oksana Dmitrieva was in the winter of 2006. She won the elections and was in the AP, but she refused the mandate. In autumn 2007, the congress of "Fair Russia" approved candidates for the State Duma elections, which were to be held on December 2, 2007. Oksana Genrikhovna became the head of the St. Petersburg group of candidates.

In December 2007, Dmitrieva was again elected to the State Duma of the 5th convocation. Two weeks later Oksana Genrikhovna became the first deputy head of the "Fair Russia" in the State Duma, while working in the committee on taxes and budget.

Oksana Genrikhovna Dmitrieva (the Just Russia party) brought her own alternative projects concerning the budget to the State Duma. Simultaneously with the proposals of the government on the same topic. Since the spring of 2008, Oksana Genrikhovna is one of the seven secretaries of the main council of "Fair Russia".

In September 2010, Oksana Dmitriyeva became chairman of the board of the St. Petersburg branch of the party, replacing Oleg Nilov in this post. A year later, in the summer, Oksana Dmitrieva becomes deputy head of the "Fair Russia" in the State Duma.

But its rise to the party "top" was interrupted. In 2013, in autumn, the next congress of "Fair Russia" was held. Its leader, Sergei Mironov, criticized Oksana Dmitriev for the "alternative budget", prepared by her on behalf of the deputies, and not from the party.

As a result of the voting, she was not elected to the supreme presidium of Just Russia. This became so unexpected for the congress, which caused a real sensation. Oksana Genrikhovna immediately suggested several options for joining and switching to other parties (the "Communist Party of the Russian Federation" and "United Russia"). But Dmitrieva refused them.

After Oksana Genrihovna was removed from the post of the head of the St. Petersburg branch of "Fair Russia", she resigned from the party in the spring of 2015. Accordingly, the leadership of the faction withdrew her from the council in the State Duma. It turned out that Dmitrieva lost simultaneously the post of the deputy chairman of the "Fair Russia". In place of Oksana Genrikhovna was appointed Yakut deputy Fedot Tumusov.

Personal life

Politician Oksana Genrikhovna Dmitrieva is married to Grachev Ivan Dmitrievich. He is a State Duma deputy, head of the Energy Committee. Their son, Dmitry, was born in 1995. In 2011 he finished the tenth grade in one of the schools in Moscow. Now he's a student.


Oksana Genrikhovna Dmitrieva (you can see her photo in this article) speaks English fluently. In my spare time I go in for sports - mountain skiing. Very fond of swimming. Oksana Dmitrieva wrote a book about the opposition in politics. In the rating of the magazine "Ogonyok" she is one hundred of the most influential women of our country and ranks 31st in it (for 2014). It is considered one of the best and most promising politicians of the Russian Federation.

Oksana Henrykhovna has a high intellectual level, knowledge in the field of finance and economy. She has a lot of experience in public speaking, an excellent and talented organizer. Her economic projects aimed at improving life and protecting ordinary citizens are very inconvenient for many in the echelon of higher power and oligarchs. Therefore, it is not in the "personnel reserve" of Russia.

A constant opponent of government parties in voting on pension reforms, monetization of benefits and many other social issues. Oksana Dmitrieva against the skyscraper that Gazprom is going to build in St. Petersburg. Hard critic of Alexei Kudrin about the introduction of funded pension.

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